Parents report how they pressured to abort their child with down syndrome

In an Australian documentary, couples were interviewed about how medical providers pressured them when their babies were diagnosed in the womb with down syndrome.

Kathleen Simpkins has a daughter with Down syndrome. She says that when the tests came back positive for Down syndrome, the doctor tried frantically to get a hold of her. She says of the doctor:

“I think he might even have been shaking when he said to me, “I’m so glad you came back. I’ve been trying to get hold of you. You had an abnormal scan, and your window for termination is closing.”

Kathleen and her husband had decided before the test that they would not abort if the baby had Down syndrome. Andrew, the baby’s father, said that had they not made the decision in advance, it would have been hard to resist the pressure to abort:

“I can imagine that with the amount of negative advice we were given, that it would be hard to go through with the pregnancy, because it’s just so negative. The outcome is shown to be so sad and awful that you wouldn’t want to go through with it. I’d say most of the obstetricians that we saw, they – it [abortion] always came up in one way or another…

It’s one of those mind-blowing things that you can’t really believe it’s real, you can’t believe that these children really are being looked at as almost like a byproduct.”

Kathleen said:

“Both the way the doctors talk about Down syndrome and the way the testing itself is portrayed, it’s made out to be a way to get rid of Down syndrome. Like, we can get rid of Down syndrome the way we can get rid of cancer. It’s a great thing. But there’s a big difference between cancer and Down syndrome. Cancer’s something that happens to somebody. Down syndrome’s a part of who somebody is.”

At this point she broke down in tears.

Doctors continued to recommend abortion even after the Simpkins told them they didn’t want to abort. Their daughter is now a toddler.

Australian show Lateline with Barbara Miller 

Quoted in Sarah Terzo “Parents Pressured to Abort Kids with Down Syndrome: “Everything was Worst Case ScenarioLive Action News March 10, 2019

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Abortion workers horrified after seeing intact baby

An abortion clinic worker described what happened at the abortion clinic when aborted baby came out whole and not dismembered and mutilated:

“We had someone pretty much deliver [her aborted baby before the procedure was underway] – and [the baby] wasn’t dismembered, the way all the other fetuses are … we had this totally intact dead fetus …. Normally [it is] in pieces we just put it in the bucket. But it felt so horribly wrong to just throw it in the bucket with all the fetal parts so we got its own jar …. and [the surgical assistant] went outside and picked some flowers and got some leaves and we wrapped it up in one of the blue pads [as a blanket.]“

Lisa A. Martin, PhD, Jane A. Hassinger, MSW, Michelle Debbink, MD, PhD, Lisa H. Harris, MD, PhD “Dangertalk: Voices of abortion providers” Social Science & Medicine 184 (2017)

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Pro-Choice: Abortion kills a human being, but should be legal

Mark Mercer; a professor in the Department of Philosophy at Saint Mary’s University:

“At conception comes a new human being.

Abortion, then, involves the killing of a human being. But that abortion involves the deliberate killing of a human being is no reason for abortion to be illegal. Nor should one be morally troubled by it….

A human fetus… though human, has only a rudimentary awareness of its environment and lacks self consciousness entirely. It has no interest in living, for it can have no interests at all.

Because a fetus is not a person, killing a fetus is not killing a person.”

Pro-Abort Professor: Abortion Involves Deliberate Killing? That’s Still Not A Reason To Be Morally Troubled.” Stand Your Ground MAY 6, 2010

Accessed 10/6/2015

16 week fetus (is this a person?)

16 week fetus (is this a person?)

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Blogger regrets the abortion her partner talked her into

A blogger who identified herself as Chase and claims to be pro-choice wrote about her abortion:

“What is making it so difficult for me is the fact that I didn’t want to have an abortion. When I found out I was pregnant I wanted the baby. I knew I couldn’t handle an abortion, I knew I didn’t want one, I knew as I sat in the clinic crying I should leave but I didn’t. I got on that table crying, shaking, being told by the nurses I needed to calm down so they could give me the anesthesia. It was horrible. It was traumatic. I don’t know why I didn’t leave. I let TK convince me if I did it everything would be OK, that he was going to take care of everything and make it better. I knew in my gut that was not going to happen. I knew I shouldn’t abort my child but I wanted to believe in the impossible. I wanted to believe that if I did it magically TK and I were going to have some kind of wonderful relationship. We didn’t have a relationship before I got pregnant, why would I think we could have one after? I longed for what I had never had – love, family, someone to be there for me. I knew if I kept the baby TK was going to shut me out so stupidly I did what he asked me to, I aborted my baby.”

