Live Video of an Abortion Procedure

This video shows an abortion and the bodies of aborted babies. It is extremely graphic and disturbing. There are millions of abortions done every day in the world, and over 3500 in the United States.

The first baby in this video appears to be in the second trimester. There are hundreds of abortions a day done at this stage in the US alone.  An abortion clinic worker also appears in the video. Her speech on how abortion is a loving and sacred act is contrasted with the reality shown in the abortion video.

Here is the video:

In the abortion video, the baby you see aborted could be legally aborted in any state in the United States.

The baby shown in the end is different from the one being aborted. He is 24 weeks old. Abortions at this stage are legal throughout much of the US.

Even early abortions leave gruesome remains. See this picture of the arms of a child aborted at only 7 weeks.


To verify that these pictures are accurate go to the Endowment for Human Development, which has pictures from National Geographic. It is not a pro-life site but will show you how developed babies are in the womb.

A few questions for you after seeing this video:


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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

86 thoughts on “Live Video of an Abortion Procedure”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam:

    Is it possible to get a copy of the video posted by Sarah on Dec 17, 2014 that it is not shown above.

    Thank you very much.


  2. Maybe the pro choice should think about, should I kill myself or the baby? Murder is murder. Does it really matter when the shoe is on the other foot?

  3. You people are sick fucks youre all going to rot in hell you scum pieces of shit I hope you and your kids get cancer and die and I hope your daughters are raped and cant get an abortion you pieces of shit cocksucking motherfuckers and I hope the demons in hell tear out your disgusting cunts and shoves them down your throats and sticks their dick up your asshole


    2. I absolutely LOVE how you’re so appalled by that video YET you say you hope their kids die, it’s priceless. People like you who are so contradictory upon yourselves makes me even wonder if you know when shit you spew from your mouth or think when you type it or try to “make a difference” or “speak the truth.”

  4. This is truly a horrible choice to make, I will not judged another human-being for having to make this choice. With that said, I am pro-choice, but I honestly believe Young “men and women” should be educated with truth. They should be shown what their behavior leads them to, and the choices they will be faced with. If you do this, this will happen, not just told, but shown. This how your choice affect others, let them decide, let them see. I showed my son, he couldn’t even look at the screen. He turned away in horror, when I asked him how it made him feel he was genuinely upset. I also took this opportunity to speak with him about how I felt. Why it is so important to use protection, which is not always a sound proof operation 🙂 Condoms break, slide off and some times it is unwanted. That is why it is so important at they understand that sex is an act of passion, love, and hormones. the true nature of sex is meant by nature to make children and to multiply. It is natural to become pregnant when having it, it is not a mistake. I am also pro-life, I feel with the choice of abortion, they should also be educated on other alternatives. Such as, adoption, many women can not have children and long to have one. It is a shame with the amount of death caused because the fears embedded in our minds from such an early age, there is not more life given to those that want it…
    I have had an abortion and given a child up for adoption, there is only one choice I would make again, and one choice I would not. Neither choice is easy for most, but one is way more rewarding than the other.

    1. I’m sorry but how old is your son… if you showed this video to a child that’s horrible, worse than this in my eyes because the children aren’t even conscious at this stage. They have NO clue what so ever what’s going on. Bugs are conscious when people kill them so I think that is worse than this, this is just more visually graphic because it’s another human.

  5. You’re so full of bloated rank shit, beyond the argument of being a woman’s choice no matter what you believe, 24 weeks is NOT legal in most US states just stop with the lies that it is! The states allowing termination beyond 20 weeks are so few that women needing 2nd or, god forbid, 3rd trimester abortions have to travel thousands of miles & stay in hotels. They don’t make the damn decision willy nilly or want no responsibility they’ve been given a horrible diagnosis that something is wrong with their baby & chances of survival or quality of life isn’t good.
    They’re already in pain & they want their kid leave your self-righteous judgemental religious bs at the door, it’s between them & whatever god they believe in NOT YOU they don’t answer to you when they die so mind your own. Are you paying their medical & life care expenses for a severely disabled kid? Paying for the special equipped cars & house renovations needed? Covering unpaid days taken off work & portions of bills insurance doesn’t cover? Better yet if one parent has to stop working altogether to provide 24HR care are you personally replacing their income?
    If not you have no right to make that decision for the parents by taking away any ability to have a choice.

