Former abortion worker: overweight women were charged more

From Shelley Guillory, who worked in an abortion facility called Delta Women’s Clinic. 

“The one thing I found about our clinic that was humiliating and dehumanizing was that if a larger woman came in, she was charged an additional $150 to $200 because she created a little bit more difficulty because of her size. Whether the abortion was complicated or not. Because she was large, she was charged extra.”

Guillory said this in a webcast sponsored by Abby Johnson’s group And Then There Were None.

Johnson commented on Guillory’s revelation:

“We’ve heard that before. It’s not something we did at our clinic, but it’s something we’ve heard before, that they basically had an overweight fee for women who weighed a little more. They would charge more for the abortion procedure, which is so vile and so anti-empowerment – I mean like, how good does that make you feel? Like, you’re over 195 pounds, you’re getting a fee for that. It’s so anti-woman and so against everything they say they are about.… I hear all the time – Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry, talking about how we don’t want to shame women, no shame, no stigma, blah blah blah, unless you’re certain size, then we’re going to charge you more to perform an abortion.”

Sarah Terzo “Abortion facility charged overweight women more for their abortionsLive Action News  

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