Woman says she was “never the same again” after her abortion

On the website AbortionChangesYou.com, a woman tells her story. She got pregnant from a man who was living with another woman. He claimed his relationship with the woman was over, but when she got pregnant, he refused to move out or to support her:

She writes:

“I remember being genuinely happy. I was the outgoing, silly girl who was always laughing. I remember smiling from the soul. I had no true sadness in my heart….

I also become extremely ill when I am pregnant with a rare condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. This basically means that I am throwing up and nauseous literally 24/7 during the entire nine months of pregnancy  … When I started feeling ill I became very scared. I felt my back up against the wall. I was responsible for all of my bills, a 2 year old active toddler and for the maintaining my apartment with zero help.  …

I would have panic attacks because I couldn’t stop throwing up but had no choice but to go work 12-14 hour shifts. … I had been throwing up for weeks. My throat was raw. My eyes were swollen from crying. I was extremely dehydrated. My feet hurt from working. My heart broken from not being the mother I knew I was capable of being. My spirit was weak…

I called my mom and cried my heart out. She told me that I need to have an abortion that it was the only way to give myself and my current child a chance. I told her I couldn’t possibly go through with that but she insisted that it was the only way that it was just a clump of cells and not even a formed baby yet. With no fight left in my tired soul, I conceded…

After, the procedure I was never the same again. I was put on the Nuva Ring and must have not been using it properly because a month later I was pregnant again. I felt as if I went through all of that emotional turmoil just to get pregnant again… I felt stupid and like it was for nothing. I didn’t even tell my mom this time. I just went in all alone and had an abortion all by myself…

I felt numb. I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I was lost. I spiraled out of control. What followed was the characteristics of a person I didn’t knew existed within myself. When I smiled, it felt forced. When I laughed it was insincere. I had multiple angry, violent outbursts where I would destroy things in my apartment just because I couldn’t bear consequences of my actions. I couldn’t remember how to be that happy go lucky and free young woman I used to pride myself on being. I cried constantly. All I could think about was how I caused harm and death upon my children. MY children. Those I should have gladly given my life to protect. It went against nature itself. I had suicidal thoughts and couldn’t bear the weight of the pain. …I pray to the heavens and to my two babies for forgiveness on a regular basis… Not a minute goes by where they are not in my heart and on my mind. … the pain still hasn’t subsided. I have a multitude of mental issues like crippling anxiety and depression. I feel a heaviness in my heart that won’t go away.”



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Woman obeys husband and has abortion, it affects the way she treats her kids

One woman told her abortion story:

“I was 22 years old and had a young son, my oldest son was four years old. My husband said that my sons were too young, so that I had to have an abortion. I obeyed, without thinking twice, because I was so in love. I felt insecure and I didn’t want him to leave me.

We were married, nothing was missing, and it was a really silly decision. He asked me to do it and I just did it….

My husband did not come with me, I went alone with my friend, I took a taxi afterwards and returned to my house, while my husband was at a party. My brain made the decision to block all that memory.

When I met the Christian pro-life association, Aesvida, and I began to hear about the consequences of an abortion, I realised that I had become an angry woman. You are not aware of where it comes from, but then I understood it.

I did not care for my other children, I did not like to hold their hands, I never gave them a hug. Now they are older, and I want to hug them, but they are used to their mom not touching them.

When I realised it, when everything came back to my mind, I started to get involved with pro-life activities, because I knew what I had done.”

My husband said that I had to have an abortion. I just obeyed” Pregnancy Help News 30 June, 2020

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Pastors took their daughters for abortions

From pro-life activist Bryan Kemper:

“I can’t tell you how many times I have talked to kids whose parents forced them into abortion to avoid having to face society and the church because they “failed as parents.” I’ve seen pastors take their daughters into abortion clinics because they are more concerned about losing their church than the welfare of their daughter and grandchild.”

Bryan Kemper Social Justice Begins in the Womb (Troy, Ohio: Clay Bridges Communications & Publishers, 2009) 104 – 105

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“Do you need a few days off to take care of it?”

When Emily became pregnant, her boss immediately assumed she would have an abortion:

“My program director asked, ‘Do you need a few days off to take care of it?’

Jamie Kenney “17 Moms Share The Worst Thing They Heard After Announcing Their Pregnancy” Romper Sept 6 2016

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Young woman pressured into abortion, Planned Parenthood didn’t help her

A post-abortive woman was pressured by her boyfriend, and Planned Parenthood did not help her:

“When I began to realize I was pregnant, [her boyfriend] told me that if I were, I was going to get an abortion… I finally went to CVS to buy a pregnancy test. I took the test as soon as we got home, and it was positive. The first thing my boyfriend said was, “Call Planned Parenthood.”

I started to cry, and he began to yell. …I always get very afraid when he begins to yell, and when I tried to offer up an alternative, he said no.

“It should be your choice, but -” He said that he was not “ready to be a father.” …

He made me call Planned Parenthood less than five minutes after finding out I was pregnant; I scheduled an appointment for one week later. This whole time, I felt more and more connected with my baby girl. My boyfriend told me that he would kick me out if I kept our baby, and I would have no place to live.
I called Planned Parenthood when I was able to get alone (to tell them the situation), and they told me that I would just have to tell him I didn’t want to do it. They did not care what would happen to me. I pleaded with them to work with me, just until I could find something to help me.