    1. Actually, most second and third trimester abortions are not for fetal abnormality. One of the authors of that paper, Diana Greene Foster, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco’s Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, told us in an email that “[t]here aren’t good data on how often later abortions are for medical reasons.” She said based on limited research and discussions with researchers in the field that abortions for fetal anomaly “make up a small minority of later abortions,”
      Well, a large percentage of our patients had no idea that they were pregnant. People go, “How could this possibly be?” Well, look at that reality show. It happens. Maybe you’re a little heavy and you already have irregular periods, or you had intercourse once, several months ago, and the guy said he pulled out and there’s no sex education in your school so you think everything’s fine. Or you never have periods because you’re very thin, or a doctor has told you you were infertile. could tell you a million reasons why women who are perfectly smart—and they are, these are not stupid women—don’t come to know they are pregnant. They have no weight changes, they don’t feel sick, they don’t feel movement, or if they do they think it’s gas. Suddenly someone says, “Hmm, your stomach’s looking big, have you taken a pregnancy test?” And the person may have taken a test, and it may have come out negative—I’ve had women that only got a positive on their third test. And either way they think they just got pregnant. They have no idea they’re in their 24th week. So they make an appointment for an abortion, and it takes a few weeks, and they have their ultrasound and find out that they’re at 27 weeks, which is too far for an abortion anywhere. So then what happens? They either give up or have a baby, or they go on the Internet and they find us.

  6. I believe that it should be the mothers choice, I am one of eight children in my family and all of us have been seperated at very young ages because our mother could not support all of us. I’m happy I’m alive but honestly without me and the 4 after me our family could have had a chance. People are like oh just put them up for adoption but that doesn’t always work, 4 of my siblings and I have all had failed adoptions and years and years of intensive therapy to help. So not that killing is the best option but it could save a family of many, Lose one save the rest. So before commenting something stupid on thus horrific video know that you don’t know every thing and that it’s not always like this and that the most common solution of adoption can do a life time of harm where as an abortion doesent. Food for thought. Any questions on my history feel free to email me

    1. i am truly sorry for what you went through. one of my best friends had a similar nightmare upbringing. out of curiosity, should it be legal to euthanize suffering children in the foster system in order to end their pain?

  7. I think abortion should be legal if somebody takes a woman in the stomach who is 7 weeks pregnant he gets charged for double murder what if a woman kills a baby inside her she gets charged with nothing you tell me

  8. I am sure that abortion without medical reason is murder of innocent child.If a women don’t want to have child than she should adopt measures to avoid pregnancy .After conceiving the abortion means killing of innocent child.

  9. In fact, in 2006, I helped a co-worker who was subject to an abusive relationship to terminate a pregnancy. Had I not, she would have been tied to this abuser by means of their common child. She did not need that. I drove her there, I lent her the money, and made sure she could make a choice that was the best for her and her son. Life is not perfect. But some choices are better than others and she made a good choice.

  10. Abortion is a woman’s right. There is nothing inherently wrong or immoral about it. It allows women to choose how to make their families, to plan their families, and to make responsible choices about how they can best support their families.

      1. No, murder is immoral. Murder is murder and abortion is abortion. The woman in the video explained it very well. It is a woman showing responsibility and control over her body. While abortion ends nascent biological life, humans are also social and economic beings. That’s were abortion comes in. My, look at all these pro-choice comments on here. Is this a pro-choice site?

          1. What about if the woman is raped? Is she still responsible because she maybe dressed a certain way or did not resist and or scream loud enoug? As a woman, I’d be interested to know how you would respond to such a predicament… Drugs? Anger? Or suicide? Everything is a choice, moron.

