Abortion counselor surprised that attitudes haven’t changed on abortion

Jeannie Jones counseled women and helped them get abortions both before and after Roe. She says:

“I became convinced within a year or two of doing abortion counseling to great numbers at Amherst Medical that the whole thing – society’s condemnatory attitude toward abortion – was going to change so dramatically because there were all these women of all ages who had abortions and members of their families who knew about it. They had this experience of making this tough decision. I thought that was going to change the political landscape and I can’t believe [that opposition to legal abortion] is still going on. There’s this enormous number of women having abortions still, but it’s like you had one and you don’t have any sympathy or concern for anyone else. Where is this enormous population of people who personally had this experience? Where are their families?”

It seems that society views abortion as a bad thing despite the fact that so many women have had abortions. Perhaps this means having an abortion is not an empowering experience, but a painful one- most women who have them aren’t celebrating their abortions or talking about them.

David P Cline Creating Choice: A Community Responds to the Need for Abortion and Birth Control, 1961 – 1973 (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2006) 206

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Planned Parenthood CEO admits that pro-life activity deters abortion-seekers

The CEO of Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, Chris Charbonneau:

“We know from past experience that these rallies and prayer vigils create barriers that deter our patients.”

Audrey Barrick “Pro-Lifers Fast this Lent Season to End Abortion” The Christian Post February 5, 2008

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Former Clinic Worker explains to priest why he needs to speak out about abortion

Pro-life writer Jennifer Hartline relates a story told to her by Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director:

“She [Abby Johnson] told me of a conversation she had with a priest at a conference recently when she insisted that our priests need to be talking about abortion from the pulpit every week, and that the sanctity of human life needs to be mentioned in the Prayers of the Faithful every week.  This priest said, “C’mon, Abby, how often do we really need to include abortion in our homilies?”  She replied, “Well, we’d often have women come in for an abortion and lay on the table with a rosary in their hands.  I had two employees in my clinic who would help perform abortions on Saturday and be at Mass on Sunday receiving the Eucharist.  You tell me, how often do you think we need to talk about abortion?”

Jennifer Hartline “And Then There Were None: Abby Johnson Helps Abortion Workers Leave the IndustryCatholic Online 9/7/2012

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Simone de Beauvoir: “The world will never be the same”

Simone de Beauvoir says that after abortion women:

“learn to believe no longer in what men say… The one thing they are sure of is this rifled and bleeding womb, these shreds of crimson life, this child that is not there. It is at her first abortion that a woman begins to “know.” For many women the world will never be the same.”

Simone de Beauvoir The Second Sex (New York: Alfred A Knopf, Inc.: Bantam Books, 1952)

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Abortionist Brags: “we never lost a life” in his clinic

Rabbi Daniel Levy tells the following anecdote:

“A gynecologist told me that he was once called to assist at a center for the termination of pregnancies in the North of England. The woman had just had a termination and was bleeding to death. The gynecologist turned up with his colleagues in the ambulance and as they led the lady away on the stretcher the director of the organization said reassuringly to the doctors:

“You know, over the last 30 years we have performed 120,000 abortions in this clinic and never once lost a life.”

Rabbi Daniel Levy The Fox, the Foetus and the Fatal Injection (Layerthorpe, Great Britain, 2007) 5

What about the lives of the preborn children?


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Pro-choicer: put aside money in case you need an abortion

Pro-abortion activist Katha Pollitt says:

“Build a reserve fund in case you need to end a pregnancy. Even if you can only put aside five dollars a week, in two years you’d have enough for a first trimester abortion, even if your partner didn’t share the costs, which of course he should. (In fact, he should pay the whole thing, since you’re the one going through that not fun day.) If you got pregnant before then, you would at least have a head start on raising when you needed.”

Katha Pollitt “Beyond the Pussy Hats” Samhita Mukhopadhyay and Kate Harding Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump’s America (New York: Picador, 2017) 74

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Feminist on The View: I would vote for a rapist if he’s pro-choice

The following dialog took place on The View:

JOY BEHAR: Hillary is in a quandary in my opinion, because she’s talking about violence against women and sexual harassment and all that stuff and her husband has a checkered past to put it mildly, so she is in a bind…..

PAULA FARIS: There are accusations but there are three women that claim that he did things to them that they didn’t want. One of them is Paula Jones…. Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey. They say that he either exposed himself to them, raped them or groped them. These are three accusations….

BEHAR: It puts her in a bind. On the other hand, it’s her policies that really matter. Like, Republicans have voted against the Violence Against Women Act. Now, that to me, is more important than anything that Bill Clinton did or didn’t do because it’s what she’s going to vote for, how she’s going to lead the country that matters more than that. On the other hand, he is a dog. Let’s face it. …

People have to understand, it’s policy. Teddy Kennedy. Remember Chappaquiddick? Am I the oldest person in the room? Chappaquiddick. I mean, a girl drowns and he abandons her and she drowned and women still voted for Teddy Kennedy. Why? Because he voted for women’s rights. That’s why. That’s the bottom line of it in my opinion. I mean, I don’t like either one of them, to tell you the truth, Teddy or Bill. They’re both dogs as far as I’m concerned. But I still will vote for Bill Clinton because he votes in my favor.”

AMANDA PRESTIGIACOMO “‘The View’ Co-Host: I’d Vote For a Rapist Over A Conservative” Daily Wire January 5, 2016

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Doctor sees living preborn child from ectopic pregnancy

Dr. Paul Rockwell of New York described a two month old fetus who was aborted due to a ruptured ectopic pregnancy:

“The tiny human was perfectly developed, with long tapering fingers, feet, and toes. It was almost transparent, as regards the skin, and the delicate arteries and veins were prominent to the ends of the fingers. The baby was extremely alive and swam about the sac approximately one time per second, with a natural swimmer’s stroke… When the sac was opened, the tiny human immediately lost its life.”

Cited in “Pro-Life News” Right to Life Newsletter, NSW Vol. 2, no. 14, October 1980


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Priest helps “mentally retarded” girl have abortion

Abortionist Henry Morgentaler describes the following case in his book.

“Muriel is mentally retarded, but well-developed physically. She lives in the country with her parents. One day when she was home alone, her uncle seduced her. Her mother decided to have her aborted after consulting their parish priest who considered the abortion justified under such circumstances and showed his moral support by accompanying them to the abortion clinic.”

Henry Morgentaler Abortion and Contraception (New York: Beaufort Books, Inc., 1982) 40

Many people feel that abortion is justified in cases of rape or incest. However, having an abortion often traumatizes a rape victim further. Read some stories of womenwho became pregnant through rape to get an idea of their perspective.

The preborn baby that was the victim of this abortion may have looked like the one below:

9-10 weeks
9-10 weeks
aborted at 10 weeks
aborted at 10 weeks
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Illegal abortionist did 100,000 abortions

Dr. Spencer was an illegal abortionist who did as many as 100,000 abortions in the year before Roe Vs. Wade.

Author Vincent J Genovese says that people in Spencer’s town knew he was doing illegal abortions:

“Everyone knew what went on inside [his illegal abortion clinic] but chose to ignore it… Most of the business enjoyed by the drugstore, the restaurant, and the hotel was directly attributable to Dr. Spencer’s clinic. The proprietors of these establishments were very critical of Spencer’s abortion practice, still, none of them ever turned away a customer. All of them became reasonably wealthy…”

Vincent J Genovese The Angel of Ashland: Practicing Compassion and Tempting Fate (Amherst, New York: Prometheus Books, 2000) 46

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