Late-Term Abortion: Pictures

Here is a picture of an unborn baby at 28 weeks.

Here is a picture of an ad promising to do abortions this late in pregnancy:

in some states, such as New Jersey, there are no laws that restrict abortions in the third trimester. In states like New Jersey, a person can walk into an abortion clinic the day before she is due and have an abortion legally. Here are some pictures of third trimester abortions.

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81 thoughts on “Late-Term Abortion: Pictures”

  1. If you aren’t the woman carrying the embryo/fetus/whatever you wanna fucking call it:

    here’s one simple rule to follow:


    1. But they do, my dear. I have seen two, unfortunately. Infanticide is deeply disturbing. Please ask for medical support and care to bring baby to term, if you are unable or unwilling to handle your pregnancy. God Bless.

  2. Here is my argument. Lets say that we all agree and a unborn fetus doesn’t count as being alive. Lets say that even though the baby has a heart beat and even though it is a developing human we don’t count it as alive because it doesn’t know whats going on and also it isn’t productive. Now with that same argument can I go and kill anyone who is in a coma if we know that they are going to recover with no brain trauma? Lets say the doctors guaranteed the date that the coma patient would come out the coma and they would have no disabilities. Is it okay for me to go and stab the person in the coma? Can I unplug the coma person if we know he is going to recover in a few days? No! I can not. So where do we draw the line? We know that the baby is going to be born. We know that the baby has the possibility to be normal but because its a baby you are allowed to kill it? Thats hypocrisy. I hate abortion and don’t get the logic that it is the mothers choice. It is not the choice of the mother! If a mother murdered her 5 year old we lock her ass up so why not do the same with a woman getting an abortion? Also don’t give me the crap that if I had to save a 5 year old or some embryos that me choosing to save the embryos would make me a hypocrite. Because first off when a woman gets an abortion there is not a 5 year old with a gun to his head that she must choose to save him or her baby. A woman getting an abortion is just her deciding she wants to murder her baby. Listen to Ben Shapiro on abortion and he will shut down your argument real fast.

  3. I’m pro life and I don’t understand how sick people have abortion. Your fucking messed up in the head .

    1. And how do you justify letting women die instead of taking out a fetus that’s giving her sepsis.
      You’re fucking sick in the head choosing a clump of goo that can’t even think for itself over grown women, even children.

      1. If the baby is causing sepsis as you say then why not have a C-section instead of killing the baby???? My grandson was born at 32 weeks and very small. He is a health 18 month old now.

      2. You continue to show your utter lack of intelligence by making such comments, parroting the same rhetoric espoused by the pro-murder sociopaths. Abortion is murder. Period. No matter the circumstance. If you can look at pictures of fully gestated babies, and call them a pile of goo, then you have a serious defect in your brain, and conscience (lack thereof). You should try actually thinking for yourself….do the research…read and educate yourself.

      3. You are1fucking disgusting piece of shit bitch.A Child is not a piece of goo who can’t think for it self.I think you should have been aborted.Cause you do’nt deserve to live bitch.You make me sick bitch.

        1. i agree babies are not just a science experiment you cant just cut a life off because you don’t want it no!!!!!

      4. children in the womb are not a clump of goo..people who have no respect for life like yourself are the reason why we have a messed up world!

  4. I’ve often thought about abortion and where the choice has the most impact. Obviously, the baby dies so that’s the largest portion of it. But for a woman to be able to make this choice, I think that she should have it, particularly in cases where her life could be taken due to the pregnancy itself. However, for those women who choose this simply for the convenience of it deserve to have their UNCHOSEN consequences be so bad that they are plagued with regret and guilt for eternity. Yes, ETERNITY. We are not gods to determine who lives and who doesn’t. Life does not start when sperm meets egg. We are ALL life! In every aspect of two making one, all parts are moving and living. It is a continuous cycle that doesn’t end unless someone one stops it.

    So, yes, please, have your choice. Aside from the religious aspect of it (although I’m a Christian) the day to day suffering you will endure from this choice is yours alone. And it is appropriately deserving.

