Abortion Video: “Here’s the Blood”

The abortion video below shows pictures of children killed by abortion. This abortion video shows how violent and devastating abortion is to preborn children.

If you have any questions about whether the pictures are real, here is a signed statement by the photographer:

full-2 abortion video


And a former abortionist who verifies the accuracy of the images.

full-1 abortion video


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Medically induced abortion in the second trimester: Video

This video shows Dr. Byron Calhoun, a board certified obgyn, examining the bodies of two babies aborted by a medically induced labor with prostaglandin in the second trimester.

If the babies are bruised all over their bodies by contractions, try to imagine how painful those contractions must be for the mother. Normal labor is extremely painful and the contractions are far less severe.  This is an excruciatingly painful method of abortion for both the mother and baby which can take hours to accomplish.

You can see the grimace of pain on the face of the second, 18-20 week old baby.

There is one other way abortions are done in the second trimester, the D&E.

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Abort.73.com Video of Aborted Babies

This video shows the remains of aborted babies at different stages of pregnancy.

You have seen a video of abortion procedures. Currently, these procedures are legal in every US state. Do you agree with this?

Has seeing this video changed your mind about abortion?

Would you have an abortion, or would you want your partner to have an abortion if she were pregnant and the baby was unwanted?

Do you have any comments?
How old are you?
What is your religion?

What is your sexual orientation?

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Videos of Aborted Babies

Most of the babies in this video were aborted in the first trimester, by suction.

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