Sarah Weddington did not expect pro-life opposition

In her memoir, Sarah Weddington writes that she did not expect the pro-life movement to emerge and fight abortion, and that the abortion issue was settled after Roe v. Wade:

“Initially I joined others in thinking that the basic question had been settled: abortion was and would continue to be legal. In a few years, I thought, the decision would be accepted, abortion would become a part of routine medical practice, and the opposition would go away. Until that time, we just needed to protect what we had won.”

Sarah Weddington A Question of Choice (New York: The Feminist Press, 2013 ed.) 195

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Pro-Choice Catholic guide for women admits abortion takes human life

A pro-choice article meant to be read by women considering abortion said:

“It is important to understand that while abortion does involve the taking of a human life because all life that is in and of a human being is human life in order to call it murder we would have to believe that prenatal life in the early stages of pregnancy is a human person and that there were absolutely no reasons that justified the taking of that life … “

Marjorie Reiley Maguire and Daniel C. Maguire. “Abortion: A Guide to Making Ethical Decisions,” Catholics for a Free Choice, September 1983


Is it so strange to consider this to be a person?

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My abortion was a “peak experience” says woman

Ingrid Andersson has had abortions, both by pill and surgically. She describes how she felt after one of them:

“this profound sense of liberation, a profound sense of ‘My life has come back tenfold. It was sort of a revelatory, peak moment, or peak experience, of life. That’s what an abortion can be if it’s well supported.”

The article says:

“Andersson, who has a 17-year-old son, said she has had abortions, including in clinics and at home. She is happy and her son is happy because he was wanted, she said.”

DAVID WAHLBERG “New Madison group offers ‘abortion doulas,’ supports pregnancy optionsWisconsin State Journal Aug 9, 2019


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Pro-choice author: Scientific advances helped pro-life movement

A  pro-abortion writer wrote the following in Time magazine:

“The antiabortion cause has been aided by scientific advances that have complicated American attitudes about abortion. Prenatal ultrasound, which has allowed the general public to see fetuses inside the womb and understand that they have a human shape beginning around eight weeks into pregnancy, became widespread in the 1980s, and some babies born as early as 24 weeks can now survive.”

Kate Pickert “What Choice? Abortion-rights activists won an epic victory in Roe v. Wade. They’ve been losing ever since” Time Jan. 14, 2013

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Pro-choice woman on seeing her baby’s heart beating via ultrasound

Dr. Harriette E Wimms used IVF to get pregnant with her lesbian partner. They were turned away from many IVF practices for being lesbians. In a pro-choice book, Wimms writes about seeing her baby’s heart beating on the ultrasound screen- a sight that has converted many people to the pro-life cause:

“… On the black and white ultrasound screen, we saw the tiny beating heart of our baby. 10 years in the making, our son’s heart had begun its lifelong rhythm.

I have been, and always will be, pro-choice. Since that moment when my partner and I watched our son’s flickering heartbeat, I’ve struggled with my pro-choice stance. I maintain that I am pro-choice, but antiabortion and opposed to abortion as a method of birth control… But I apply these beliefs to myself only. After the experience my partner and I have had, when outside forces dictated if and how we would conceive our child, we know the necessity of providing access to choices.”

Dr. Harriette E Wimms “Harrison: Battling for the Chance to Make a Choice” in Kate Cockrill, Lucia Leandro Gimeno, and Steph Herold, eds. Untold Stories: Life, Love and Reproduction (North Charleston, South Carolina: The Tides Center/The Sea Change Program, 2014) 48

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Pro-Choicer: Abortion is a Godsend

Pro-choice activist Barbara Baird:

“It is from this woman’s perspective that it’s so demeaning, and ridiculous, to suggest that abortion is by definition a negative and unfortunate experience… For the woman who is pregnant and not wanting to be so, an abortion could easily and logically be understood as a godsend.”

Barbara Baird “Somebody Was Going to Disapprove Anyway”: Rethinking Histories of Abortion in South Australia, 1937 – 1990″, PhD thesis. Adelaide, SA: Flinders University

Quoted in: Erica Millar Happy Abortions: Our Bodies in the Era of Choice (London: Zed Books, 2017)

8 week ultrasound
8 week ultrasound

8 and 13

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Abortionist: Abortion is Birth Control

Tweets from Abortionist Diane Horvath-Cosper:

“One of the dumbest ‘arguments’ about #abortion: is it or is it not birth control? OF COURSE it’s #birthcontrol, because it prevents a birth…”


“#ABORTION IS #BIRTHCONTROL, no matter how you personally feel about it. Let’s stop shaming and stigmatizing people for knowing what’s best for their own lives.”

“When we stop and listen – *really* listen – to people’s lived experiences, we discover that #abortion might actually be the BEST method of #birthcontrol sometimes.”


“If people want to use #abortion as birth control, THAT’S 100% OKAY.”


“And I don’t much care if someone has one abortion or three or twelve. That person deserves compassionate care EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. No matter how many times. No matter what other people think about their decision making.”

Quoted in Carole Novielli “Abortionist says using abortion as birth control ‘might be the best method’Live Action News January 11, 2019


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Rabbi supports abortion: the fetus is coming to kill the mother

A rabbi who counseled pregnant women and helped them get abortions explained why he supported abortion:

“It’s not whether the fetus is alive. The question is, in Jewish law, as it is concerning Arabs who want to kill Jews. The Talmud says if a person is coming to kill you, get up earlier and kill him first. There is the concept of the chaser and that chasee, the person who is coming to harm you and the person who is going to be harmed… The fetus is endangering the life of the mother. Until the fetus’s head emerges intact, or the body emerges, the fetus is coming to kill the mother. You can kill it at any stage to save the life of the mother. The question in Jewish law is what constitutes threatening the life of the mother. I believe emotional health is threatening the life.”

He was a Conservative Rabbi who worked with the Clergy Consultation Service.

Doris Andrea Dirks, Patricia A Relf To Offer Compassion: A History of the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion (Madison, Wisconsin: University Of Wisconsin Press, 2017) 109 – 110

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Father of aborted baby “never thought about the baby”

The boyfriend of a woman having an abortion says that after dropping her off at the abortion clinic:

“I went home and drank a couple of beers. I assumed everything was fine, so I didn’t worry. I never thought about the baby at all … little babies don’t do anything for me anyway. I never felt we were dong anything inhumane. It only made me feel guilty knowing she cared and I didn’t.”

James Tunstead Burtchaell Rachel Weeping: And Other Essays about Abortion (Kansas City, Kansas: Andrews and McMeel, Inc., 1982) 27

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Women have abortions due to “good nurturance” says pro-choicer

Pro-choice activist Ruth Cowan

“… Once left free to decide, most women decide to abort for reasons that have to do with their sense of good nurturance: for example, when they feel either that this is not a time when they can nurture a child properly or this is not the fetus that will grow into a child whom they can nurture properly.”

Ruth Schwartz Cowan “Genetic Technology and Reproductive Choice: an Ethics for Autonomy” in Daniel J Kevles, and Leroy Hood, eds. Social Issues in the Human Genome Project (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1992) 262

9-10 weeks in the womb
9-10 weeks in the womb
Aborted at 10 weeks
Aborted at 10 weeks
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