  5. I know this is an old article, but wanted to put in my 2 cents! Almost 8 years ago I was 18 weeks pregnant and I found out my baby was going to have problems. The doctors told me she had a giant ompholocele (liver growing into her umbilical cord), she was missing her left arm, she had rocker bottom feet and possibly trisomy 18. I was told that if I kept the baby she could harm me or even kill me. If I kept the baby, she’d probably die in utero or she would die shortly after birth. If she did live, she would be severely mentally retarded. My “Doctor” acted like I didn’t have a choice and told me to schedule a termination procedure. He made me feel like if I “choose” to keep the baby, I would be selfish because she wouldn’t have quality of life.. yada yada yada…

    I switched doctors!!! I’m glad I didn’t listen to him! I have a beautiful 7 almost 8 year old girl. She wasn’t born mentally retarded! She was only born with her liver in the umbilical cord and no left arm.. but she is brilliant, charming and witty. She’s always been a fighter!

    I guess the reason why I am saying all of this is because a doctor that can “terminate” life so easily and without remorse shouldn’t be practicing medicine! They call it practicing medicine because doctors are always learning and sometimes they are wrong!

    Women that could do this to a child should be sterilized! I think “CHOICE” is absolutely ridiculous! If you make a mistake you need to suffer the consequences and pay the price!! Stop being selfish!! Don’t make the child pay for your mistake.. choose life.

    1. Wonderful to hear your view on this. The “choice” was made the minute someone gets pregnant period.

    2. “The choice” was and yours alone, and thank goodness you made the one that was right for you. You were right to switch doctors if the first one was pressuring you into any direction that was not your choice. However, the right choice for you was YOUR CHOICE. If you were forced into it, it wouldn’t have been your choice, and no other woman deserves to be forced into either direction either – or it’s not a choice.

  6. I know some women to have abortions (early in the pregnancy), still breaks my heart thinking about it. I have a beautiful 4 yr old daughter and another baby on the way. I say that abortion is horrible, but those women’s lives aren’t mines, I loved my children since the first pregnancy test. I think any woman thinking about an abortion should do there f’n research befor deciding something so horrible, the moment that sperm enters the egg a soul is made. And to the young teenage mothers who kept there lil ones props to you, that doesn’t make you selfish it makes you mature enough to know that you created a life.

  7. This is going to be long…sorry. And I realize this is really old but obviously people still read it.

    First, I am NOT religious. I am, in fact, an atheist. I have mixed feelings about early abortions and do agree it needs to be a safe choice. However, there is no excuse good enough for an abortion later in pregnancy.

    I made some horrible choices early in my life. While pregnant with my oldest son I left the violent, abusive husband who would hold me down and rape me in front of his friends. So yeah, marital rape, but my baby was a product of rape none the less. And I had a fierce need to protect him. He ended up born at 25 weeks, barely past legal abortion age. It was a long road but he is now a brilliant, amazing 17 y/o.

    I re married when he was 2. I became pregnant (on the pill) and my husband informed me I could get an abortion or get out. Once again, i was pregnant, alone, and terrified. He is 14 now and amazing! 🙂

    I married one last time. My husband adopted my (our) 2 boys and we have 2 more.

    Anyway, i guess my point is, no matter how bad things look, you CAN make it work. Things seemed impossible for awhile. I worked with blisters on my feet and came home exhausted to my kids, needing time and energy I didn’t think existed. But I loved my babies and toughed it out. Now I am a stay at home mom and have NEVER had to regret my decisions.

    1. @Justamom : your struggle actually proves the Pro-Lifers true. The future has its own mystery, its own anxieties, but choosing death for a child that is all set to live and excel; is NOT a mother’s right to choose.
      I have had three difficult pregnancies. difficult physically and financially, but trust me, the moment they were born, opportunities came knocking at our doors one after the other. Let God decide for your child, not you. because He made you too!
      you are a true hero! justamom

    2. what a beautiful life story…you made the right CHOICE. I truly believe that murder should never be a choice….so happy things turned out great for you, you made a choice based on love and not selfishness and you reaped the rewards you deserve

  8. let people do what the hell they want to do. you can have a kid that you wont take care of, you can have a kid and give it to foster care, or you can get an abortion. i would ask to keep the fetus.

  9. my God our lord an savior educate these women who think
    these babies are alive an they murdered them! Abortion should be illegal period! Your choice is before not after stop this horrific crime! No Abortion your choice is before not after!!!!!

  10. These photos make me physically ill and my heart ache. If you are pregnant and wondering if abortion is the ‘way out’ – it isn’t. You will always have the pain and regret of knowing you willingly took the life of another. Adoption is the answer. Choose any agency and choose the family and receive the medical care you deserve. You have the power to bless others with the little person you are creating inside of you. Honestly you will have heartache with either choice – but only the choice to let the child live will bless you eternally. You will be counted among the ‘mother heroes’ in the life of that child.

