Late term abortionist “isn’t bashful about making money”

James Pendergraft is a late term abortionist, who performs abortions up to 28 weeks.

28 week old unborn baby

28 week old unborn baby

He works in Florida. From an article about him:

“Pendergraft also isn’t bashful about making money in his line of work. He says he went into a profession he believes in, and it happens to be profitable… He will not reveal annual revenues, but he says his clinics are “very economically viable.”

“His in-your-face salesmanship leaves many – including other clinic operators – uncomfortable. They wonder how much of his professed altruism is just a marketing pitch. Maggie Gifford, a spokeswoman for the Florida coalition of Independent Abortion Providers, for nearly 20 years, has run Alternatives of Tampa, a small abortion clinic… Gifford calls Pendergraft, who once worked for her “a new breed of cat”… “

She]says areas where the Pendergraft opens has his clinics are already well served by other clinics

“They say when Pendergraft opens his doors in a new city, such as Tampa, he drops prices to spur competition.”

[Pendergraft answers] that “he goes into new markets aggressively to attract patients who will respond to the level of care in his clinics and spread the word. He says he chooses locations based on evaluations of long-term supply and demand.”

He describes himself as a “God loving Christian.”

Cynthia Barnett “The Specialist” Florida Trend Archives June 1999

Pendergraft’s licence has been suspended four times for shoddy conditions in his clinic and botched abortions.  Read more about this here. 

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