          2. This is an unfortunate response. This sidesteps the issue, and people who use it know very well that it does. As we know, pregnancy sometimes occurs when precautions are taken. Short from abstinence, which is not human, appropriate precautions to prevent pregnancy do not always work for a variety of reasons. It is not a perfect world and in such a world women need some sort of control over their bodies and futures.

  11. Separation of church and state. Stop bringing ‘God’ into this. What the fuck is wrong with you people? This is about a woman’s personal choice. Stop defending something that hasn’t even developed a conscious yet. Your religion isn’t the word of the Constitution. This is the United States of America, not the United States of Christianity. Fucking dimwits.

    1. No. This is not about a woman’s personal choice. This is about killing unborn
      CHILDREN. How can a person not bring GOD into that!?

      1. it has nothing to with god at all. god wasn’t mentioned.
        Christians just want something to bitch about.
        this video is clearing making sure what people are doing trying to make you ask yourself
        “is this the right choice for you? think hard.”

    1. What do u like watching abortion videos or something. The contrast of the things she said back and fourth to the visuals increased the impact in my perception. You must not have been listening.

  12. I am so saddened by some pro abortion people on this site. ABORTION IS MURDER. You can dress it up anyway you like and even try to justify the henious crime that you have commited. At the end o f the day you subjected your defenceles little baby to a death even more painful than the beheadings of isil on the streets of syria. ANYONE who has had an abortion are selfless MURDERERS.

    1. Please do not confuse being pro choice as being pro abortion. Nobody is going around promoting abortion and doing a happy dance once they abort. It is is difficult decision for any woman to make, and those who are pro choice are not saying people should go out and have abortions left and right, all we are saying is that women should have the choice, whether that means they decide to abort or not.

      1. Pro choice pro abortion anti life, all the same thing. The pro and anti are just labels that tell if you agree or disagree. Your for choice, abortion, and against life

          1. Human rights?? That baby IS human, and never asked to be born let alone be put to death. What is so wrong with adoption?? The woman doesn’t have to have the responsibility of raising that child, and that child does not have to have it’s limbs torn from its body or it’s skill crushed.

          2. If it weren’t for your Mother, you wouldn’t have a body to decide about!!! Have you noticed that the only people on here who are swearing, acting out, and making fools of themselves are the pro-choicers? At least you chose the right screen name for yourself. In the end, you can look into God’s face and tell him why murdering his children is ok. If you refuse to have a baby, don’t have the sex to create one! I have a family member who had an abortion when she was 14. She is now in her 50’s and still cries about it all the time. The guilt, shame, regret, and wondering has haunted her for years. Not one of you have mentioned this consequence. If you give your baby up for adoption, it prevents a lot of this needless mental torture. If you are an adopted child, who had a bad life, and you are reading this, remember that at least your Mother gave you a chance. You are in the minority, as most adopted children have wonderful lives. If you say that there are too many unwanted babies in the world. Answer why people are paying so much to infertility clinics, waiting years just to adopt a child if they are even able to, and are having to leave the US just to try and find a baby. It is about the fact that the child feels pain not long after conception. It is about the fact that everything is not about you. It is about the fact that babies are being held in the uterus longer so that they may be “aborted” but are actual viable babies and are contributing to medical research-if a baby is aborted, it is medical waste, not a human being! It is about the fact that people use the word fetus because it seems less personal than using the word baby. It is about the fact that my husband worked at a teen parent center where the girls used abortion as a form of birth control. It is about the fact that abortions are happening later and later, some days before birth-without a care as to how much pain, distress, or disfiguring the baby goes through before he/she finally dies. It is about the fact that we can have a planned abortion on a Tuesday, but if we had given birth on Wednesday, and then killed the baby, we would be charged with murder? What is the difference-murder is murder! The child still doesn’t stand a chance because you decided it was inconvenient, or not in your life plan, or you aren’t in love with the Dad, etc. etc. etc. Who cares about the reason, it is about them for once and not you. I am pro-adoption, pro-life, and pro give them a fighting chance. It is only 9 months out of your life, but you are taking away 75+ years of theirs. The Law of the USA may say that it is legal, but God’s Law, and the ultimate judge, says it is murder. I am not a ranting freak, I just want at least one baby to be saved by what I have said. My 18 year old daughter came up to me the other day and said “Mom, you know I am not pro-abortion, I am just pro-choice”. I asked her what the difference was and she couldn’t answer me. I asked her if she could just be a little pregnant, and when she said “No, you either are or you aren’t, I said “Exactly!” I am a mother to 4 girls, two of which are twins. I was done after 2, and was told I could not have anymore children. God gave me twins. In my mind, I was too old, too tired, and too heavy to have twins. The doctor told me he could selectively reduce my pregnancy or end it completely. As I look at my beautiful twin girls today, I wonder which one I would have killed if I had said yes to him. Thanks for reading and listening.

