“Feminist” says her abortion brought her “pain” and “loss”

From a post-abortive woman who describes herself as “a feminist, a leftist, a liberally-educated eternal student” in her blog:

“I lost a baby, a baby that never got a name. Lost it on purpose, days after the thirty-fifth anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It was my first, one accident dropped into years of carefulness. I had wanted it in an abstract way for several years, but it came at a time that wasn’t right, and it didn’t have the father I would want to raise a child with. The feminist in me shrinks away from talking about the pain of that loss. Even though my heart believes I sent it back so it could return at a better time, there’s fountain of pain and a kind of aloneness I had never experienced that seems to gush interminably.

The interminable is relative, of course. Time has passed. I cry less. My body that for five weeks swelled in anticipation fits into my clothes again. I’m no longer avoiding the hugs of friends to protect my sore breasts.

I dream about the baby, the one with no name. In the dreams, I am overwhelmed with trying to find someone to help me care for it, of hearing it call the babysitter “mama” because its mother can never be there. When this happens, I feel like I made the right choice for myself and the children that will come. But I still grieve.”

She took the abortion pill at Planned Parenthood and describes her experience:

“I asked if I’d feel sick before taking the second round. It’s unlikely, they said. I woke up vomiting, and I vomited all day until I wished I were dead, especially knowing that I had to take pills that *do* cause nausea and vomiting. Severe cramping, bleeding, and more vomiting ensued within 30 minutes of taking the misoprostol. That was when I wished I could change my mind and have a surgical procedure instead. The unbearable pain continued for several hours, but eventually I was able to rest. I’ve since read in some forums that it goes on for hours and hours for some women. I can’t even imagine.

A week later, I was experiencing significant pain and a fever, so I went back to PP. There, they diagnosed a uterine infection and gave me more antibiotics… Now I worry that the infection may have done enough damage to make conception difficult in the future. It’s really terrifying. And there’s nothing I can do about it. So, I’m taking care of myself, trying to get better, crying when I feel like it.”

The right choice’ leads to a ‘fountain of pain‘ The Dawn Patrol  February 7, 2008

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Man describes girlfriend “writhing in pain” after taking abortion pill

The boyfriend of one young girl describes what happened after his girlfriend took the second of two abortion pills:

‘The day she took the final pill and came back to my flat to wait for it to pass truly drew a new line in the sand. The hours of pain she suffered, it utterly ripped me apart to see her writhing in agony, interspersed with trips to the toilet as the process started. It culminated in one trip from which she didn’t return, all I heard was sobs, drained of energy she couldn’t even cry with the force the pain deserved. I soon discovered that it wasn’t the pain the sobs were for, it was for what she had seen in the toilet. A recognisable shape. Then flushed away.’

Philippa Taylor “Boyfriend Recalls Partner Seeing Her Aborted Baby in the Toilet: “A Recognizable Shape, Then Flushed AwayLifeNews SEP 14, 2018

The abortion pill is used up to 10 weeks. Here is what a 9-10 week preborn baby looks like

9-10 week old potential victim of abortion
9-10 week old potential victim of abortion
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“I felt the most pain I have felt in my life”

Anastasia Wansbrough describes her abortion by pills in an article in Vice. The article said:

“Anastasia Wansbrough lived through a veritable horror show when she had a medical abortion in 2013.”

She did not bleed for two months, then went in for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that the baby was dead, but still inside her. Then she began to bleed.

Vice says:

“Painful cramps coursed through her; she took an extra strength Tylenol as the doctor recommended.”

Wansbrough describes her ordeal:

“I was wearing a tampon at the time when all of sudden the power of a contraction pushed the tampon out and blood splattered all over the floor. There was constant pain but at every 60 second mark I felt the most pain I have felt in my life. I couldn’t cry, I could barely moan. It left me breathless.”

Kate McKenna “Harrowing Experiences of Medical Abortions on Canada’s Prince Edward Island Renews Criticism” Vice News May 26, 2015

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Woman describes painful abortion by pill

One woman who had an abortion by pill described the pain in an article in the Washington Post:

“It was one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had. Not only were the cramps really bad, I was sweating and had a headache. I threw up at one point. It was pretty bad.”

The abortion pill failed the first time and she had to take it again.