  11. to all of you who believe that its a womans body so its her right to choose….are you seriously that stupid? do you realize she is choosing to rip apart her babys body for her own sake? my god its unbelievable how people think its a womans right to choose to whether or not she lets her baby live or die. you might as well let murderers and serial killers let loose from jail because remember prochoicers you support the right to choose so you might as well let those other sick bastards out and kill who ever gets in their way and care less about the value of life. this is a baby here people not a choice. as a teen aged mother i gave birth to my daughter at age 18. throughout my whole pregnancy i had people constantly tell me that i was selfish for bringing her into the world. i told them i think its selfish for them to tell me to not bring my baby into the world. shes three now and i love her. abortion is so wrong on so many levels and it bathels me how people think its absolutely ok.

  12. I wonder if anyone who advocates for the abortion of these precious babies would approve of someone tearing them to pieces. I highly doubt How about if we were to just behead and rip to pieces a two year old. Oh the public outcry that is so hypocritical. We have laws to incarcerate murderers some even gets the death penalty but a woman has the right to murder her baby in the womb because its her body. if ten mother’s were to behead their five year olds tomorrow that would be so horrendous but killing the unborn oh that’s welcomed. How low can mankind stoop in defiance to the creator. Its wrong when someone goes and shoot up children in school but the same system allows for women to do the unthinkable to their babies. aby whether the abortion is done very early or late it is still murder. I am speechless as to how people whowere given the right to live can watch this video and still support abortion at any stage .Lord God Almighty help .

    1. Also, what is totally absurd, is that is totally uncool in our society to be against a abortion. Any politician who wants any chance at being respected always promotes the right of a woman to choose!! If you think about how absurd this acutally is, think about the concept that if you go to a store and steal a $1,00 candy bar, that is illegal and you will be in trouble but you can rip a baby apart, live dismemberment, causing this poor little baby unbelievable pain…and that’s Legal!!!! I have no words….

  13. I hope you all understand that you don’t have to support abortion to be pro-choice.
    To clarify:
    I don’t like the idea of abortion. It’s messy, it’s sad, it’s tragic, and it creates a divide between pro-lifers and pro-choicers when we could all just get alone and not talk about going to hell. But… At the same time, I think a woman should have the CHOICE to abort. It’s her body, it’s her choice.
    I don’t support abortion.
    I support the choice do do what you want with your own body.

    1. Let me just clarify, I personally don’t like what Jeffery Dahmer did, murdering all those young men, it’s messy, it’s tragic, it’s sad. but he should have the right to choose. Why create a divide between pro serial killers and anti murder advocates? It’s his sadistic fantasy, his choice. Hypocrite.

    2. It’s not your body you’re doing something with in abortion. It’s someone else’s. You are killing, burning, dismembering another person’s body. Just because the person is dependent on your body to live for a time doesn’t change the fact that it’s not about you or your rights but the life of another. If you don’t want to carry that life for nine months then don’t create it. That is your choice to create or not create another life. If you create another life you don’t have the choice to murder that life because it’s inconvenient for you.

  14. I am unable to bare children and would gladly adopt your unwanted baby! What the hell is wrong with people. What if your mother had killed you? How could someone be so heartless to kill an innocent baby that YOU made. Horrible people!

  15. Half of you have no idea what you’re talking about. Why are you so invested in others lives? Let them make their own decisions. I’m so tired of seeing of people telling others their going to hell. Do you know her? No. So shut the fuck up and mind your own business. You don’t think abortions are right? Don’t get one. Simple as that. As for others it’s their life. They can do whatever they please with THEIR body.

    1. Sure they can do whatever they want with their body. But having their BABY’S BODY torn apart and dismembered because he or she is unwanted (by them, not by over 2 million couples waiting to adopt) is wrong.

      1. Hate to break it to you, but there are hundreds of thousands of children in the “adoption queue”. The majority of them are around the ages of eight to seventeen.
        Why don’t you adopt one of those, huh? Oh, yeah. You guys always want perfect, little, white babies that are healthy and don’t have “issues”.

        1. Thanks for slamming adopted kids. My brother and I were both adopted at birth, and I am SO tired of hearing “yeah? Well, you’re adopted!” As an insult. The people who do adopt know that it IS easier when adopting a younger child, because the older kids are often bitter and unreachable emotionally. Younger children are more likely to be receptive to new parents and new people in general. Older children have been in the system awhile or, heaven forbid, in an abusive situation for a long time.