      2. Pro-choice seems to mean only giving the woman the ‘choice’ of abortion, then saying she ‘chose’ to kill her baby, when she felt forced. This is why pro-choice is often defined as pro-abortion.

  13. I’m from a Christian family that doesn’t believe in abortion… I myself didn’t believe in them and never wanted one until now… after seeing this video I don’t want the word abortion to be in my thoughts are ever come out of my mouth again

  14. Jesus loves the little children. Suffer not the little children to come into me. For such is the kingdom. There is forgiveness through the blood of Christ. God’s forgiveness is greater than our ability to forgive ourselves. THAT IS WHY HE PAID THE PRICE. WE CAN’T CHANGE THE PAST BUT WE CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE. FOR WE ARE SOMEWHERE IN THE FUTURE AND WE LOOK MUCH BETTER THAN WE LOOK RIGHT NOW.

    1. Bitch, we don’t even know if Jesus is real. Would you rather for this child to be born into a family where it’s unwanted, abused, raped, etc?? I guess you care about a cluster of cells more than you do about that. Everyone get your head out of your asses. This fetus wasn’t aborted illegally, it was aborted for medical reasoning. Go ahead argue with me all you want, but no matter what we change for the ‘future’ , there’s still going to be something else that you all will find wrong with the world and you’re going to raise hell about it just like you’re doing so right now. Thanks.

      1. You too are a biological thing – a cluster of cells. Your cells are simply older. You may not be wanted, could be raped, abused, etc. Should we eliminate you?

      2. we don’t have to kill children. we can give them up to good people who will love them. They can help with the cost. It’s Win,Win,Win. This nightmare doesn’t have to exist!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Why the name calling? Confident, intelligent people don’t need to stoop to that level to illustrate their point. You just completely debunked your whole argument with that first unintelligent word. That’s too bad.

  15. Life is a sacred miracle that regardless of the circumstances in which the child was conceived, killing the baby will always lead to more harm. It breaks every ethical, responsible, humane law that we know deep in our hearts whether we admit it or not. The decision to kill is a temporary solution for a person or couple who think that the problem is the baby rather than taking responsibility for what proceeded the pregnancy. Even in the event of a traumatic concept from rape there is right done by giving that child life – their life! Who are we to take a life? I’m afraid that we are focusing on the women more than on the child without a voice and there are deep spiritual and physical consequences when we disregard a moral law that is engraved on each of our hearts. I’m so grieved at this footage and wonder how anyone can live and justify the death of a baby. It is murder but the victim is silent and the truth has become so distorted in order to live with ourselves.

  16. My family doesn’t believe in abortion. I’m sadden by the video. If they show this liveto men and women. It would provbly be less or npo abption. But God only jidges I love babies if I can just adopt them. I would.

  17. That lady thats in the video her face shows evil signs on her face..
    God created us to be wise and smart, and there are 13 types of birth controls today why dis they let embryo started the heart beat and then kill them? If i were one of those women that chose to abort my own baby, i dont think i will be able to live happy for the rest of my life. I would feel guilt, evil, insanity and haunting….there are so many people out there that cant get pregnant, you could of just give your baby for adoption instead of kill them!!! What if your baby could have grown up and be smart and good people? Please…re-think about your own action!!!