Quoted at JivinJehoshaphat

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Abortionist admits “it is a child”

Abortionist Dr. Jeanne St. Amour, in response to a question about why it’s so difficult for women to make the abortion decision:

“If it was a pencil, it’s not a problem. It’s because we know it is a child, it is a problem, how a child will change a woman’s life.”

Quoted by Ann Collins The Big Evasion: Abortion, the Issue That Won’t Go Away (Toronto, Ontario: Lester & Orpen Dennys Publishers, 1985) 114

9-10 weeks

9-10 weeks

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Nurse witnesses baby born alive after an abortion

In a video from the Save the 8th Campaign, Irish nurse Caren Ní hAllacháin described witnessing an abortion at 22 weeks where the baby was born alive. The baby had a “chromosomal abnormality,” possibly Down syndrome

“I wasn’t looking after [the woman having the abortion] directly, but I was on the ward. The other nurse had gone for a break, but I went into the sluice room [where medical waste was taken]. And the baby was in a kidney dish, in the sink where all the clinical waste was. The baby was born alive, and the baby was then taken from the mother – the mother never saw the baby. The baby was put into a kidney dish and brought away from the room, and to the sluice room, and left there just to die.

The baby was the full size of the kidney dish, so the baby was probably a little bit more than the length of my hands. He was small but he was perfect. He had – you could see his toes, his hands, it seemed like he had blonde hair. His eyes were closed. His mouth was open slightly. At first when I saw him, I thought he was actually dead, but I could see the rise and fall of his chest once I looked, because through the shock – he was breathing. And he wasn’t really moving. He had been there at least an hour and a half if not two hours.

I just did not know what to do. But there was nobody treating that baby. That baby was breathing and yet I couldn’t go and ring for the emergency team to come. I couldn’t get oxygen for the baby. I couldn’t put a blanket around the baby. I couldn’t pick the baby up…. the baby was still breathing. I couldn’t treat that baby as any other baby in any other part of that hospital, where you have babies the same age being treated in incubators and being ventilated and being given every assistance to live.

And yet this baby was left… in a kidney dish, which is [a] cold stainless steel metal dish, and just left to die. I had to leave the sluice room. I had to leave the baby there. That part is the hardest part of all because I felt I had abandoned the baby. When I went back the baby had died. The baby wasn’t breathing anymore. So the baby was still in the kidney dish. It was when the other nurse came back that she disposed of the baby’s body.

To see that baby trying to breathe – to see the dignity of him in the kidney dish trying to breathe, and nobody, just nobody there. He is a human being and a person. You can’t deny it. You can’t deny that that child was a son. It is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I think the worst part of that is the fact that I wasn’t allowed to do anything. The baby was small, but it was perfect. [He] was perfect. The baby had a cleft lip – that was it.”

Sarah Terzo “Nurse Recalls Baby Born Alive After Abortion “He was Small but Perfect” Live Action News March 6, 2019

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Young woman writes touching letter to her aborted siblings

The following was published at Human Defense, and is shared with their permission. 

15 year-old Chloe Kilano wrote this letter to her older brother and sister, who were killed by abortion. 

Megan and Matthew,

My sweetest big brother and sister. Words cannot describe how much I love and miss you. I’ve thought of countless things we would have experienced if you were here. You’ve been watching me, you know what I’ve been through; I constantly imagine what my life would have been like if you had been there to hold my hand through it all.

People often judge me for missing you; they ask me how it’s possible for me to miss people I’ve never even met. Truth be told, I don’t know who I’m grieving, and I think that makes it even more painful.

I constantly imagine who you would have been, what your personalities would have been like. It hurts to think about the possibilities. It hurts to think about what I missed out on.

I’m so sorry for all the times you’ve had to watch me cry over you; I’m sorry if you’ve ever felt responsible for my tears—you’re not. I cry because I wish you were here to dry them. I wish you had been here to dry the millions of tears I shed growing up.

I would give anything just to have you here for a moment. For a mere second, just to hold you in my arms and love you and hug you and know what it feels like to have a big brother and sister. And I don’t care what that moment would consist of.

Megan—we could be sitting in my bed watching a movie or I could be barging into your room and yelling at you for taking my stuff without asking me.

Matthew—I wish I could experience you catching me off guard and throwing me into a pool or having an overprotective and intimidating brother who irritates every fiber of my being. I don’t care what it is, I just want to know you for a second.

I pray for you all the time. I pray that God wouldn’t let you see my tears, but instead cover it up with the happier moments I experience.

I used to bargain with God—“If you give me my brother and sister back, I’ll never say another cuss word. I’ll never sin. I’ll never lie again. I’ll do whatever it is you want me to do, please, just give me my brother and sister back.” No words can emphasize how much I would give for a simple hug, a short moment. I’ve imagined those moments to try to fill the void of your presence, but nothing can.

