Former abortion clinic worker: Sally Nunezsa

Former abortion worker Sally Nunezsa tells her story:

“I had worked at a GYN doctor’s office where abortions were performed. I also helped set up appointments for abortions.

I worked there for about three weeks. About a week into working I found out that there was a doctor there who performed late-term abortions up to twenty-six weeks.

Ultrasound of baby at 26 weeks
Ultrasound of baby at 26 weeks

That didn’t sit well with me since at that time I really thought it was “just a blood clot.”

We had just moved to Florida from New Jersey and my husband didn’t have a job yet. As soon as he found a job I quit. In fact, I remember leaving around the middle of the day. I left crying and told the office manager I couldn’t do it anymore because the “late term” abortions tore my heart apart.

At the retreat, then and only then, I realized the depth of the pain I had caused not only for myself, but also for many other women. As I heard and saw the extreme pain these women were in, and how many babies I helped murder, I felt like all the women that I set those appointments for were there next to me and I could hear them crying and suffering and I could see the babies I helped murder.”

Nilda Sepulveda-Green and Sally Nunezsa “God’s Mercy” Testimonies Priests for Life

Visited 5/19/2018

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