        2. Racist! funny, I’ve seen little white babies adopted by black families when God knows there are thousands more black babies available, I have also seen white parents with black adopted children, my friend Nadine is one of them, go home Race baiter!

        3. as far as adopting older children go, there is a valid point in the fact that older children can be so messed up from the system, or their situation, that they turn your life into hell. I tried for 10 years. Put up with all kinds of hell, because I promised to do my best. He was unhelpable. Almost destroyed us all. To this day I am terrified of him and of him showing back up in my life. So get off your high horse about adopting older kids. They aren’t always the best choice, and I would never do it again. And back to the basic issue here, abortion is the killing of another human being. Nothing could be more truthful. Race has nothing to do with it. It’s a matter of choosing to take a life. Same as murder. Look at the pictures and tell me these aren’t real humans who have been killed – murdered horribly. If you can’t see that then you are just as lost as them.

    2. Its just fucking sick. People that do this should have to fucking watch it being done and watch their child stop breathing and being tore apart sick fucks!

    3. They most certainly can do whatever they please with THEIR body. Please note the word “THEIR”.
      When they make the choice to kill someone else, meaning the person they are carrying INSIDE their body, they are making a choice to end the life of THAT person – a person who is yet unable to make their OWN choice.
      Abortion is MURDER. It is THAT simple.

    4. I just came across this site. when I read statements like “mind your own business” or “let people do what they wan to do”, I’m completely baffled. What kind of society would we live in if no one chose to be a voice for those who have no voice, rather they are unborn children, defenseless children, or elderly men and women. If I was walking through the park, and saw you being attacked or harmed, I hope I wouldn’t mind my own business. I hope I would have the courage to help. I wander if the little girl, who because of, Child protective services came into being to start with, wished everyone had minded their own business::
      Organized child protection emerged from the rescue in 1874 of nineyear-
      old Mary Ellen Wilson, who lived with her guardians in one of New
      York City’s worst tenements, Hell’s Kitchen.l’ Mary Ellen was routinely
      beaten and neglected. A religious missionary to the poor named Etta
      Wheeler learned of the child’s plight and determined to rescue her.
      Wheeler consulted the police, but they declined to investigate. Next,
      Wheeler sought assistance from child helping charities, but they lacked
      authority to intervene in the family. At that time, of course, there was no
      such thing as child protective services, and the juvenile court did not come
      into existence for a quarter century. Eventually, Wheeler sought advice
      from Henry Bergh, the influential founder of the American Society for the
      Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Bergh asked his lawyer, Elbridge
      Gerry, to find a legal mechanism to rescue the child. Gerry employed a
      variant of the writ of habeas corpus to remove Mary Ellen from her
      guardians. 12
      Following the rescue of Mary Ellen, animal protection advocate Henry
      Bergh and his attorney Elbridge Gerry lamented the fact that no government
      agency or nongovernmental organization was responsible for child
      ENGLAND AND AMERICA § 1341 (13th ed. 1886).
      11. The case of Mary Ellen is discussed at length in my books on the history of child protection.
      See supra note 1.
      12. Mary Ellen’s father died in the Civil War, and her mother disappeared. After the judge
      removed Mary Ellen from her guardians’ custody, Etta Wheeler asked the judge to allow the
      child to live with Wheeler’s own mother in upstate New York. The judge agreed, and Mary
      Ellen was sent to live with Wheeler’s mother. Wheeler’s mother died soon after Mary Ellen
      arrived, but one of Wheeler’s sisters stepped in and raised Mary Ellen as a daughter. At the age
      of twenty-four, Mary Ellen married. She had two daughters of her own, both of whom went to
      college and became teachers. Mary Ellen lived well into the twentieth century.

    5. Actually, it’s not just her body anymore, it’s another separate human being. If a woman wants to cut her own finger off, that’s her CHOICE, that’s her finger. But, that baby in her womb is a separate human being and killing it is murder, no amount of sugar coating will ever make it right!

    6. someone has to speak for the voiceless and abortion is all of our business. Anyone who thinks it is okay has no heart and heartless people are the cause of all the evil in our society. So telling everyone to mind their own business is not the solution, we must speak out for the voiceless, those who cannot protect themselves, children, the unborn children, the elderly, animals…

  16. I have infertile family members that would adopt your “unwanted” babies…and there are thousands more too who would. I just don’t understand the insanity of it.

