Pastors took their daughters for abortions

From pro-life activist Bryan Kemper:

“I can’t tell you how many times I have talked to kids whose parents forced them into abortion to avoid having to face society and the church because they “failed as parents.” I’ve seen pastors take their daughters into abortion clinics because they are more concerned about losing their church than the welfare of their daughter and grandchild.”

Bryan Kemper Social Justice Begins in the Womb (Troy, Ohio: Clay Bridges Communications & Publishers, 2009) 104 – 105

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Christian woman aborts twins, suffers guilt

One woman, the daughter of a pastor, was pregnant for the second time while unmarried. She was raising her first child, but when she found out her new pregnancy was twins, she panicked and aborted:

“The nurse told me that I was having twins and it scared me to death. How could I raise three when I could barely raise one on my own? I based my decision purely on being able to take care of them financially. I was also ashamed of myself and thought how others would react to see the daughter of a minister pregnant again one year after having her first child [unmarried].…

The church played a huge part in my life. My parents are both ministers, so I was not a stranger to God’s word… Even though I knew God then, I did not have the faith back then that I have now to step out on.…

For years, I suppressed the guilt of turning away from a gift from God. I thought about how old they would’ve been and wondered how they would’ve looked. These thoughts would bring instant shame and guilt upon me. I struggled mostly with my faith in God. How could I speak to others about what God wants if I was unable to do it?”

LaDina Anderson Killing Grace: A Rise To Restoration (2016) Kindle edition

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Christian woman who had abortion: “I can never forgive myself”`

One young woman, who was a devout Christian when she became pregnant outside of marriage, wrote about her abortion:

“I remember beating on my stomach and yelling furiously at God. “Take this baby… There isn’t a baby in me… Lord why would you scorn me by giving me another child… What have I done so wrong to be punished like this?” I hated myself! I believed God hated me too…

I hid from the church. To me, there was not enough room for a sinner like me. I had already brought enough shame on to my family. Why go to the church of saints and have them pray for someone surely going to hell? I believed this was Satan’s way of cursing me and I thought that God had allowed me to fall. The only thing I could think of doing to resolve this problem was to get an abortion…

They laid me on the table to give me an ultrasound… Had I heard a heartbeat I would’ve gotten up and ran out of that building. But the machine did not have sound. I could’ve opted to take this pill to abort at home but I did not. I guess I was already ashamed, why agitate the situation by having to look at the child I killed…

I opted to not get painkillers or any anesthesia. I wanted to feel all the pain my baby was going through. I wanted to remember that moment. To always think about it when I decided to have premarital sex.

I went into another room. The nurse told me to pull my bottoms off and place a paper sheet over me. The doctor came in to talk to me for a short while (another possible escape). They said, “There will be pressure.” The machine came on and instantly I wanted to cry. The nurse held my hand. … I did not feel much pain, that is until I saw the glass jar the doctor tried to hide. It was filled with my baby…

I know God gives us grace for our actions and choices. I however, can never forgive myself!”

LaDina Anderson Killing Grace: A Rise to Restoration (2016) Kindle edition

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