Post abortion woman initially happy she got abortion, later regrets decision

Feminists for Life published Susan A Walders’ story of her abortion and its aftermath. Her story is tragically similar to so many other abortion stories, but one thing that stands out is that she was initially happy with her abortion and felt that it was the right choice. Later on, the regrets would come.

“I am one of those people who didn’t think abortion through in advance. Perhaps by sharing the story of the worst decision I have ever made, I can help other women to make that choice less frequently.…

[She became pregnant her sophomore year of college, and immediately decided on abortion]

I was irritated to find out I needed to schedule a preliminary appointment for counseling before I could arrange what they called the “procedure.” The “counselor,” and I use the term loosely, asked me if I was sure that I wanted an abortion and I said yes.

That was it. No information on pregnancy and birth, no list of possible choices, no discussion about motherhood. They took some blood, weighed me and got a brief medical history…

It rained the day of the “procedure.” It was surprisingly simple and relatively painless. Afterwards I felt immediately 100% better. The nausea ceased. There was strong cramping, but I could handle that.

If someone had asked me right then how I felt about what I had just done I would’ve said, “Wow, this is great! I have my health back, I have my life back!”

Go ahead, ask me now.

I am, at this moment, crying.

How callous I was. Just a kid, really. Self-centered and shallow. There were, and are now, so many other alternatives.…

To any woman who finds herself in the position I was in, please, talk to everyone who is important to you. Talk openly, honestly and consider other viewpoints besides your own.…

To abortion providers, I say give better information and counseling to young women. I can’t say for sure, but I might not have made the mistake I did if I had known that morning sickness goes away and there might have been someone who wanted my child.”

Susan A Walders “Mourning Life Lost to Hasty Decision “ The American Feminist vol. 5 # 1 spring 1998

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