    1. maybe this woman didn’t have enough $ to do it sooner, maybe shes had a really bad life and does not have the money or is fit to raise it, or had something genetically wrong with her that she didnt want to pass on, what if she got rapped by her grandfather or someone,maybe some fucked up shit happend to her??… maybe some people who can have childern dont want to be a mother?, like myself. what if she doesnt have insurance and cannot afford these lovely birth controls because she doesnt have any income, kind of like myself, what if she believes in god and told god that she never wanted to have a child and it happend anyways knowing what she would do if she did get pregnate. dont fucking jugde people you do not know for making decisions you know nothing about, what if she was rapped by a family member and didnt want her child to become a fucked up child molester?.. ever thought about that???….

      1. Her grandfather rapped about her in a song? This just shows the level of uneducated individuals who support abortion. From your lack of comprehension and literary skills I’m assuming your part of the lower class abortion is targeted to. Should we mercy kill you? Clearly your life isn’t all that great and you are doomed to a life of ignorance and struggles. Let’s put you out of your misery. Abortion targets the lower class simple fact. Over 60% (not sure exact number as saw awhile ago) of abortions are by people of the lower class living on the level of poverty. Abortion targets this class since society( fatherly government) do not want a rise within this class to the point that they cannot control and benefit off them for themselves. If this class were to grow to large they would demand equal treatment and opportunities and a revolution would occur( just look at the French Revolution).
        Please do you really believe a baby( blank slate for the most part) will become a child molestor because he was the product of a non-consensual sexual encounter. I hardly believe that the sperm knew the evil intentions of this act and passed them on when it penetrated the egg and became a zygote further devoloping into a baby.
        The best advice I can give to such stupid comments is read a book. One of the most common signs i have noticed from individuals with diminished capacity is an increased emotional response that levels that of an animal unable to control it’s instincts. Stop fighting for abortion and start fighting for better educational institutions in underprivileged areas, something you clearly need

        1. So it’s okay for women of lower status to give babies up for adoption right? What about all of the children in foster care that stay until the age of 18 and get thrown out on the street without a job, without a family, and without an education? It happens everyday. All children do not get adopted into forever loving homes as people would have you to believe. I believe that a women should have the right to make her own decisions up to a certain point (first trimester). I will also say that I am a Christian and I do believe in God. Everyone is talking about the children’s rights but I see no one is talking about what happens to said child once the women gives up parental rights. I’m not saying this happens to all kids but a significant amount of children. People get paid by the government to raise these children and a significant amount get physically abused including sexual abuse. So is this really what you all want for these children that you all are so adamant about protecting from abortions or does is just clear you conscience?

          1. I think we should ask said children what they think about being ripped apart while still alive. How would you like it? They’re not unfeeling little blobs. They’re just tiny helpless people. In most cases, problem solved simply with abstinence or prevention. Can’t blame rape on poor baby. Simpler to give good home. you pick parents.

  18. Just to let everyone know, this is not what abortions are like this everywhere. It is not down to the author or anyone to decide what a woman can or cannot do with her body.

    You are not going to change people’s minds and you have no right too. Keep your opinions to yourself when it comes to such personal and sensitive subjects. You have NO SAY in what ANYONE else does with their body.

    1. God has the right, and Jesus instructed His followers to spread His truth and Word. God said “Thou shalt not kill.” Period. This is murder of the worst kind because they are innocent, defenseless human beings that did NOT ask for their mother to be careless and unconcerned and conceive them. You’re concerned about her being criticized for what she does with her body? What about what she is having done to HER child’s body? Where is that baby’s right?

      1. God has nothing to do with any given woman’s choice. Open your eyes and realize that we live in a world where people believe in nothing at all or a religion completely different from your own. What’s sickening to me is people like you trying to shove your religion down someone’s throat. Your argument is illogical and invalid the minute you bring a ‘God’ into an argument over someone’s human right to choose what they will with their own body.

