Clinic worker Jackie tells of pathology lab work

Former abortion clinic worker Jackie describes the time she spent in the pathology lab, handling the bodies of aborted babies:

Clinic worker Jackie saw babies like this one, but torn apart
9-10 week preborn baby

“I got selected to move to the pathology lab, and for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, that is the lab in the clinic that basically inventories the body parts of the fetus that comes out of the woman. And, the first part of that job is, as I said, inventorying the parts; and the second also involves inventorying the parts to determine if they are intact enough to be harvested and sold. And then the third part is doing a checklist, such as the head, the arms, the torso, the legs, and you send it to the doctor to let him know that the abortion was complete.

So that’s where I ended up, I trained in that lab three, almost four days before I had a very harsh realization that everything I believed about the abortion industry was wrong. So about three days into it I had had just about as much as my heart, and my soul, and my stomach could stand.”

Sarah Terzo “Abortion facility worker quits after seeing the bodies of aborted children” Live Action News September 22, 2016

Former clinic worker Jackie reveals how gruesome and cruel abortion really is.

To see pictures of what these baby body parts looked like, go here. 

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Clinic workers use women’s fear of fetal pain to sell anesthesia

Abby JohnsonIf the woman asked you specifically what does the baby look like, or is the baby going to feel pain, is the baby going to feel anything during the abortion, what were some of the things that you guys were instructed to say to the women who asked these questions?

Jackie: At our clinic we were instructed to tell them a number of things. And a lot of it depended on the gestation of the pregnancy. Most of our patients were early in the pregnancy… Things like, that the central nervous system hadn’t developed yet so it wouldn’t feel anything, and the second one was for patients that were further along, that the baby feels what they feel. So if they choose to do the more expensive sedation method, you also limit the pain that the fetus would feel also. That’s what we were instructed to tell patients.

In this way, abortion workers were able to sell costly general anesthesia to late-term abortion patients who were afraid their babies would feel pain. Playing on the women’s fears, the facilities were able to make more money. General anesthesia is not only more expensive than local anesthesia, it carries with it much greater risks.

If endangering women’s lives and using their fears to increase profits wasn’t enough, the abortion workers were lying to the women. The theory that anesthesia given to the mother reduces the pain her baby feels was thoroughly debunked before the Supreme Court in the partial-birth abortion ban trials. The pain the preborn baby feels is not affected by the anesthesia given to the mother.

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