Abortionist says telling women about fetal pain is “torment” to them

Abortionist Dave Turok, of Salt Lake City, talking about a bill that would require abortionists to tell their late-term abortion patients that their babies can feel pain:

“Turok said telling those women their fetuses feel pain is heaping torment upon torment. “These women have real pain,” he said. “They did not come to this decision easily. Creating another barrier for them to get the medical care they need is really unfair.”

According to The Salt Lake Tribune :

“The draft law allows doctors to remain silent in emergencies, cases of rape or incest or if the abortion is meant to prevent the birth of a child with “grave defects.”

Rebecca Walsh “Fetal pain advice bill sent back for rewrite” The Salt Lake Tribune February 4, 2006

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Abortionist will do an abortion up until labor starts

In a hearing on abortion that took place in Brisbane, abortionist Dr. Carol Portmann says:

“Basically, for a late termination of pregnancy you just do not induce a baby: you must do a procedure where the baby passes away….

If we are talking about a late termination, then it also means you would want to have an evaluation of that person’s social and psychiatric wellbeing. If there is something wrong with the baby, then you need to be sure that what is wrong with the baby has an absolutely certain outcome. That takes time. Our feeling about it as well is that it is not something that you would choose to do at 39½ weeks with a woman in labour. One of the things we counsel a person is that, if our decision with you is not made before you go into labour, then we are not doing the procedure.”


The process “so the baby passes away” is an injection of poison (digoxin or Potassium chloride) into the baby to kill him or her before inducing labor.

8 months
8 months
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Babies aborted in Australia after 30 weeks

Dr Donna Purchell revealed the following in a court hearing:

“In Victoria in 2011, a healthy, viable baby over 37 weeks gestation to a healthy mother was aborted for psychosocial reasons. In the same year, 10 healthy babies to healthy mothers were aborted between 28 and 31 weeks gestation. These children would have no doubt survived with proper care. In recent years in Victoria, about 50 per cent of the late-term abortions have been performed for psychosocial reasons, having nothing to do with the health of the woman or the child. …

In recent years in Victoria, two to three late-term abortions of healthy babies to healthy mothers occur every week for psychosocial reasons.”


Can be found here. 

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Abortionist gives reasons for late-term abortions in England

Abortionist David Paintin says:

“In the last 10 years about 85% [of abortions] have been done before 12 weeks. The mean gestation in women who have NHS abortions is probably around 9 – 10 weeks, 15 – 16 % are done after 12 weeks, and about 2% after 20 weeks.”

At 9-10 weeks, the baby looks like this:


“The women who come relatively late tend to be those whose lives are disorganized and who have poor relationships. They find difficulty in accepting that they are pregnant in the first instance and, having found they are pregnant, find difficulty in utilizing the service.”

David B Paintin “Legal Abortion in England and Wales”

Abortion: Medical Progress and Social Implications, CIBA Foundation Symposium 115 (London: Pitman, 1985) 12

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JANE did illegal third trimester abortions before Roe v. Wade

Judith Arcana worked with JANE, a group of  women who did illegal abortions before Roe V. Wade. None of these women abortionists had medical degrees. JANE started out as a referral service, sending women to an illegal abortionist. When they found out that the abortionist they sent women to was not a doctor, they decided to do the abortions themselves. They were self-taught.

Judith Arcana says:

“Ultimately, we learned to do abortions in all three trimesters. Although we did only a handful in the third, as you may imagine, there were many in the second, no doubt because illegality forced women and girls to take so much time searching for abortionists and saving up money.”

Judith Arcana ““Feminist politics and abortion in the US,”  Psychology and Reproductive Choice Visited 9/2/2017

28 weeks. Some babies members of JANE aborted were this age or older
28 weeks. Some babies members of JANE aborted were this age or older
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Abortionist gives reasons late term abortions are done

Dr. David Grundmann, the medical director for Planned Parenthood of Australia, wrote a paper on partial birth abortions where he stated the reasons why he performed them. The paper was titled “Abortion After Twenty Weeks in Clinical Practice: Practical, Ethical and Legal Issues.” From National Right to Life:

Dr. Grundmann wrote that in Australia, late-second-trimester abortion is available “in many major hospitals, in most capital cities and large provincial centres” in cases of “lethal fetal abnormalities” or “gross fetal abnormalities,” or “risk to maternal life,” including “psychotic/suicidal behavior.” However, Dr. Grundmann said, his Planned Parenthood clinic also offers the procedure after 20 weeks for women who fall into five additional “categories”: (1) “minor or doubtful fetal abnormalities,” (2) “extreme maternal immaturity i.e. girls in the 11 to 14 year age group,” (3) women “who do not know they are pregnant,” for example because of amenorrhea [irregular menstruation] “in women who are very active such as athletes or those under extreme forms of stress i.e. exam stress, relationship breakup…,” (4) “intellectually impaired women, who are unaware of basic biology…,” (5) “major life crises or major changes in socio-economic circumstances. The most common example of this is a planned or wanted pregnancy followed by the sudden death or desertion of the partner who is in all probability the bread winner.”

“For what reasons are partial-birth abortions usually performed?” National Right to Life” Here Visited 12/3/2017

22-24 weeks
22-24 weeks

Any of those reasons could be given for aborting a baby like the one above.

