Legal Abortion Death: Ingar Weber (Kidney failure)

From Christina Dunigan at RealChoice:

A suit filed by the survivors of Ingar Lee Whittington Weber alleged that she underwent an abortion by Richardson P. Glidden and/or Thomas Booker on January 20, 1990, at Delta Women’s Clinic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Ingar’s family said that neither Glidden nor his staff at Delta diagnosed Ingar’s kidney problems or the deterioration of her physical condition before, during, or after the abortion. Ingar was hospitalized several days after her abortion for acute kidney failure. She died on January 26, 1990.

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There were 42 legal abortion deaths in 1972 and 1973

On legal abortion deaths:

“In 1972 there were 20 and in 1973, 22 deaths that were believed to be associated with legal abortion in the United States.”

US Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 24, January 24, 1975

Cited in Sarah Spaght Brown “National Academy Of Sciences Report” in Warren Hern and Bonnie Andrikopoulos, eds. Abortion in the 70s: Proceedings of the Western Regional Conference on Abortion, Denver, Colorado, February 27 – 29, 1976 (New York: National Abortion Federation, 1977)

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Author documents three deaths from legal abortion in Atlanta

In the introduction to his book, abortion researcher Jerome S Legge, Jr. writes:

“The initial impetus for writing this book came to me during the summer of 1979. At that time, I was living in Atlanta and working in other areas of health delivery and research when, within a period of a few months, three young women died as a result of legal abortions carried out in Atlanta clinics. The ensuing debate in the community resulted in a full-blown discussion of the abortion issue, along with legislative hearings and actions to regulate the operations of the clinics more closely.”

Jerome S Legge, Jr. Abortion Policy: An Evaluation of the Consequences for Maternal and Infant Health (Albany, New York: State University Of New York Press, 1985) xv

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Abandoned patient dies an abortion clinic (fatal blood loss)

LifeNews tells the story of a woman who died after a poorly performed abortion:

Angela was twenty weeks pregnant when she walked into a dingy abortion clinic in Santa Ana, California, on August 7, 2004. Her abortion was completed in five minutes with little or no pain relief by an 84-year old abortionist, Phillip Rand, who rotated his time between several clinics throughout Southern California.

When he was done with Angela’s abortion, he got in his car and began the three-hour drive on congested California freeways to another abortion clinic in Chula Vista, near the Mexican border, where he had more patients waiting. But when Angela started bleeding heavily, the two medical aids, who were the only ones left in the clinic, didn’t know what to do. One called Rand and asked him to return to the clinic to help the hemorrhaging women, but Rand refused. He was already an hour or so away and didn’t want to go back and risk losing business in Chula Vista. He told them to call 911 if she got any worse.

Angela did get worse – much worse. By the time paramedics arrived, it was too late. They found her in a pool of her own blood. There was no oxygen or no crash cart at the clinic, but it is doubtful that the two minimally-trained aids would have know how to operate them if they had been available. Angela was transported to a local hospital where she later died.

One paramedic was so incensed by how he found Angela that he reported Rand to his supervisor who, in turn, notified the Medical Board. A signed declaration from the paramedic noted, “This was the worst post-partum patient situation at a medical clinic I have ever encountered during my time as a paramedic.” Twenty months later Rand surrendered his medical license.

For Angela, there was no continuity of care. Rand held no hospital privileges. This allowed him to operate well below the standard of care at the cost of one woman’s life.

STEVEN ERTELT “Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Signs Pro-Life Bill That Could Close Three Abortion Clinics ” LifeNews JUN 12, 2014

Despite deaths like Angela’s, the Supreme Court found that abortionists can legally do abortions without admitting privileges.

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Legal Abortion Death: Patty, 16 (embolism and bleeding)

Sixteen-year-old Patty underwent a safe and legal second-trimester abortion at the hands of either Edward Allred or Leslie Orleans at Allred’s Avalon Hospital in Los Angeles on the morning of March 3, 1984. Patty retained fetal tissues, so she was scheduled for a second procedure that afternoon to complete the abortion.

There are conflicting stories as to what happened next. Allred claimed that Patty died of an embolism during the second surgery. (He pronounced her dead at 4:30 PM.) Patty’s parents claim that the child bled to death while left unattended.

An autopsy found numerous catgut sutures in Patty’s vagina and hemorrhage in her uterus. Death was attributed to disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (a clotting disorder) due to abortion-induced amniotic fluid embolism (amniotic fluid in the bloodstream). Patty’s parents sued Allred and Orleans for their daughter’s death.

