Pro-Abortion lobbyist uses racism to support abortion

Author Gene Burnswho wrote a book about the legalization of abortion and birth control wrote:

“There was an instance, in Georgia, of a pro [abortion] reform lobbyist attempting to sway right-wing Governor Lester Maddox by raising the specter of white women becoming pregnant as a result of rape by black men.”

Gene Burns The Moral Veto: Framing Contraception, Abortion, and Cultural Pluralism in the United States (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2005) 188

This was cited in:

Sager C Jayne and Lauren F Gooch Georgia Abortion Act of 1968: A Study in Legislative Process (Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Department of Health Administration, School of Public Health and Carolina Population Center, 1972) 57

Despite this revelation, Burns does not believe that racism was a main reason behind legalizing abortion.

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AMA uses racist argument to reform abortion laws

Before Roe v. Wade, lobbyists for the Medical Association of Georgia urged Governor Lester Maddox to pass an initial rape and incest exception for abortion, asking him how he would feel

“… if a White girl got raped by a Negro and then became pregnant.”

Sagar C. Jain and Laurel F. Gooch. “Georgia Abortion Act of 1968: A Study in the Legislative Process” 1972, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 56, 57

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NARAL founder talks about “violent minority groups”

Lawrence Lader, pro-abortion activist who co-founded NARAL, now NARAL Pro-Choice America, in his book promoting legal abortion:

“Above all, society must grasp the grim relationship between unwanted children and the violent rebellion of minority groups.”

Lawrence Lader Abortion (Indianapolis: Bobbs–Merrill, 1966) 156

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Some politicians support abortion to limit minorities

Pro-Life author Mary Meehan wrote:

“Many white voters believe abortion is a solution for the welfare problem and a way to slow the growth of the black population. I worked two years for a liberal, pro-life candidate who was appalled by the number of anti-black comments he found when discussing the issue. And Representative Robert Dorman of California, a conservative pro-life leader, once told his colleagues in the House, “I have heard many rock-ribbed Republicans brag about how fiscally conservative they are and then tell me that I was an idiot on the abortion issue.” When he asked why, said Dorman, they whispered, “Because we have to hold them down, we have to stop the population growth.” Dorman elaborated: “To them, population growth means Blacks, Puerto Ricans, or other Latinas,” or anyone who “should not be having more than a polite one or two “burdens on society.”

Mary Meehan “The Left Has Betrayed the Sanctity of Life: Consistency Demands Concern for the Unborn” in Rachael McNair and Stephen Zunes, eds. Consistently Opposing Killing (Bloomington, Indiana: Author’s Choice Press, 2008, 2011) 22 – 23

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Planned Parenthood only offered abortion financial aid to Black women

Rhyan worked at Planned Parenthood for 4 months. She was featured in an article in The American Feminist. Her job was scheduling abortions. She was told to offer financial aid only to Black women. Here is an excerpt from The American Feminist:

[Rhyan] soon observed that she was supposed to screen and offer [financial] assistance to callers “who sounded “hood” or “ghetto” – but not to ask callers who sounded “white or preppy” if they might need financial assistance. This was never explicitly stated, Rhyan said, but, “I’m human. I can figure out the pattern.” Her supervisor would listen to calls; anytime she offered financial screening to a client who sounded white or “Valley girl,” her boss would say, Why did you ask her that? “I realized it was a certain type of person they were asking me to screen,” Rhyan said. They were expecting to schedule about 40 abortions daily, so if the client sounded black, Rhyan, who is black, would hurry up and screen her to keep calls moving.

She says:

“I woke up one day and realized I was no different than a slave trader.”

Planned Parenthood offered financial aid to African Americans for abortion, but not for any other service.

Rhyan also called Planned Parenthood “Plantation Parenthood” in the article.

Ellen J Reich “An Insider’s Look into the Abortion Industry” The American Feminist Fall/Winter 2016

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Activist: poverty, race are not reasons to kill people through abortion

Social worker Erma Clardy Craven said the following at a National Right to Life convention:

“And listen to the rationale for taking their lives: They are poor! As if poverty should be an excuse for taking a human being’s life! And you can walk through the garbage cans in America and the lunchrooms in America and look at the food that’s wasted….And that to me is the grossest form of racism: to take the life of a black child… And I am two descendants removed from slavery.”

Erma Clardy Craven, Remarks at National Right to Life Convention, Cherry Hill, N.J., 15 July 1982, tape recording

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Richard Nixon and abortion racism

President Richard Nixon said the following about abortion.

“A majority of people in Colorado voted for abortion; I think a majority of people in Michigan are for abortion; I think in both cases, well, certainly in Michigan they want to vote for it because they think that what’s going to be aborted generally are the little black bastards.”

NIXON Tape #697-29

Quoted in the film Mafaa 21

Catherine Davis The Fight for Life: Turning the Wounded into Warriors (Freedom House, 2016) 28

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Comment on African-Americans in the pro-choice movement

Toni M Bond, executive director for the National Network of Abortion Funds:

“Black women have been and still are treated as “invited guests” in the reproductive rights movement.”

Corinne J Naden Abortion (Tarrytown, New York: Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 2008)  71

She is commenting about how the vast majority of pro-choicers are white

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Eugenicist: birth control and abortion are great eugenic advances

Frederick Osborn was: “the key strategist of the American Eugenics Society and the first president of the Population Council. Well before surgical abortion became a major issue, Osborn advocated research on chemical abortion and the Population Council’s distribution of abortifacient IUDs”

He was quoted saying:

“Birth control and abortion are turning out to be the great eugenic advances of our time. If they had been advanced for eugenic reasons, it would have retarded or stopped their acceptance.”

Frederick Osborn “Notes on Marble and Fox…” January 25, 1974, Osborn Papers, Folder on “Osborn – Paper – Notes on “Paradigms or Public Relations…” Quoted in Mary Meehan “How Eugenics and Population Control Led to Abortion” Meehan

Quoted in Brian E Fisher Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women (Frisco, Texas: Online for Life, 2013) Kindle edition

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Founding president of international pro-abort group was eugenicist

CP Blacker was chosen by Sanger to be the founding president of the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

He was quoted saying:

“You seek to fulfill the aims of eugenics without disclosing what you are really aiming at and without mentioning the word.”

Matthew James Connolly Fatal MisconceptionThe Struggle to Control World Population (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University, 2008) 163

Brian E Fisher Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women (Frisco, Texas: Online for Life, 2013) Kindle edition

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