    2. Who has a say for the baby’s rights and their body? Don’t they have a right to want to live?

    1. Biased? It shows the truth. It simply shows abortion as it is, without rhetoric or propaganda making it seem okay.

      The reality is that the truth is “biased” towards the pro-life position.

  19. You are killing innocent children that can’t speak for themselves and you think that its all okay but its not! You can have an abortion and live to regret it for the rest of your life. You are the one in charge of your life so if you don’t want kids don’t get pregnant in the first place. There are plenty of ways to not get pregnant in the first place.

    1. mistakes happen, whats worse, a child starving to death on the streets, living alone in a crowded foster care having no childhood with no memories of love, being beaten to death by horrible parents or not being able to actually think or remember. Honestly you will never end up in a situation like this, so just please stay open minded.

      1. Open minded? I am a very open minded person but I will never support abortion it is murder. Accidents happen? Pregnancy isn’t the only thing that can happen from unprotected sex. There is no procedure to rid yourself of HIV, Herpes, and many other STDs.

      2. I’m very young and just recently found out I was pregnant (it was not planned–Yes, an accident). The first thing that popped in my head was to have an abortion, even though I was raised to believe they were wrong! It was just a reaction because I was so freaked out by the idea of having a baby, what people would think, not having a real job or being able to afford one, etc.
        Then, I came to my senses. I went to my first sonogram at 9 weeks gestation and saw my baby on the screen, heard his heartbeat and something changed; I completely decided against one. I couldn’t ever find it in me to do something like that and kill this innocent person I created.
        I am open-minded and I do understand that if you are very early in your pregnancy, haven’t seen your baby, felt it kick, and haven’t noticed any changes to your body yet, you can easily consider an abortion guilt-free. It’s a game changer when you consider that this human being already has a heart beat and you see it moving on a screen.
        This just motivates me to do my best in life so that I can give my child a better one. He/she doesn’t have to “starve to death on the streets”. There are also other options if it is impossible to raise this child on your own, like adoption, where a family would be ecstatic to raise the child you want to kill.
        Abortions just takes the potential out of a person who hasn’t had the chance to decide what they’re gonna make of their life. My child will never hear that he was an accident or feel like he wasn’t wanted.

      3. Yes, a hard life for the child filled with uphill battles is much worse then flat-out ending its life or any chance it had. The reasoning in this argument is untouchable
        Can anyone truly go through life without having any happy instances or impacts? Should we deprive an individual of these chances just because the hardships outweigh the happiness? Isn’t the life of anyone filled with mostly unhappiness and struggles? Don’t we live for the single happy moments out of 1000? But forget that I like your argument better, life sucks so let’s just end it.

    1. thats careless just be smart and maybe consider keeping the fourth baby you never know he/she could grow up to be a very important person to history think about adoption. and getting your tubes tied afterwards…

    2. Having an abortion will make you constantly think about the child that you killed. Abortion is murder no matter what anyone wants to believe. If the baby’s heart is beating and you go ahead and decide to kill it you are commiting murder and that is fact not fiction. Yes you do have the right to your own body but you are not in charge of who you decide you want to kill. We kill those that can’t speakfor themselves.

      1. I’m guessing you’ve never had to make the hard emotional choice.
        The better choice for your baby.
        I was pregnant, only a few weeks. But I had this severe illness where I couldn’t eat anything but ice cubes, I was constantly puking up nothing.
        It affected me to the point where I couldn’t do anything. Anything at all, it was all puke, attempt to eat, sleep.

        I was worried about my child’s health and their future.
        How can my baby grow when I can’t even keep anything down?

        Getting a medical abortion was a hard choice, but it’s my choice. You, or any other people who look down on me. Obviously don’t know how I felt or my whole story. And in my shoes at the time. You would have had a hard decision.

        Pro choice people are great and all. But no one likes you jerks because it’s not just that you have this opinion. It’s that you push and prod other innocents with your opinions.

        I don’t walk around telling people they need to have an abortion.

        Just get on with your own life, worry about your own decisions. Leave the rest of us alone.

