Abortions by pill more painful than surgical abortions

Studies found:

“More pain was reported with medical abortion both during the abortion and during the follow up period. (Jensen found 77.1% of medical abortion patients reported pain vs. 10.5% of surgical abortion patients.)”

Winikoff B, Sivin I, Coyaji KJ, et al. Safety, efficacy, and acceptability of medical abortion in China, Cuba, and India: a comparative trial of mifepristone and misoprostol versus surgical abortion. Am J Obstet Gynecol 1997;176:431-7.

Cabezas E. Medical versus surgical abortion. Internat J Gynaecol & Obstet. 1998;63 Supp. 1, S141-6.

Elul B, Ellertson C, Winikoff B, Coyaji K. Side effects of mifepristone-misoprostol abortion versus surgical abortion. Data from a trial in China, Cuba, and India. Contraception 1999;59(2):107-14.

The FDA and RU-486: lowering the standard for women’s health. Staff report prepared for the Hon. Mark Souder, Chariman, Subcommitte on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resouces, October 2006.

Medical Officer’s Review of Amendments 024 and 033“, Final Reports for the U.S. Clinical Trials Inducing Abortion up to 63 Days Gestational Age and Complete Responses Regarding Distribution System and Phase 4 Commitments, Finalized November 22, 1999

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Abortion worker; Women “punish themselves” for abortion by using abortion pill

Abortion counselor Andrea Butcher:

“Occasionally, a woman will say that she wants an RU-486 abortion to punish herself for having become pregnant, even if it was a failure of contraception. She feels guilty and wants to punish herself with what she believes will be hours of strong period pains and consciousness of the procedure. She believes that she will be aware of the miscarriage and body changes and that remembering the procedure will force her not to let it happen again. That is not a good reason for having an RU-486 abortion. I have also heard women say that they want to have a local anesthetic prior to a surgical abortion for the same reason – to remain conscious through the procedure so that it won’t happen again. Consciousness is seen as a form of punishment.”

Miriam Claire The Abortion Dilemma: Personal Views on a Public Issue (New York: Insight Books, 1995) 154

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Studies show abortion pill carries 50 X the risk of childbirth

“Mifepristone abortion has 10 times more risk of death from infection than surgical abortion and 50 times more risk of death from infection compared to childbirth.”

McGregor J, FDA: Emerging Clostridial Disease Workshop, Transcript, May 11, 2006, Atlanta, GA. Available from: (accessed March 24, 2007).

Greene MF. Fatal infections associated with mife-ristone-induced abortion. N Engl J Med 2005:353(22):2317-8

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Abortion pills cause “septic fatalities”

Dr. Vanessa Cullins, vice president for medical affairs at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, comparing surgical abortion to abortion by pills:

“The two kinds of abortion “have comparable risks with the exception of what we have recently seen as it relates to septic fatalities.”

Gardiner Harris “Some doctors voice worry over abortion pills’ safety”. New York Times April 1, 2006

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Doctor on high number of complications at Planned Parenthood

Dr. E. Hakim-Elahi, Elmhurst, New York, on the high number of Planned Parenthood’s reported complications in 2003, in a letter to Ob.Gyn News:

“If I were to receive such a report from a surgical abortion clinic, I would recommend to health authorities that the clinic be immediately shut down…. Medical abortion with the present drug regimen is unsafe….The patient will bleed for the next 4 weeks or more, and may transmit HIV (if positive) to others; become anemic; require blood transfusions or surgical abortion; or get sepsis and die. This makes no sense. . . We are allowing women to get maimed and to die. . .”

E. Hakim-Elahi “Letter to the editor”. Ob Gyn News (Feb. 15, 2005):6.

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Abortionist explains how few doctors want to prescribe abortion pill

When the abortion pill first became available, the FDA required general practitioners or other non-abortionists who prescribed it to have an agreement with an abortion provider to do a backup surgical abortion if the pills failed. One abortionist who runs a clinic explained how no local doctors had contacted her to do these backup procedures – meaning that none of the doctors in the area wanted to start prescribing the abortion pill.