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Abortionist’s records show reasons for late-term abortions

National Right to Life wrote about abortion records that were made available to Congress to document the reasons for late-term abortions during the partial-birth abortion trials.

In June, 1995, Dr. McMahon submitted to Congress a detailed breakdown of a “series” of over 2,000 of these abortions that he had performed. He classified only 9% (175 cases) as involving “maternal [health] indications,” of which the most common was “depression.”

The records were examined closely by Dr. Pamela E. Smith:

Dr. Pamela E. Smith, director of Medical Education, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Chicago, gave the Senate Judiciary Committee her analysis of Dr. McMahon’s 175 “maternal indication” cases. Of this sample, 39 cases (22%) were for maternal “depression,” while another 16% were “for conditions consistent with the birth of a normal child (e.g., sickle cell trait, prolapsed uterus, small pelvis),” Dr. Smith noted. She added that in one-third of the cases, the conditions listed as “maternal indications” by Dr. McMahon really indicated that the procedure itself would be seriously risky to the mother.

Of Dr. McMahon’s series, another 1,183 cases (about 56%) were for “fetal flaws,” but these included a great many non-lethal disorders, such as cleft palate and Down Syndrome. In an op ed piece written for the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Katherine Dowling, a family physician at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, examined Dr. McMahon’s report on this “fetal flaws” group. She wrote:

Twenty-four were done for cystic hydroma (a benign lymphatic mass, usually treatable in a child of normal intelligence). Nine were done for cleft lip-palate syndrome (a friend of mine, mother of five, and a colleague who is a pulmonary specialist were born with this problem). Other reasons included cystic fibrosis (my daughter went through high school with a classmate with cystic fibrosis) and duodenal atresia (surgically correctable, but many children with this problem are moderately mentally retarded). Guess they can’t enjoy life, can they?

In fact, most of the partial-birth abortions in that [McMahon] survey were done for problems that were either surgically correctable or would result in some degree of neurologic or mental impairment, but would not harm the mother. Or they were done for reasons that were pretty skimpy: depression, chicken pox, diabetes, vomiting. [“What Constitutes A Quality Life?,” Los Angeles Times, Aug. 28, 1996]

Over one-third of McMahon’s 2,000-abortion “series” involved neither fetal nor maternal health problems, however trivial.

“For what reasons are partial-birth abortions usually performed?” National Right to Life” Here.

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Late term abortions done on women “for a variety of conditions”

During the partial-birth abortion debate, pro-choicers made the claim that these late-term abortions were done only when the mother or the baby had serious medical problems. In fact, this wasn’t true. Many were elective. What was true of partial-birth abortions is also true of late-term abortions today. National Right to Life writes about a lawsuit against Dr. Martin Haskell, who pioneered the partial-birth abortion method:

“In a lawsuit in 1995, Dr. Haskell testified that women come to him for partial-birth abortions with “a variety of conditions. Some medical, some not so medical.” Among the “medical” examples he cited was “agoraphobia” (fear of open places).”

“For what reasons are partial-birth abortions usually performed?” National Right to Life” here.

24 weeks. Possible candidate for partial-birth abortion.
24 weeks. Possible candidate for partial-birth abortion.
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Women’s sent to late-term abortionist were pregnant with healthy babies

During the partial-birth abortion debate, pro-choice activists claimed that late-term abortions were done only to save the life of the mother or on babies that had terrible disabilities. In reality, this was not true and is not true today. One doctor testified that the pregnant women she referred to a late-term abortionist had healthy pregnancies. According to National Right to Life:

“In testimony presented to the Senate Judiciary Committee on November 17, 1995, ob/gyn Dr. Nancy Romer of Dayton (the city in which Dr. Haskell operates one of his abortion clinics) testified that three of her own patients had gone to Haskell’s clinic for abortions “well beyond” 4 1/2 months into pregnancy, and that “none of these women had any medical illness, and all three had normal fetuses.”

“For what reasons are partial-birth abortions usually performed?” National Right to Life” here.

Preborn baby at 4 1/2 months
Preborn baby at 4 1/2 months
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Botched abortion of 7 month old baby puts teen in hospital

A pro-life book tells the story of a 16 year-old-woman who had a botched abortion.

“Francine,” age 16, went to the All Women’s Health Center for an abortion in August 1986. Abortionist Harold Ticton estimated the pregnancy at 3 months.

Upon removing the baby’s arm, he realized that the boy was actually 7 months. He stopped the procedure, but did not transport Francine to the hospital for 7 hours. Francine had the dead fetus removed by C-section, was admitted to the intensive care unit, and was hospitalized for over a week.

28 weeks
7  months, 28 weeks

An autopsy on the 28 week young baby attributed death to “partial dismemberment due to the suctioning during the abortion.” Tiction blamed Francine, saying that she gave him a wrong date for her last period, which led him to miscalculate the pregnancy as 12 weeks rather than 28 weeks. The following news agencies reported the story:

Tampa Bay and State 2/9/92; St. Petersburg Times 5/12/88; AP 8/8/88; Tampa Tribune 8/6/88

Troy Clark, Ph.D. Abortion Every 90 Seconds: The Whole Story (Kindle, 2015)

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