Abortionist leaves dead babies “lying around the office”

16-week-old Fetus in the womb

From a former clinic worker:

“One Saturday, another employee and I were working, we were closing up, and we went down the back hallway to get the garbage. Well, we smelled this awful smell – it wasn’t coming from the garbage. So we opened the door to a storage room. Inside the storage room was a bunch of fetuses, wrapped up in the blue paper in the gloves that had been sitting in there for, I would say, at least a week. There were maggots. It stunk like – I couldn’t even describe it. We gagged and closed the door. There were at least six or seven of these fetuses just sitting there, just rotting away.”

The employees said that the abortionist who worked there often left dead fetuses lying around the office

Interview with former employee of an abortionist by Rachel McNair, 3/10/92

Quoted in Mark Crutcher “Lime 5: Exploited by Choice ” (Denton, Texas: Life Dynamics Incorporated, 1996)

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