        1. How can you say that Pro-Life people push their opinions on others? Getting an abortion is the epitome of forcing your beliefs on another human being. Hypocritical much?

        2. I think prolife people for the most part are more against abortion as a form of negating consequences and responsibility. Your instance is one that might have been neccesary though and in my opinion perfectly reasonable
          To get an abortion since the child might interfere with your career, school, or plan is what I cannot agree with

          1. most of the prolife people are either gay or can’t have babies so they push their opinions on everyone that is pro-choice.

        3. Wow.. You must be the first chick that couldn’t stop throwing up bc of a pregnancy bc this is the first time I’ve ever heard that being a reason for abortion. You know, that part does subside after a few months right?? That baby didn’t NEED to die just bc you were throwing up. I love how Hilary Clinton stated that to many women are denied abortions when that poor baby has to die bc of morning sickness. Fucking cheap.

          1. beth she is full of shit.
            and probly just didn’t eat cause she was worried about throwing up or used it as an excuse to get an abortion, regrets it and now is pushing her regrets on everyone else.

        4. shut the fuck up kate.
          not everyone is always so ready to bring in a new life in a shitty world.
          you obviously haven’t had a hard life.
          you probly sit in a comfy house with a full time job with a degree that daddy and mummy paid helped paid for when some of us work our asses off just to buy 20$ worth of food just to eat for 5 days of the week.
          never able to buy new clothes, unable to go and do something fun for a couple hours all cause the government is a cunt, your asshole partner cheated after you find our your pregnant and he hardly does anything for him other child so how the hell can you trust that dead beat loser to help when you need him to cause he wouldn’t even help when you two were together, and you know its the best thing to do cause you don’t regret it not for a second and didn’t think twice.

          your talking out your ass and know nothing of how hard real life is.
          i say to any young teens and who ever, that if there not sure that keeping a baby is right for them think of the pros and cons,
          “can you support the baby even solo, if the dad going to stick around, how would i feel if i found out if i was adopted, would i think my real mum didn’t want me”

          if you feel in your gut you shouldn’t have the baby and cant give it up, have an abortion in the first 6 weeks, it will be easier on you cause you choose between medical and surgical.
          this video is just a scare tactic. not every abortion is like this, there are meany different types.

      2. no it doesn’t. that only happens when you did the wrong thing and didn’t think it through enough and actually regret the abortion.

        i had one about 2 years ago and don’t regret it at all.

    3. You need to be more scared about killing your unborn baby. You will stand before God one day and when He asks you why did you kill one of my children? What will your answer be?

      1. shut up go to church and preach.

        you do realize that there are sins against getting you the sides or your hair cut, the way you prepare your meat’s, ect.

        not just that you pray to god to help you and or your family yet he does nothing in your time of need and you just say “i understand”
        and im sure you will reply with “its how you deal with him not helping that makes him real.”
        to which i would say: “so he’s not real and you have proof”

        abortion happens, its always going to happen deal with it.
        or we can wait till someone you love gets raped and then gets pregnant, she aborts it, then what you going to do?
        “your loved but you got an abortion so go fuck yourself”
        grate friendship.

        also abortion is murder “thou shall not kill”
        oh wait god just gave you a miscarriage “murder” yet you still follow him.
        “its gods plan you must have faith”
        “so i must have faith in a god that’s not only a hypocrite but, condemns gays, says i am your only god no one else, your a hoe cause you slept with a guy you love before you got married, murder repent?
        rapist repents goes to heaven theres the lady he raped.
        gay gets into heaven cause she changed who he truly was (unfaithful to himself)
        lady cant repent for sleeping with a man she loves unless she gets half drowned in water.

        something tells me i would rather go to hell.
        hell= no Christians
        no Christians? hell=heaven
        not only does hell accept all the people that aren’t accepted by god but there is no judgment.
        the devil killed a total of like 6 people yet god killed millions in one night to “cleans the world”
        hmm okay that’s murder of massive scale.
        i also herd that in hell they have taco Tuesday’s and Pizza Fridays.

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