I asked them if they could do an ultrasound for me. I told them that if I could get an ultrasound and show it to my boyfriend – who is much older than me – he would not make me abort my baby. However, Planned Parenthood told me that they would do a free ultrasound before the abortion to confirm the age of the baby, but if I did not get the abortion, I would have to pay over $100. I did not have the money, and did not know anywhere to turn. However, I did want to keep my baby. …

On the day of the abortion, the nurse knew my situation, but offered no help except for abortion. I cried, so helpless and alone, knowing my poor baby girl was about to be killed. The nurse just told me that they would give me a sedative before the abortion began. Still, I cried through the abortion….
I have had depression and dreams of my little girl ever since….Now, I have to live with this guilt for the rest of my life. I blame myself for the whole thing, and contemplated suicide for months after the abortion….

My boyfriend is happily going on with his usual routine. However, I’m sitting here a few days after my due date – which was Mother’s Day – and I think about how I was forced to give up on my own daughter. By the time my daughter would have been born, I had made enough money to be able to rent an apartment with a roommate and support Xianna – but I don’t have her.
Eleven of my friends just had their babies within the last three months, and a few more will have theirs very soon. I envy pregnant women, and have withdrawn myself from them all. I cannot be around pregnant women or children.”

Guest Contributor “LETTER I was forced to abort my baby – and I’m not alone” Live Action News May 20, 2016

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Woman describes extremely painful abortion

This woman seems to have gone through a second trimester abortion, which takes two visits to commit. At the first visit, laminaria are inserted to dilate the cervix, at the second, the baby is dismembered with forceps and removed piece by piece.

“I didn’t expect the dialation to hurt much. As soon as I got into the operating room I started crying. My nurse was pretty cold and she told me to stop crying and that it would only make things worse. I pleaded for them to stop and told them I didn’t want to do it anymore but since I had signed the consent form they proceeded. I started freaking out when they told me they would put a needle into my cervix but I wasn’t looking and when they did it I just felt a little pain. I must have sworn because the nurse got a little miffed. What hurt the most was being open by some metal thing. I was hyper ventilating and all the nurse said was, “You got yourself into this” and “stop making this harder for yourself”.

As soon as they let me leave I hugged my boyfriend and cried. I cried on the way home because of the pain I just felt. I was angry at the nurse and dreaded the next day when the actualy surgery would begin. In a few minutes I cramped up terrible and took my tylenol 3. The medication did not make me feel much better and I cried and cried at the motel until I fell asleep.

Those cramps were nothing compared to the ones I had the next morning when I took the cyotec medicine at 6:30 a.m. I cried and rolled around. I was screaming and moaning for nearly an hour. Finaly, I called 911 and had the paramedics come. A woman explained to me I was in premature labour. All I could do was cry and moan, “It’s hurting me, It hurts”. It was definately the worst pain I have EVER felt in my life. The paramedics called a taxi and he drove my boyfriend and I to the clinic.

I got to the clinic and waited in that damn room for nearly twenty minutes. I was moaning, clutching onto the chair with my head tilted back and breathing heavily. The other girls who were probably no more than a month pregnant pretended not to notice. They called me in and gave me some ativan. In no time I was relaxed and when they inserted the IV in I didn’t have a care in the world. The nurse who I had been so angry at the day before now seemed nicer than ever. I didn’t feel much pain. it felt like they were reaching all the way inside me to my neck and I just said something along the lines of, “Oh my gosh” a few times. Even though I felt pain I was so relaxed it didn’t both me.

I felt a wet thing down my leg and we were finished. I went to recovery and tripped out. It felt like 10 minutes but it must have been two hours. i felt fine the rest of the day and still do. Happy I did this. No regrets. Pain was nearly unbearable but worth it.”


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Woman tells of forced abortion

Catherine Glenn Foster, president of Americans United for Life, was 19 when she had abortion. She changed her mind, but was forced by abortion workers to go through with the abortion:

“I went into that center because I thought I had no choice. I thought I had no other option. And I was terrified. “I found there was coercion, lack of information, at times outright lies, at times force.”

She changed her mind on the abortion table, and tried to get up:

“I asked to get up. I said ‘please let me up. Let me off this table, out of this room. I don’t want this anymore.’ I said, ‘I can’t do this. This is wrong and I feel really bad about this. Just let me go. You can keep the money.’ And they shouted for more people and I had four people holding me down. One – a nurse – and a staff member on each arm. The doctor aborted my child. I’m screaming. That’s not choice.

It was not pro-woman, it was not pro-me. They didn’t care about me, they didn’t respect my opinion. They were just in-‘n-out. They wanted me gone and they wanted my baby gone.
In the end, I was left alone in the recovery room, wishing that I could turn back time and just go an hour, a week, a month back in time and re-do everything.

It took me a long time to recover…physically, and then mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It was devastating.”