Dr. Deborah Oyer, medical director and owner of Aurora Medical Services in Seattle

”We have not been called by anybody about surgical backup and we are the only clinic in the Pacific Northwest that’s been using mifepristone since the first trials. ‘We have gotten lots of calls over the years about medical abortions. We have done seminars on medical abortions and we have had tons of phone calls from the lay public and potential patients. But I don’t know of any doctors calling about surgical backup or about how to get started. ”I’m a little surprised,” she said. ”But also at some level, I’m not. In studies that were done in the last several years, there were always a significant percent of doctors who say they would do medical abortions. But I was always a little suspicious. It’s a lot easier to say you’ll do it than to actually do it.”

Gina Kolata.” Wary doctors spurn new abortion pill; some doctors insist that a surgical abortion remains a better alternative than the new pill.” The New York Times Nov 14, 2000

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Abortion clinic owner won’t offer abortion pill

Roneal Martin, abortion clinic owner, decided that he would not prescribe the abortion pill because the chances were too high that the woman would need a surgical abortion or other medical intervention if the pill failed. In addition, if the abortion pill was prescribed by another doctor, women might have to go to his clinic to have their abortions completed by suction. He decided not to backup any other doctors or provide the pill himself.

He says:

”It comes down to taking over someone’s complications,” she said. ”Does that mean I’m putting my doctor on call in the middle of the night. We might say, ‘Go to the emergency room.’ ‘

Gina Kolata.” Wary doctors spurn new abortion pill; some doctors insist that a surgical abortion remains a better alternative than the new pill.” The New York Times Nov 14, 2000

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25% of women taking abortion pills from Women on Web have complications

From a pro-lifer who infiltrated a conference of abortion providers, on Women on Web, an organization that mails abortion pills to women in countries where abortion is not available.

“Dutch abortionist Rebecca Gomperts, whose infamous “abortion ship” performs abortions in international waters off the coast of countries where it is illegal, presented a new strategy. She is encouraging women in countries where abortion is illegal to self-abort at home using drugs obtained with fraudulent prescriptions or imported illegally by her organization womenonweb.com.. …. Gomperts own research, for instance, showed that more than a quarter of women she helped to self-abort suffered complications that took them to the hospital, and about 15% required follow-up surgery.”

Undercover Reporter Infiltrates World Abortion Biz Conference LifeNews OCT 29, 2012

A remarkable one quarter of women suffered complications. how is this good for women?

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Abortion pill needs intravaginal ultrasound to be “safe”

Dr. William West, who runs an abortion clinic in Dallas, says that the abortion pill should not be used in foreign countries to provide abortions (as many pro-choicers suggested) because there is a need for an intravaginal ultrasound to be done before and after. Without this, the abortion pill would be dangerous.

”Few of these doctors in every hamlet, village and town who are supposed to make medical abortions so widely available have ultrasound equipment or the expertise to use it. ”They are not going to acquire such expensive equipment to enable them to do a few medical abortions that won’t come close to paying for it.’

Gina Kolata.” Wary doctors spurn new abortion pill; some doctors insist that a surgical abortion remains a better alternative than the new pill.” The New York Times Nov 14, 2000

The way to check on an early pregnancy is with intravaginal ultrasound.

Even with intravaginal ultrasound, the abortion pill has killed women. 

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Abortionist on abortion pill vs. surgical abortion

William Ramos, who runs an abortion clinic in Las Vegas:

”There’s a very common misconception in the lay public, and even way too common among physicians, that this is a nice, easy way to get rid of a pregnancy…

We’re telling them straight up front that if any of us needed an abortion, we’d go for the surgical procedure.”

Gina Kolata.” Wary doctors spurn new abortion pill; some doctors insist that a surgical abortion remains a better alternative than the new pill.” The New York Times Nov 14, 2000

The abortion pill is not an easy way to end a pregnancy but causes a great deal of pain and bleeding. Read first hand accounts of abortion pill takers.

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