    1. How selfish to think one should FORCED against their will to endure an unwanted pregnancy simply because someone else is infertile. There are 106,000 foster children legally available for adoption RIGHT NOW. With fees being $0-minimal and often reimbursable, as well as an adoption tax credit. Only a self-centered couple, who doesn’t care about the mental health of women, the rights of fathers would dare suggest adoption. Adoption practices in the US are so barbaric and coersive, much of what is allowed is illegal in Australia. Where, interestingly enough, adoption profits are illegal. Adoption is a $14 BILLION/year industry. “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” don’t do anything for women. In fact, there are dozens of videos exposing them outright lying to women about abortion safety and adoption. They are just the middle men for unethical adoption agencies. Agencies that often have secret UT ties. Because UT has such anti-family laws that they ship moms there to give birth. Knowing the laws in UT make it IMPOSSIBLE for a father to retain his rights. Adoption is SUPPOSED to be about finding homes for orphans (foster care) not about unwanted mothers and creating a product for mostly infertile, white, x-an couples. The first/natural/real mothers almost never recover from it. Once they leave the bubble and face the impact the adoption had on them, they are never the same. Even if a woman doesn’t regret her adoption, she will likely tell you that 995 of first/natural/real mothers do. Please, if you care about women and children STOP suggesting adoption.

      1. Seriously? The practice of killing an almost full term baby is acceptable to you? What is the point? If you are past the point of viability in your pregnancy, then you are visibly pregnant, so you aren’t hiding the fact that you were pregnant. If you are 32 weeks, you could actually just wait a few weeks and never have to see that child again if you gave it up for adoption. Why wait THAT long to have an abortion? Abortion isn’t even safe for the mother, it often leaves scars in the uterus that make it difficult or even impossible to bear children in the future. And another thing, adoption is not just for orphans. It’s for abused children, children of teen mothers, and unwanted babies. I was adopted at birth, because my birth mother, the term REAL mother is offensive by the way, was seventeen and did not have the resources or the stability in her life to care for me; even though I was a product of date rape, she still loved me enough to break her own heart and give me up. My parents are wonderful people, they take care of me and are supportive of me and my choices, So leave adoptive couples alone.

      2. So a mother would rather have a dead baby than a baby being loved by someone else? I was adopted, should I have been aborted? Do you really think it’s easier on a woman to abort? My sister is suicidal after her abortion.

      3. Are you suggesting it is better to kill a developing baby rather than let it live and grow and thrive as a human being? That those of us that want to become mothers but physically can’t are selfish for wanting a child? I think of my children’s birth mothers in the highest regard. They are heroes! They both were encouraged to abort the growing babies. They both CHOSE life and families and love for those babies. It takes more love and more courage to let a baby live than it does to abort.

        Is there heartache – of course there is in either decision. But the hell of regret of killing a growing baby is far beyond the feelings of loss with adoption. Adoption brings blessings.

        I know women that have chosen abortion and women that have chosen to place the baby with a family. In every case, those who aborted have suffered life long pain and regret for abortion. Those who chose life (and to let the family contact them) beam with joy as they tell of the little person that only exists because of them.

  17. The severed hand looks like it belonged to a child with Downs syndrome. It looks just like my sons hand. He has Downs. I find that unbearably sad.

  18. @ tiffany! how do u not regret abortin the baby? how could u do that? you must be sick because if u didn’t want the baby then why did u have sex? u shouldn’t be here

  19. Here’s an idea why don’t you have the abortionist( can’t call them a dr cause a doctor is to protect and honor life) cut your spinal cord And then you can go to heaven with your baby and you won’t have to spend the rest of your miserable life making excuses for being an irresponsible lowlife.

  20. there are two sides to this abortion issue.. while i agree that its wrong in some cases I believe that every woman has a choice. I read some of the comments, but until your put in a difficult position can you really speak? Everyones lives are different, different situations. For myself, i was faced with difficult choices. I have done the procedure in late term too.. In the state that I live abortion is legal until 24.6 weeks. I waited till 20 weeks, i battled with the decision and it was a hard one. Im am married and we trust one another, sometimes in the moment things happen. immediatly we got the morning after pill, took it as directed and did not work. I waited so long bc the maternal instincts in me could not terminate the baby, see i have 2 children already. The final decision though was my own. i decided the best for me was to do this. It was the hardest day of my life, and there isnt a day that goes by that I dont think about what it could of been. Do i have regrets? not at all we just could not afford a baby at the time we both lost our good paying jobs it was hard. Do i feel guilty, at times yes. I found out it was a boy bc i took the paperwork and picture at the clinic.. I am assured that he is fine in heaven with the angels and one day we will meet. Crazy thing is that I love him still to this day and that was 3 years ago.