Avalon Hospital was part of Edward Allred’s Family Planning Associates Medical Group, a National Abortion Federation member facility.

Patricia is one of many women to die at one of Edward Allred’s facilities. Others known to have died after abortion at Allred’s facilities include:

* Denise Holmes, age 24, 1970
* Mary Pena, age 43, 1984
* Josefina Garcia, age 37, 1985
* Laniece Dorsey, age 17, 1986
* Joyce Ortenzio, age 32, 1988
* Tami Suematsu, age 19, 1988
* Susan Levy, age 30, 1992
* Deanna Bell, age 13, 1992
* Christine Mora, age 18, 1994
* Kimberly Neil, 2000
* Chanelle Bryant, age 22, 2004

Sources: LA County Coroner Report No. 84-2948; Daily Breeze 3/2/85; Los Angeles Herald Examiner 3/3/85

Credit: Christina Dunigan

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Lawyer for George Tiller on case of woman who was killed

An attorney for Dr. George Tiller responded to a grand jury petition calling for an investigation into the botched abortion death of a woman at Tiller’s late term clinic:

“The clinic respects the privacy of its patients, and continues to express condolences to the family, it is unfortunate that some have chosen to exploit this matter of personal grief for political purposes.”

“Kan. abortion foes petition for grand jury” Seattle-Post Intelligencer 4-5-2006

Tiller was never reprimanded for the woman’s death.

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Mother of dead Planned Parenthood patient- a lost dog gets better treatment

Aletheia Meloncon, mother of Edrica Goode, who died from an abortion at Planned Parenthood in 2007.

“My daughter made a choice, but she didn’t choose to die. A lost dog gets more attention than my daughter did. This has really torn at my family.”

Edrica Goode was 21 when went to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Riverside for an abortion that killed her. Her mother says that Edrica had not told her she was having an abortion.

Jonathan Abrams “Abortion procedure caused death of Riverside woman, lawsuit alleges” . Los Angeles Times. Jun 21, 2007. pg. B.4

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CDC: abortion is 6th most common cause of maternal death

Pro-life author George Grant reveals:

“Recently the Centers for Disease Control conducted a study of maternal deaths and discovered that abortion is now the 6th most common cause. The results of the study, released to the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, admitted that those abortion related deaths may be underreported by as much as 50%.”

George Grant Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood (Franklin, Tennessee: Adroit Press, 1988, 1992)  33

Grant cites The New American January 20, 1986

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At the funeral of a woman who died from legal abortion

From Saynsumthn’s blog, by Carole Novielli

I have witnessed many things over the past thirty three years in this fight for the sanctity of human life in numerous states where I stood against child killing. Protests, police abuse, men dragging women into the abortion clinic, and even the funeral of a woman killed from legal abortion.

Her name was Carolina Gutierrez and she received such a serious infection by the legal abortion facility she visited that they had to amputate parts of her body to try and save her life. But, the infection won and Carolina and her unborn child became a statistic in the abortion battle.

I took these pictures with the permission of her family, while attending her funeral:


Guet 2

guet 4

The funeral was very emotional. Her story had been in the news for days and knowing the truth about the condition of the abortion clinics in my county caused me to be angry, especially, in light of the continued silence by abortion advocates when women die.

Source: The day I saw abortion first hand Saynsumthn’s Blog

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Technically (Il)Legal Abortion Death: Gloria Small, 43 (Uterine perforation)

Gloria Small, a 43-year-old mother of six, went to Ronald Tauber for a safe ane legal abortion. Despite Gloria’s obesity, asthma, chronic lung disease, and family history of high blood pressure, Tauber elected to perform the 15-week abortion at his Orlando Birthing Center on March 7, 1978.

Gloria’s uterus was punctured in the abortion. She died despite an emergency hysterectomy. The medical examiner said that Gloria’s medical history should have precluded performing an abortion in an outpatient setting. A court-appointed panel found Tauber negligent in Gloria’s death.

Tauber’s license was suspended the month Gloria died; this means that if the Centers for Disease Control counted Gloria’s death, they would have tabulated it as a death from an illegal abortion. (They count abortions as legal only if they are performed by a physician with an active license.)

Credit: Christina Dunigan, cemetery of choice

Orlando Sentinel Star 4-20-78, Miami Herald 7-20-79

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