Former clinic worker: our abortion joked that his patients were stupid

From a former clinic worker:

“I remember our abortionist joking about how ‘stupid’ the women were who came into our clinic. He would tell us to make sure and ‘shut them up’ during the abortion. He said that he didn’t want to hear the ‘stupid things that came out of their mouths.’ One day, he was talking about these women in a particularly vile way and I sat there listening to him realizing that I was no better than he was. I wasn’t standing up for these women. I wasn’t defending them. In fact, I had become a traitor to women by not defending their dignity. I knew from that day forward that I would begin to stand up for women in crisis. But I knew that I couldn’t just care for a woman without also caring for her unborn baby. When I told my coworkers that I was leaving, one of them actually called me a ‘traitor.’ She said that by not advocating for abortion, I was standing against women. I told her that it was the abortion industry who was betraying women…every single woman that came in for our ‘services’ was being betrayed by us. We didn’t see her as a person. We saw her as a line item…a tally on our budget sheet.”

Abby Johnson, testimony of clinic worker from ATTWN

Posted on facebook Oct 29, 2015

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