Two women taken by ambulance from abortion center

Operation Rescue wrote:

“The Cherry Hill Women’s Center (CHWC) in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, has been the site of at least two confirmed medical emergencies in less than a year.

Operation Rescue has obtained 911 records from an emergency that occurred on July 27, 2016. While those records were redacted, they still describe a 28-year old patient who was suffering from apparent uncontrolled bleeding while in the abortion facility’s operating room when the 911 call was placed. …

A previous emergency took place on September 12, 2015, when another ambulance was seen leaving CHWC. The CAD printout that was obtained by Operation Rescue did not indicate what condition prompted the need for the emergency transport of a patient to the hospital.”

Cheryl Sullenger “Watch: 911 Records Prove New Jersey Abortion Facility Hospitalized Two Patients” Operation Rescue, Visited January 24, 2018

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Abortionist went on trial for leaving part of baby inside mother, causing her death

From Lime 5, a story of abortion malpractice:

“28-year-old “Linda” was hospitalized after Dr. X performed a second trimester abortion on her in June 1973. Dr. X had left a fetus of nearly 5 months gestation, missing a leg, an arm, part of the skull, and part of the torso, in Linda’s uterus. Linda died from a massive infection created by the retained fetal parts. Dr. X was put on trial for manslaughter in the case, during which the South Dakota Attorney General is quoted as saying, “You take a three inch leg off something, you have to know that there’s more in there than just the leg.” The defense argued that the state could not prove that Dr. X intended to harm Linda by leaving so much of the fetus inside her. The expert witness for the prosecution said that infection would result in every case where so much tissue was left behind, and the defense argued that infection is an accepted risk. Dr. X was acquitted. He was tried for another manslaughter following the 1985 abortion death of 18-year-old “Yvonne” and was again acquitted.”

Sources: American Medical News 8/29/77; Minneapolis Tribune 10/21/77; American Medical Association News 12/12/77, 1/23/78; South Dakota Death Certificate no. 140 85–2003853; Personal communication between Life Dynamics and South Dakota Deputy Attorney General

Mark Crutcher Lime 5: Exploited by Choice (Denton, Texas: Life Dynamics, Inc., 1996) 37

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Woman needs blood transfusion after her abortion

One woman wrote:

“I was supposed to go back for a checkup in two weeks to ensure all the tissue had been passed, but because the clinic was understaffed, they had to schedule my follow-up appointment for three weeks later. Two weeks to the day after I had the abortion, I hemorrhaged. I went to the ER where I had to be given a blood transfusion. They called in a team and I had an emergency D&C at about 4 a.m. and woke up in the ICU just before 7 a.m.

I would have died if I hadn’t received such quick care, and I’m extremely grateful to the OB-GYN and the team of nurses. Despite the complications, I have never regretted terminating that pregnancy.”

Casey Gueren “Here’s What It’s Really Like To Have An Abortion” Buzzfeed January 21, 2017

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District Attorney describes terrible conditions in Kermit Gosnell’s clinic

Dist. Atty. Seth Williams describing Kermit Gosnell’s clinic after raiding it under suspicion that he was prescribing illegal narcotics. Keep in mind that this clinic was legally doing abortions:

“There was blood on the floor. A stench of urine filled the air. A flea infested cat was wandering through the facility, and there were cat feces on the stairs. Semi-conscious women scheduled for abortions were moaning in the waiting room or the recovery room, where they sat on dirty recliners covered with bloodstained blankets.

All the women had been sedated by unlicensed staff – long before Gosnell arrived at the clinic – and staff members could not accurately state what medications or dosages they had administered to the waiting patients. Many of the medications in the inventory were past their expiration dates.

Investigators found the clinic grossly unsuitable as a surgical facility. The two surgical procedure rooms were filthy and unsanitary – Agent [Stephen] Doughtery described them as resembling “a bad gas station restroom.” Instruments were not sterile. Equipment was rusty and outdated. Oxygen equipment was covered with dust, and had not been inspected. The same corroded suction tubing used for abortions was the only tubing available for oral airways if assistance for breathing was needed. There was no functioning resuscitation or even monitoring equipment, except for single blood pressure cuff in the recovery room.”

James Taranto “Back Alley Abortion Never Ended” Wall Street Journal April 18, 2013

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14 year old has complications during abortion

Linda Huffsteller wrote about her abortion:

“I was only 14 years old acting out of fear and desperation. I didn’t even give them an I.D. because I didn’t have any. . . . All I had to do is sign in. No one even talked to me until I had a gown on and was ready to wheel me to the OR room. During my abortion I was told by the nurses that I almost didn’t make it and there was complications. I was told I would be in and out within an hour or two. I was in recovery for the next 10 hours and my boyfriend (now my husband) wasn’t kept informed why I wasn’t coming out into the waiting room where he had to wait. They even locked the doors due to closing time.”



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Teenager endures forced abortion by Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Cheryl Sullenger wrote a book about Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s clinic. She tells the story of Davida Clark, an African American teen who came to Gosnell for an abortion

“She remembered… the receptionist that seemed only to care about taking money. As her name was called and she was moved into the abortion room, she said she saw drugged women who looked “half–dead” languishing about the clinic. She noticed there was blood all over the chairs and on the floor.

“But I just kept going,” she said.

