Scientist who discovered DNA: women should abort gay babies

James Watson was a scientist who helped discover the structure of DNA. Author Michael Sandel states:

“Watson had stirred controversy by saying that, if a gene for homosexuality were discovered, a pregnant woman who did not want a homosexual child should be free to abort a fetus that carried it… His remark provoked an uproar.”

Michael Sandel The Case against Perfection (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Belknap Press, 2007) 71

The pro-choice author of the book Choosing down Syndrome comments:

“Watson might point out that people with pro-choice convictions cannot object on the basis that gay people are harmed by such choices since selective abortion would not (obviously or directly) affect gay people already born. Nonetheless, bias against gay people persists, and we can infer that decisions to abort fetuses “diagnosed” as homosexual would be motivated, in many cases, by homophobia.”

Chris Kaposy Choosing down Syndrome: Ethics and New Prenatal Testing Technology (Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press, 2018) 30

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