Pro-Choice abortion worker contemplates telling the public about former patients’ abortions to shame them if they are now pro-life

Pro-Choice former abortion worker Robin Dizard is so frustrated that some post-abortive women become pro-life that she contemplated “outing” her former patients.

“[I]t’s something that has been used very effectively in outing [of gay people], for example. I’m not in favor of it but look what it does. And look what happens when the hypocrites who are holding elected office get found out: “Oh, Senator whoever you are, your office is full of pornography, that’s very interesting,” and then the guy pipes down a little bit.”

David P Cline Creating Choice: A Community Responds to the Need for Abortion and Birth Control, 1961 – 1973 (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2006) 207

This former abortion worker seems to think betraying the confidences of abortion patients who are pro-life will shame them into not opposing abortion. Fortunately, Hippa Privacy laws make this illegal.

It’s rather interesting that this pro-choice former abortion provider compares abortion to pornography.

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Abortionist wants colleague to sleep with health official to get favoritism

Norma Goldberger was setting up an abortion clinic and hired an abortionist who she identifies as Dr. Parker. She went to a meeting about the new abortion clinic with a public health official, and the abortionist wanted her to sleep with him to curry favor for their clinic. She says:

“Dr. Peters agreed to be our medical director for an extra fee. He requested that I drive up to Akron to meet with a representative of the Medical Board of Akron. We met for cocktails and the representative seemed to take a personal interest in me. I announced I had to return that night to my husband.

Dr. Peters asked me what I thought about the meeting and when I told him I was offended at the flirtation, he told me I should’ve stayed the night with the Board’s representative to cement “good relations” between him and the clinic. He did not appear to be joking. I was annoyed.”

Norma Goldberger Abortion Confidential: Secrets of an Abortion Clinic Owner (November 23, 2014) Kindle Editio

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51 year-old married man gets 25 year-old pregnant, she aborts

In an article about men and abortion, “Dan” tells his story:

“I really fucked this one up. At 51, I was having an affair with a 25-year-old and got her pregnant. When she told me at a coffee shop, I felt like the floor gave way.

I asked her what she wanted to do, and she was adamant that she wanted to get an abortion. She’d just graduated from college and was focused on her career. She also knew I had two children and a wife I wasn’t going to divorce….

I drove her to the clinic, paid for the appointment and booked a nice hotel suite with flowers for her to recover in. But she ended up in the hospital because they’d made a couple of mistakes during the procedure…. The doctors thought she was going to die. She had a really bad fever. Her parents, who are younger than me, didn’t want me at the hospital. But she did, so I took time off work to visit.

In the end, the doctors were able to fight off the infection, but I’m pretty sure she got a hysterectomy.”

Angelina Chapin “8 Men on What It Was Like When Their Partner Had an Abortion” Mel

visited 10/2/2017

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Wife reflects on feminism when husband tries to coerce her into an abortion

From a woman whose husband tried to force her to get an abortion

“… It has also made me rethink the whole business of abortion.… Because I found that when I became pregnant with Sam that abortion was used against me as a real weapon… He was able to say, “I want you to have an abortion and if you don’t, I don’t want to have a child with you” – to say appalling and dreadful things to me to try and force me to have an abortion.

And I felt, then – all the years of struggling uphill to try and attain some sort of equality and pull my own weight and be an equal with men! It was as though I had landed on a snake and gone right down to the bottom of the board, with a man saying to me, exercising a supreme male prerogative, “If you don’t do this thing, you will be punished and you will always realize that you are being punished.…

He was going on at me up until I was seven months pregnant. When I was nearly 7 months, he phoned me up and said he had found someplace that would do abortions at this stage. He was all the time going on about it. Seven months pregnant!…

In this, Andrew – who was involved with a left-wing political scene – was aided and abetted by feminist friends….

When I was pregnant with Sam, he spoke to a lot of women about it. Mostly a lot of women in their early 30s with no children.… I felt: these young women who certainly say they believe in equality, yet somehow they fail to understand what equality means …there was an acceptance by them that abortion was the only thing.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986)  278-280

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Abortionist has Contempt for Feminism

In an article of the OC Weekly, the author talks about the political beliefs of Edward Allred, an abortionist who owns a chain of abortion clinics. He describes his “contempt for feminism”:

Although his gambling and abortion practices may not publicly fit today’s “family values” GOP, Allred calls himself a Reagan conservative. He has proclaimed nothing but contempt for feminists and lesbians, and he opposes women getting equal pay for equal work. And while he has unabashedly supported the continuation of Medi-Cal payments for abortions (government funds that go directly to him and other abortion doctors), he favors the elimination of Aid to Families with Dependent Children (which goes directly to poor patients). The government has a fundamental obligation, he has said, to pay doctors for abortions to prevent overpopulation.