She comments on laws that require women to be shown a sonogram if they ask to see it:

“That’s part of my story. Because I was there in the center and asked to see my child’s ultrasound. I asked and I was refused. They said no. And that’s always haunted me. I’ve always wanted and wished, again, that I could go back. And knowing that women in Wyoming now have that right is so impactful.”

Paul Strand “‘I Had Four People Holding Me Down’: Woman Recounts Horror of Forced Abortion” CBN News 01-14-2018

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Woman pressured into abortion; “It was the worst day of my life”

One post-abortive woman tells her story of being pressured into an abortion:

“There’s no way you’re having a baby, I never want kids,” he said.
I told him it’s too late, I’m pregnant and couldn’t be happier. But he accused me of deceiving him and going behind his back, secretly planning a baby without his approval…..

[M]y pregnancy was an accident, it hadn’t been planned and I just assumed that he would be okay with it. I mean, why wouldn’t he? As far as I knew we loved each other, we owned a house together, we were financially secure and our future looked great.

But he was furious and threatened to leave me if I had the baby. So what was I supposed to do? … [A] week later, I found myself in a clinic and it was the worst day of my life, terminating a much-wanted baby. But what could I do when my partner didn’t want a baby?

I was in a lot of pain the following days, both physical and emotional, it was a total nightmare, I started having dreams about my lost baby. I was convinced she was a girl and I was just gutted. Also, I was left with so much guilt, I wish I’d been stronger and convinced Keiran to let me go through with the pregnancy…

One night Keiran told me he needed to talk and he dropped a bombshell, he was breaking up with me… I thought he loved me but clearly he didn’t, and of course I wished I hadn’t terminated my pregnancy because at least I’d have my baby.”

As told to Libby Jane Charleston “‘My ex pressured me to have an abortion because he didn’t want children‘” 9Honey August 19, 2018

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17 year old tells of forced abortion at Planned Parenthood

A woman who had an abortion at Planned Parenthood at age 17 recalls:

“The door opened. It was my turn. I went into an office where I gave them some information. Then they led me into a room where they performed a sonogram, with the screen turned so that I could not see it. From there, I went in to yet another room to watch a video that was supposed to tell me about the procedure.

I say “supposed to” because I couldn’t concentrate and could not tell you one thing that was said. I was taken to a curtained off area and was told to remove all of my clothes and put on a gown.  Everyone was so cold and unfriendly.

I opened the curtain once I was dressed and then was led to a room with a table and equipment. I laid down and began to cry. They asked me what was wrong and I told them that I did not want to do this. I had changed my mind. I wanted up.

The doctor began to tell me that I didn’t need a baby and that I had my whole life ahead of me.

I began to cry harder and they strapped me down. I asked them to please unstrap me and let me leave. The anesthesia was administered and I fell asleep to the sound of their laughter. When I woke up, I was hurting physically as well as emotionally. All around me were the sounds of other women sobbing.”

Years later, she got married. But  she suffered :

“I had anger, bitterness, and resentment living inside of me. It touched every part of my life from my marriage to how I parented my children. I yelled a lot and cried a great deal. I would often cry myself to sleep and not even realize why I was crying.”

Eventually, she found healing through a post-abortion support group.

I Was Strapped Down and Forced to Have an Abortion at Planned Parenthood” Save the Storks   December 1, 2017

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Parents report how they were pressured to abort their child with down syndrome

In an Australian documentary, couples were interviewed about how medical providers pressured them when their babies were diagnosed in the womb with down syndrome.

Kathleen Simpkins has a daughter with Down syndrome. She says that when the tests came back positive for Down syndrome, the doctor tried frantically to get a hold of her. She says of the doctor:

“I think he might even have been shaking when he said to me, “I’m so glad you came back. I’ve been trying to get hold of you. You had an abnormal scan, and your window for termination is closing.”

Kathleen and her husband had decided before the test that they would not abort if the baby had Down syndrome. Andrew, the baby’s father, said that had they not made the decision in advance, it would have been hard to resist the pressure to abort:

“I can imagine that with the amount of negative advice we were given, that it would be hard to go through with the pregnancy, because it’s just so negative. The outcome is shown to be so sad and awful that you wouldn’t want to go through with it. I’d say most of the obstetricians that we saw, they – it [abortion] always came up in one way or another…

It’s one of those mind-blowing things that you can’t really believe it’s real, you can’t believe that these children really are being looked at as almost like a byproduct.”

Kathleen said:

“Both the way the doctors talk about Down syndrome and the way the testing itself is portrayed, it’s made out to be a way to get rid of Down syndrome. Like, we can get rid of Down syndrome the way we can get rid of cancer. It’s a great thing. But there’s a big difference between cancer and Down syndrome. Cancer’s something that happens to somebody. Down syndrome’s a part of who somebody is.”

At this point she broke down in tears.

Doctors continued to recommend abortion even after the Simpkins told them they didn’t want to abort. Their daughter is now a toddler.

Australian show Lateline with Barbara Miller 

Quoted in Sarah Terzo “Parents Pressured to Abort Kids with Down Syndrome: “Everything was Worst Case ScenarioLive Action News March 10, 2019

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