I’m sorry for surviving the horrors of abortion, and I’m sorry that the both of you had to suffer through that. You didn’t deserve a single second of what that machine did to you. Of what a so-called “choice” did to you.

I would take the pain away from you in a heartbeat, without a single doubt. I’m sorry that you were aborted and I wasn’t.

Your lives are valuable beyond words; I do my best to tell your story so that you may live on through me, and to help other moms recognize the value of their own babies.

I’m sorry for the times when I’ve cried over you. I know you see it, and I know that you don’t want me to cry over you. I’m sorry in advance, because I know it’s going to happen again.

I pray for you all the time. I pray God would give you an extra hug or kiss on the cheek because I can’t. On my difficult days, I ask God to block your view on me so that you won’t see me struggling.

Everything I do is to praise Him and to honor your lives, I want nothing more than to follow His will and to make you proud of me. I hope you’re proud of the work I do—I do it all for the both of you (and for the moms and babies, of course).

I pray that He would love you a little extra sometimes, because I can’t. Living without you is so, indescribably painful. Sometimes I walk through the halls of my high school and think: “You would have gone here. You would have walked these halls.”

Sometimes I need advice and have nobody to turn to; it is in those moments that I miss you the most. I miss what I could have known. I miss the possibility of your light shining on our family.

I really hope you’re proud of me. I know I’ve made mistakes, but I fight every single day to make sure that no baby suffers what you both suffered. I try not to think about what you suffered. I fight to be their voice. I wish I could have been there and been your voice. I beat myself up for it every single day, for surviving when you didn’t.

I think about whether or not you suffered; and if you did, how much you suffered. Your lives were sacrificed so I could find my life in the Lord and I could pursue this work. I feel so guilty all of the time. I question why you didn’t survive and I feel so awful for surviving. I love you more than you know and I would do anything for you.

I’m sorry that nobody fought for you. I’m sorry that nobody thought you were important enough. You’re more than important enough. I grieve you every single day; next to God, you’re the most important aspect of my life. I remember the first time I got up on stage, ready to tell my story. You would’ve been in the back cheering me on, I know it. You would’ve done the same thing at my middle school graduation, ecstatic for me to finally leave the place that created me into someone who had suffered from depression. You would have made the depression less difficult; I would have had someone to trust and lean on. You would have told me what I could look forward to. In reality, in those moments, I felt like I had nothing to look forward to.

As I sit here and write this letter with tears streaming down my eyes, I wish I weren’t doing this. I wish I had never shed those countless tears. There used to be moments where I had wished I were sacrificed on the altar of choice instead of the both of you. I could keep going on and on, but just know this: I love you more than words can describe, and I’ll be united with you soon. Until then, I have to be here and try to save the babies that were just like you.

While I’m still here, I promise I’ll try to cry a little less because you’re not here now and smile a little more because God has a plan for me. I love you both so, so much. Rest peacefully and don’t worry about me.

Your lives were sacrificed. You both are gone, but your memory lives on through me. Rest assured, I will never stop fighting to honor your precious lives. You both will have two seats saved at my wedding and graduation. I will one day place a tombstone with your names on it next to our grandfather’s. I’ll go back and visit it every single year on August 2nd, the day you were aborted. My kids will know who you are. So will theirs. A photo of your ultrasound will be hung up in my office and in my home, to act as a reminder of the love I have for you, and to allow that love to push me through life’s obstacles.

Survivor’s guilt. Depression. Anxiety. Bullying. Separation. Loss. In my short 15 years on earth, I’ve experienced all of these things and more. But because of the Holy Spirit and the both of you, I was able to turn that pain into beauty. I’m able to use your lives to save the lives of others.

I love you so, incredibly, indescribably much—I’ll never be able to put it into words. I hope the tears I’m shedding as I write this letter give you some insight as to how much I love you, miss you, and just wish you were here. I think about you every single day, I don’t even think there’s an hour that goes by without me thinking about you.

I look forward to the day when I enter the gates of Heaven and, after meeting our Lord and basking in His Glory, seeing the both of you standing behind Him with open arms. I love you, I love you, I love you so so much. I’ll never forget about you and I promise to never stop fighting.

With abundant love,

Your little sister, Chloe

Note: Religious beliefs expressed in testimonies reflect the writer’s point of view and may not be endorsed by Clinicquotes. 

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Training manual instructs clinic workers to convince women pregnant with disabled babies to abort

In a book meant to teach abortion workers how to “counsel” women considering abortion, the authors tell the workers to recommend abortion when the baby has a disability

When counselling, the aim of the health professional involved would normally be to support a decision-making process but not to influence it. There has recently been lively debate whether a non-directive approach is possible or even ideal when fetal abnormality has been discovered. By not offering guidance are professionals merely disowning responsibility and choosing not to face the ethical dilemmas they have been instrumental in discovering?