This abortionist is not a fan of feminism or champion of women. He is also quoted making some extremely racist statements. He insults minorities when he says:

Population control is too important to be stopped by some right-wing pro-life types. Take the new influx of Hispanic immigrants:their total lack of respect for democracy and social order is frightening. I hope I can do something to stem that tide; I’d set up a clinic in Mexico for free if I could. . . . The survival of our society could be at stake.

R. SCOTT MOXLE “The Abortionist Who Funds Pro-Life Republicans” OC Weekly JUNE 25, 1998

Allred’s contempt for feminism, disdain for women, and racist view of Latinos show that he is no champion for human rights.

contempt for feminism
10 weeks- typical of the babies Allred killed
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Pro-abortion “feminist” groups hold fundraisers in Playboy mansion

In the 1970s, Illinois Citizens for the Medical Control of Abortion (ICMCA) and NARAL were trying to legalize abortion.

“The approach to fundraising taken by both ICMCA and NARAL in the early years also reflected the connections and resources of their leaders and members.… Bold organizations relied in the early 1970s on substantial contributions from wealthy supporters… ICMCA also used the social skills of the more affluent members to put on a number of fundraisers designed to attract wealthy donors at fashionable places like the Drake Hotel amd the Playboy mansion in Chicago….

Although many women’s movement organizations have refused to accept Playboy money, NARAL and its affiliates took from the start a pragmatic attitude towards accepting support from the Playboy Foundation.”

Suzanne Staggenborg The Pro-Choice Movement: Organization and Activism In the Abortion Conflict (New York: Oxford University Press, 1991) 33, 192

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Abortion doctors and sexist remarks

From Merle Hoffman, who co-founded and ran an abortion clinic for many years, talks about sexist remarks from abortion doctors:

“… some doctors would make blatantly sexist remarks. “Come on, you knew how to spread your legs before you got here, you can spread them for the exam,” a doctor once chided. Another commanded a patient to keep still, saying, “Keep your backside on the table – you should know pretty well how to do that by now.”

Merle Hoffman Intimate Wars: the Life and Times of the Woman Who Brought Abortion from the Back Alley to the Board Room (New York: Feminist Press, 2012) 76 – 77

This is a pro-choice book where Hoffman defends her career as an abortion provider.

You can see how these doctors are not exactly champions of women’s rights. Women who go in for abortions are often already feeling emotional and scared and being emotionally abused only leads to them having more traumatic experiences. It is clear that these doctors are not motivated by wanting to help women. Perhaps it is the money they can make doing abortions that motivates them. 

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Abortionist and convicted sex offender Brian Finkel taunts pro-lifer with sexist comments

In an interview, abortionist Brian Finkel, described how he taunted a pro-life demonstrator that he had nicknamed “Beer Belly”:

“I go, ‘Hey, Beer Belly, I want you to know that if your wife ever needs an abortion, I’ll do one for free.  Not because I’m a nice guy, but just because I want to get between her l-e-e-e-e-gs.’”

Trash-talking abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel has a message for pro-life zealots: “Kiss My Ass.” Phoenix New Times June 17, 1999

Quoted by Life Dynamics

He was later convicted of sexually assaulting women who came in for abortions at his clinic.


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Doctor Harasses Employees at An Abortion Clinic in Illinois

A clinic worker in Illinois testified ( Case # 92-L50928, 4627) that the managing director at the abortion clinic where she worked harassed her until she quit.

She states,

“… you always knew when he was mad at you. Verbally the language and the things, the names people were called, it was a constant thing there…calling a woman a whore was not beyond this man. He always talked about short skirts and the girls’ legs.”

10 week-old unborn baby – perhaps doctors who kill these children learn contempt for those around them

She stated that he wanted to

 “make them quit, so they wouldn’t have to pay them unemployment insurance.”

The case went before an employment referee, who ruled in the employee’s favor.

Quoted by Life Dynamics

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Abortion Doctor Abuses Staff

From the past, but still significant, is this quote from pro-choice author Magda Denes, PhD, who interviewed staff and observed the workings of an abortion clinic:

She quoted one worker saying:

“I really feel that about several of the doctors. That there’s really pathological things and their involvement with abortion. Like Dr. Roderigo. [pseudonym] He is very sarcastic and he really, you know, like goes after people. Recently he had a horrendous fight with Rachel [another clinic worker]. It was absolutely, totally disgraceful. It happened right in the nurse’s station. He flew at her. Cursing, screaming out loud, yelling, you could hear it all over the whole floor. It was incredible, I mean, imagine the kind of feeling that gives the patients on the floor. He was just out after her and it had to do with her being a woman, in her position, kind of…”

Magda Denes, PhD. In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death in an Abortion Hospital (New York: Basic Books inc) 1976 p 79

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