Pro-Choice author: Question of whether abortion is murder is “risky”

Pro-choice author Miriam Claire wrote:

“Somehow, the key issue is not being addressed [by the pro-choice movement] and is “off the page,” because the question of whether abortion is murder is risky and unanswerable in an absolute sense.”

A few pages later, though, she answers the question. She wrote:

“When you choose to have an abortion, you are responsible for a decision to halt the development of a human life. That is the most significant difference between abortion and miscarriage. It is somehow easier to accept “fate” or “the will of nature,” than it is to accept responsibility for our actions.”

Miriam Claire The Abortion Dilemma: Personal Views on a Public Issue (Xlibris Corporation, 2013) viii, 1

Perhaps “halt the development” is an easier thing to say than “kill.”

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Pro-Choice Activists Argue About Use of Fetal Tissue in Research

Author Leslie Cannold interviewed pro-choice activists. She recounts one conversation with them. All of the women quoted are pro-abortion:

“The following conversation, between myself, Lisa, Carey, and Lucy, began after I raised the question of medical science’s use of fetal tissue to treat those suffering from Parkinson’s disease:…

Carey: I’m not saying I’d say no, I’m just saying that you have to ask the woman if it’s okay to use the aborted tissue!

Lucy: But if it’s in the rubbish bin, if she’s just thinking it’s going in the bin…

Lisa: But you can’t take it home, can you?

Lucy: You can’t take it home, and they can use it… It has been created especially for science to use.

Carey: I think that is outrageous, absolutely outrageous… Not even asking permission.

Lucy: But still, it’s like they’re taking out your appendix and throwing it in the rubbish. You’re throwing it in the rubbish, you haven’t said you want it all prettied up and put in a nice grave and buried.

Lisa: No way, they can’t just take it.

Lucy: OK, but your actual appendix is diced out, and the fetus is diced out. It’s out of you, it’s not part of you. I mean it’s gone, you’ve chosen to murder. You’ve killed that child, it’s gone.

Lisa: If they’re doing stuff like that, I’m going to start taking my Tupperware container with me.

Carey: Oh, absolutely.

Lucy: So you think you have a right to the fetus, even if you’ve just “tossed it in the bin”?

Carey: The whole handling of the abortion issue is wrong. You don’t toss it in the garbage. I mean, I’ve had an abortion, it was an incredibly painful experience.

I didn’t toss it in the garbage. And I find it really distressing to hear it referred to that way. And that others think they have a right to use my fetus.

You’re saying toss it in the garbage. I didn’t toss it in the garbage.

Lucy: OK, what did you do?

Carey: It sounds very callous and my decision was not a callous one. It was not unthought about, it was not clear, and it certainly wasn’t indifferent.

Part of your abortion decision is that it’s not going to be used as fetal tissue [to treat disease] or anything else. The thing is that if somebody asked me can be used as fetal tissue, I’d probably say yes. But not to ask…”

Leslie Cannold The Abortion Myth (Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press, 1998) 34-35

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Pro-choicer admits there are two lives involved in abortion

Pro-choice author Craig C Malborn writes:

“… Abortion is a decision that always involves two lives. When clearly articulated, the need to consider two lives creates the core dilemma in abortion, i.e., placing in competition two lives linked by motherhood. No world religion or tradition can escape confronting the two life dilemma unavoidable in abortion…

We must accept that the issue of abortion by necessity involves two lives, embryonic and maternal. These two lives coexist at vastly different developmental stages. Can these two lives be “valued” as equal?”

Craig C Malborn Abortion in 21st-Century America: A Matter of Life/Lives and/or Death (North Charleston, South Carolina: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, 2012) 49, 54

His answer is no – the two lives are not equal. But he acknowledges that there are two lives involved, and that abortion destroys a life.

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Pro-Choice author refers to “baby” in the womb

Pro-Choice author Lisa M Mitchell was unimpressed with the ultrasound she had while pregnant. Nevertheless, she refers to the entity in her womb as a baby:

“What I recall most vividly during my first ultrasound was the technician’s concern when I didn’t seem interested in the swirling grey mass on the screen. From my perspective, lying on my back with an enormous belly and a full bladder, I just wanted the scan to be over. I now understand the technician incorrectly read my reaction to the ultrasound as a sign that I was ambivalent about or possibly even rejecting the baby.”