    1. @ Tiffany, i can’t afford children either, i’m trying to get into school, and we’re living on SSI which is only $710 a month, i have 3 kids btw, and you know we’re living everyday, my children are healthy strong and is well fed, and i never once thought of abortion, i’m not trying to make you feel anymore guilty, but expenses is not a good reason to abort a child, esp not to feel regret. you could have just waited a few weeks and had it and gave it up for adoption, it amazes me that they have the right to say ” oh but then it would be a tough decision when you see their faces and you just have to keep them than” well if you made that decision to Murder a child than why is it so much harder to just give them away, at least then you could of left your child with dignity, just because you made that mistake don’t mean the child has to suffer, you know they feel pain whilst in the womb, and yes they can think too, and wow that far in the pregnancy that you know the sex, than that is just cruel, 20wks yeah that’s a murder of an infant child, you should of just waited and give it to a woman who can’t have kids, give her the pleasure of knowing what it’s like to be a mother for once, when you become pregnant it is no longer your body it is their’s too you’re just the home for it, it’s just a sad excuse that you use that you couldn’t afford it…….really………

      1. Yeah you had a choice , you close to have SEX you have CHOOSEN to have that baby! Then choose is made, you dont have to keep it. I have adopted two beautiful children from foster care. Their birth parents are crimals and drug addicts. But they did care enough to not kill their children and to give them up so they could have a good life. I’m grateful for that and they children are a huge blessing to us.

    2. You know, there are women who would die to be able to even carry a child for 20 weeks and you took ones life at 20 weeks. If you couldn’t afford a child, then you should have thought about that before you had 100% unprotected sex. There are plenty of forms of birth control, including getting a vasectomy and if you can’t afford those don’t do it. We all know what the ultimate purpose of sex is, and that is to reproduce. Not because it feels good. Hell, if you couldn’t afford him, give him up for adoption. There are people who wait for years to be allowed to even adopt a child.

      And if you somehow get to heaven, I hope you never get the luxury of seeing that child, you don’t deserve to. You never gave him a chance to live. Rationalize it all you want, make yourself feel better, but it was your mistake live with the consequences for gods sake.

      1. Their are people in the world that you could of let adopt the baby that could of gave it a wonderful home instead of you murdering it. I believe in karma and I really hope you think about the karma that is gonna happen to you.

    3. Your story doesn’t make me feel sorry for you at all. You murdered your baby so don’t expect to see him in heaven because you probably won’t be going there, I’m sure you will go to hell.

    4. I don’t understand this. most people justify abortion by their (incorrect) belief that they aren’t killing a “baby” you knew it was a baby and did it anyway? you won’t be joining your poor child in heaven unless you repent.

  21. Abortion is as bad as been a serial killer
    and should punished as premeditated murder.
    May God help to stop and these one day by given the people the knowledge to do something and not to way for the government to do it.


  23. This is the most gruesome and cruelest thing i have ever seen.I cannot beleive that a woman would have a abortion that late in her pregnancy and do this to a child.Wow and they way they do this of course the baby feels gruesome pain how could it not. cutting off its head and its spine. And tearing it apart. I beleive if a woman is pregnant and wants to do something like this that she should do this the first day that she finds out she is pregnant .Or keep her legs closed or take birth control.My God there are so many types of birth control methods out there.Dear God this is so in humane so sad.They will pay for this when they have to go in front of our maker.

    1. It’s still murder whether they do it the first day of pregnancy or the last day! It’s a human life either way! Still wrong. Makes me sick!

  24. Im 21 weeks pregnant,and i have a risk dey gave me an option . is eader my life or my child.
    Im going to give my life away to give birth to a lil angel ,am against abortions.Might as well make it clear, “IF YOU DONT WANT A BABY KEEP YOURE LEGS CLOSED FOR SHURE”

    1. I am so sorry that you have to take a risk to give birth to your precious angel. Praying for you! I hope all goes well and you and your baby both are healthy!

    2. You have a special set of wings waiting for you! I would do the same and my husband knoes no matter what save the baby!

    1. If you tore a dog apart like this or injured the egg of a Eagle you would be put into jail. We live in a crazy world.

    1. Exactly. And now we, as tax payers, are being forced to put our dollars on these precious heads. I am so ashamed of the U.S. this is not pro woman, this is not reproductive rights, this is killings. Nothing else.

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