Rob Stein “As Abortion Rate Drops, Use of RU-486 Is on RiseWashington Post January 22, 2008

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Abortion by pill was “excruciating” says post-abortion woman

Maggie wrote about her experience of an abortion by pill:

“[T]he next day I crawled into bed with my boyfriend, put on my super cool adult diapers, inserted the pills, and put on some Game of Thrones. And let me fucking tell you, it was excruciating, like… I honestly believed I could go into shock kind of pain. These cramps radiated throughout my whole body to the point where I could barely breathe. I actually cut my palms on my nails from clenching my fists so hard. But once it was done, it was done.”

Casey Gueren “Here’s What It’s Really Like To Have An AbortionBuzzfeed January 21, 2017

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Woman who took abortion pill: “I was lied to!”

Nelle, who had an abortion by pill, wrote that she was 6 weeks pregnant when she went to Planned Parenthood for an abortion:

“The ENTIRE time I was there I was told LIES! They said, “There are no real risks, this is like a period, light cramping, it’ll all be over within 2 days.” They assured me I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t want to!…

They gave me a packet full of information and only went over the first page….I asked a Million Questions. Planned Parenthood assured me I was going to be fine, and it would all be over in 2 days….

Of course, I had to read the packet they didn’t go over with me, and inside it said I might bleed for up to 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!

No one actually says that you BLEED FOR WEEKS! NO ONE!

That would have been great to know beforehand. I would have NEVER opted for this method if I knew that vital piece of information.

I had asked multiple nurses and they assured me it would all be clear within a few days!….

Anyway, it hurt like crazy and I have never been more nauseated and in pain in my life. I was a sweaty, bloody, crying mess. The cramping was pretty bad for me but it was the fact of feeling the chunks fall out of you. I sat on the toilet and eventually put on a maxi pad and sat on the couch. It was about 3-4 hours of cramping until it came out….

They assure you there is literally zero risk and that it is quick, private, and like a period. Which is all a lie!…

I was completely misinformed and lied to. I feel very manipulated.”

She is still pro-choice.

Nelle’s Story” Abortion Pill Risks

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Woman who had abortion by pill: the pain was terrible

Tracy had an abortion by pill. She says:

“It took five hours. The pain was terrible; I’d never been through pain like that before. I tried to hold it in, but tears just kept falling all the time. I was vomiting, but nothing was coming up, because I’d had nothing to eat.”

Melanie Symonds, Phyllis Bowman And Still They Weep: Personal Stories of Abortion (The SPUC Educational Research Trust, 1996) 128

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Woman says medical abortion was not “quick fix”

One woman wrote:

“When I got pregnant, my boyfriend and I decided the nonsurgical method was best because I could end my pregnancy at home… my nonsurgical procedure was not the quick fix I wanted – for my body or for my heart.”

Mary Eberstadt “No Video, Please: We’re Killing Something” National Review August 24, 2015

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Abortion by pill was “Most painful experience of my life”

From one woman who had an abortion by pill:

“I had my medical abortion a few days ago at slightly less than 8 weeks. It was the most painful experience ever in my life. On top of emotional pain, when the second pill was taking effect, I had the most indescribable excruciating pain for more than 6 hours. It almost killed me… I wonder if child birth is even more painful than this… There was just so much pain that I could’t even cry… Maybe I should have chosen surgical.

Now that it’s been a few days, I feel so different. I feel all alone again with an empty womb. All those pregnant feelings are gone, I don’t feel like a mother anymore, I’m myself again… Perhaps it was really those crazy hormones working… Now I’m calm, sad to have lost a child but it was an informed decision made by choice. “


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Woman screamed in pain during abortion by pill

A woman shared her experience with abortion pills on LiveJournal:

“I took my four pills at 2:45. I was fine for about an hour, than the heavy cramping started. This was easily more painful than my recovery from gall bladder surgery which I was pretty surprised about honestly. I took my anti nausea meds before taking the four pills, and then I took a Tylenol with codeine. None of which touched me. I ended up vomiting repeatedly in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. I decided to take a hot bath. This helped a lot at first, I got out of the bathtub and laid on the couch.

About thirty minutes into laying on the couch, I was in agonizing pain, pacing up and down my kitchen, randomly screaming and crying(part of that is probably because I apparently suck at handling pain). This went on until around 7:30. At 7:30 I decided a hot shower might help, I was going nuts with pain at this point and had puked again, I just wanted anything to get rid of the pain. Ten minutes into my shower I had a giant clot of some sort…it was flesh colored and the size of a standard coaster almost. After that I bled a lot and I’m still bleeding, I had one blood clot after that so far. I do feel pretty queasy right now though.

Right now I feel crampy but I am okay…I won’t lie, I cried a little after it happened. But I know this was the right choice for me.



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