Lisa M Mitchell Baby’s First Picture: Ultrasound and the Politics of Fetal Subjects (Toronto: University of Toronto Press Inc., 2001) 50-91

Mitchell spends the entire book defending abortion but seems to know that women are pregnant with babies and that her child was a baby in the womb.

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Pro-choice author admits abortion is “killing and dying process”

Pro-choice author Laurie Shrage, describing late-term abortion:

“dismemberment, craniotomy, or the injection of a chemical that causes cardiac arrest, whereas abortion in the first trimester involves a less physically violent killing and dying process.”

Lauri Shrage Abortion and Social Responsibility: Depolarizing the Debate (New York: Oxford University Press, 2003) 57

This pro-choice activist admits that abortion, even early abortion, causes a “killing and dying process.” She is under no illusions that abortion kills.

18 weeks.
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Pro-Choice Catholic guide for women admits abortion takes human life

A pro-choice article meant to be read by women considering abortion said:

“It is important to understand that while abortion does involve the taking of a human life because all life that is in and of a human being is human life in order to call it murder we would have to believe that prenatal life in the early stages of pregnancy is a human person and that there were absolutely no reasons that justified the taking of that life … “

Marjorie Reiley Maguire and Daniel C. Maguire. “Abortion: A Guide to Making Ethical Decisions,” Catholics for a Free Choice, September 1983

Is it so strange to consider this to be a person?

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Pro-abortion politician admits abortion is killing

Pro-Choice Alabama representative John Rogers, democrat, defends his opposition to a pro-life bill:

“Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later.

You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, and you send them to the electric chair. So, you kill them now or you kill them later.”


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Pro-Choice: Abortion kills a human being, but should be legal

Mark Mercer; a professor in the Department of Philosophy at Saint Mary’s University:

“At conception comes a new human being.

Abortion, then, involves the killing of a human being. But that abortion involves the deliberate killing of a human being is no reason for abortion to be illegal. Nor should one be morally troubled by it….

A human fetus… though human, has only a rudimentary awareness of its environment and lacks self consciousness entirely. It has no interest in living, for it can have no interests at all.

Because a fetus is not a person, killing a fetus is not killing a person.”

Pro-Abort Professor: Abortion Involves Deliberate Killing? That’s Still Not A Reason To Be Morally Troubled.” Stand Your Ground MAY 6, 2010

Accessed 10/6/2015

16 week fetus (is this a person?)
16 week fetus (is this a person?)
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Planned Parenthood admits that woman are pregnant with “babies”

In the section on Abortion Counseling, you can read stories from former Planned Parenthood workers and former Planned Parenthood patients talking about how PP denies that a pregnant woman is carrying a “baby.” Instead, they use words like “products of conception” or “fetal tissue.” But in a video on YouTube aimed at teaching children about sex, PP admits they knew it was a baby all along. The video narrator says:

“With younger children you can keep it simple and direct. For example, you can say “A baby grows in a parent’s belly and comes out of their vagina.” That may be all it takes to satisfy their curiosity. If they ask, “How does the baby get in the belly?” You can say something like, “Most women have tiny eggs in a special part of their belly. Most men have very tiny seeds, called sperm. If sperm and egg meet they can grow into a baby.”

Planned Parenthood video “How Do I Talk With My Kid About Where Babies Come From?”

Visited December 18, 2018

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Pro-Choice activist admits abortion “takes life”

From pro-choice Alexander Sanger, grandson of Margaret Sanger, and International Planned Parenthood Council Chair:

“While abortion opponents argue that the taking of human life is prima facie is evidence that abortion does not serve a biological purpose, I would argue otherwise… While abortion takes life, it enables life to reproduce itself successfully, not on nature’s terms but on human terms. The unborn child is not just an innocent life. While it is the epitome of human destiny and the greatest potential joy that humanity can create, it is also a liability, a threat, and a danger to the mother and to the other members of its family. In order to survive, humanity has necessarily taken preborn life to preserve other life all throughout its evolutionary history.”

Alexander Sanger Beyond Choice: Reproductive Freedom in the 21st Century (New York: Public Affairs, 2004) 261

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