Davida was hooked up to an IV and her midsection strapped with a fetal heart monitor. That’s when she saw Gosnell for the first time. But by then Davida had had enough. She told Gosnell that she had changed her mind, but Gosnell would have none of that.

Davida recalled, “He’s like, “Stop being a little baby,” and he’s pounding on my legs. “Stop being a little baby! Stop being a little baby!” And now, I’m outnumbered. All these women came in and I’m like tied to the bed, and the next thing I know, I was out of it.”

When she came to, Davida was groggy from the drugs, but she knew she wasn’t pregnant anymore. She began to repeatedly sob, “I want my baby!” But the women who worked in the clinic simply ignored her.

Today, Davida is unable to bear any more children and thinks with grief of the baby she should have had, but didn’t.”

Cheryl Sullenger The Trial of Kermit Gosnell (World Ahead Press, 2017) 38

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14-year-old “almost didn’t make it” through abortion

Linda Huffsteller, who had an abortion at 14, says:

“I was only 14 years old acting out of fear and desperation. I didn’t even give them an I.D. because I didn’t have any. . . . All I had to do is sign in. No one even talked to me until I had a gown on and was ready to wheel me to the OR room. During my abortion I was told by the nurses that I almost didn’t make it and there was complications. I was told I would be in and out within an hour or two. I was in recovery for the next 10 hours and my boyfriend (now my husband) wasn’t kept informed why I wasn’t coming out into the waiting room where he had to wait. They even locked the doors due to closing time.”

Amicus brief submitted in the Supreme Court case WHOLE WOMAN’S HEALTH v. HELLERSTEDT

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Kermit Gosnell tricked unwilling teens into having abortions

Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of murdering babies who were born alive after abortions in his filthy clinic, tricked young women into having abortions even when they did not want them. This came from Kareema Cross, who worked with Gosnell. According to writers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer:

“She told detectives about minors who were brought to the clinic against their will by their mothers. If Gosnell sensed the girls might not want the abortion, he would give them a pill. After they had taken it, he would tell them that it was a poison, and that their child was already dead so there would be no turning back. In fact, Cross said, she saw many babies born alive after these mothers were induced.”

Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer (Washington DC: Regnery Publishing, 2017) 124

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The New York Times tells story of botched abortion victim

An article in the New York Times tells of an abortion performed by Dr. Abu Hayat, which led to severe complications

“Ms. Olivo paid cash in advance. After a 30-minute wait, she said, the nurse took her into a room, put her on an examining table and injected her with what proved to be an ineffective anesthetic. Then, she said, Dr. Hayat appeared and, without a word, began the abortion.

“It lasted two minutes,” she said. “While he was doing it, I could feel everything.” After a few minutes in a small recovery room, she said, she was sent home and told to call if she felt ill. There was pain in her abdomen, and later it became worse. “I felt sick at my house,” she said. “I had a lot of cramps and pains.”

Four days later, the pain and cramps were still growing worse. She went to a hospital and was admitted with a 103-degree fever. A doctor examined her, found that she had endured an incomplete abortion and removed parts of the fetus that were still in her uterus. After five days, she went home.

Later, Ms. Olivo returned several times to Dr. Hayat’s office “to tell him how I felt,” but was told each time that he was not there. That, officials say, is also typical of abortion mills, which provide little if any follow-up care.

Now, two years later, Ms. Olivo is still weak from the experience. She said she was stunned by reports last week that the doctor had botched other abortions. She said she wanted to sue him, but knew now that she could never collect damages.

“I would never have imagined that a clinic wouldn’t have insurance,” she said. “I thought it was required by law that you have insurance.” But Mr. Slocum said doctors are not required to have medical malpractice insurance, and other officials said it was unlikely that abortion mills had such insurance.

The realm in which Dr. Hayat operated is a largely hidden one. The State Health Department, which licenses doctors and dozens of legitimate abortion clinics in the city and investigates complaints of malpractice and negligence against physicians, acknowledges that it does not know enough about illegal or incompetent abortion mills and says it needs more authority to regulate them.

ROBERT D. McFADDEN “Abortion Mills Thriving Behind Secrecy and FearNew York Times November 24, 1991

Yet pro-abortion groups such as NARAL Pro-Choice America, NOW, and Planned Parenthood use all thier resources to fight legislation requiring abortion facilities to be inspected and live up to basic safety standards.

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51 year-old married man gets 25 year-old pregnant, she aborts

In an article about men and abortion, “Dan” tells his story:

“I really fucked this one up. At 51, I was having an affair with a 25-year-old and got her pregnant. When she told me at a coffee shop, I felt like the floor gave way.

I asked her what she wanted to do, and she was adamant that she wanted to get an abortion. She’d just graduated from college and was focused on her career. She also knew I had two children and a wife I wasn’t going to divorce….

I drove her to the clinic, paid for the appointment and booked a nice hotel suite with flowers for her to recover in. But she ended up in the hospital because they’d made a couple of mistakes during the procedure…. The doctors thought she was going to die. She had a really bad fever. Her parents, who are younger than me, didn’t want me at the hospital. But she did, so I took time off work to visit.

In the end, the doctors were able to fight off the infection, but I’m pretty sure she got a hysterectomy.”

Angelina Chapin “8 Men on What It Was Like When Their Partner Had an Abortion” Mel

visited 10/2/2017

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