By receiving non-directive counselling the couple are urged to make their own impossible decision at a time when they are grief-stricken and in emotional turmoil. Couples in this kind of situation are often desperate to be advised what to do, and being able to say “the doctor advised us to have a termination” can sometimes be a blessed relief….

Joanna Brien, Ida Fairbairn Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling (London: Routledge, 1996) 130-131

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Former Clinic Worker: Myra Kincaid

Kincaid was employed as a surgical assistant at a Planned Parenthood facility in Baltimore, Maryland. Kincaid told the Daily Caller that the organization reached out to recruit her as soon as she graduated from college. At the job interview, the Planned Parenthood representative said very little about abortion. Instead, she told Kincaid that Planned Parenthood provided cancer screening and other forms of legitimate health care. But the abortion corporation is doing fewer of these services and more abortions, with the numbers of non-abortion services decreasing every year. Based on its 2017-2018 report, the number of cancer screenings done at Planned Parenthood dropped by 7% in 2017. Planned Parenthood is doing 68% fewer cancer screenings now than ten years ago. Contraception services are also down. Well Women exams are down by 8% since last year. Only abortions and “miscarriage maintenance,” a new category recently added by Planned Parenthood, have risen.

Although little was said about abortion when she was interviewed, Kincaid says that as soon as she was hired, she was “thrown right into the surgical room where they perform the abortions, and that’s because they were so short-staffed that they had to rush me through training.”

Like many former Planned Parenthood workers, Kincaid tried to convince herself that she was helping women. But seeing the body parts of babies after abortions distressed her. She says,

“It wasn’t until I had to actually pick out the pieces of children, that’s when I started looking at these little arms and little legs. They’re like little dolls.”

Kincaid was then given the job of “counseling” women coming in for abortions. She was happier doing this, but soon ran into trouble with her bosses. She was sending women home who were very ambivalent or who said they did not want abortions. Kincaid says she got in trouble “if [the woman she was counseling] walked out with prenatal vitamins for a patient instead of an abortion.” The management of Planned Parenthood expected Kincaid to pressure women into abortions, which Kincaid was not willing to do. This conflict, as well as her misgivings about the abortion procedures themselves, led to her leaving Planned Parenthood.

While employed, Kincaid also traveled to another Planned Parenthood facility in Maryland, this one located in Annapolis.  She told the Daily Caller that most of the employees at both facilities had very little training. The abortion giant only required workers to have a high school diploma or GED. Many of the workers were teenagers, hired right out of high school. The majority had no medical backgrounds.


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Abortion worker describes how parents forced their daughters to abort

An abortion clinic worker named Tonya wrote:

“[T]eens, young adults, and minors who are still living at home with their parents or legal guardians, are sometimes being forced to have an abortion or even feeling like they’re being pressured into having an abortion by that parent or legal guardian. This happens a lot of times to minors and young adults…

On the day of the appointment, you can usually tell the minor who does not want to be there just by their facial expression. Being upset and very emotional. When this is noticed, I’ll pull that patient to a private room to have a one-on-one talk with them without the parent being present, and sometimes the patient will say, “Yes, I am being forced to do this, and if I don’t, my parents will put me out or send me away.” And in other words, just turn their backs on them. You have parents who try to convince their child….

These parents will tell their daughter anything. They will even go as far as bribing them by telling them, “Just do this for mommy right now, and I will take you shopping, and I’ll get you whatever it is that you want, just please don’t do this to your mommy, you will have plenty of time to have a baby in the future when you’re old enough.” Parents don’t care about how their child feels, nor do they understand that a decision like this is no easy decision and that it can and will affect them in the future mentally.

You have these parents who don’t even think about what they are making their child do. All they are thinking about are themselves, what they are not wanting to deal with, so they think that this is the best way out of the situation, so they don’t even try to understand that young girl’s feelings about the whole idea of abortion…

The parents will sometimes deny that they are trying to force their child to have an abortion because they put them in the spotlight, and I have heard a child making a comment saying, “yes, you are, mama, I didn’t know that I was coming to an abortion clinic. I thought this was just a regular doctor’s appointment for my pregnancy.”…

Sometimes the parent will try and ask for an employee’s advice to see if they can help them when their child has refused abortion…

Sometimes it gets me very upset when I get one of these minors that is in the situation because of their parents forcing, threatening, convincing, and persuading a minor into having an abortion.”

Tonya P From behind Closed Doors: “Abortions” (Xlibris, 2013) 27-29

Tonya wrote about this in her memoir after leaving the abortion facility. In her book, she does not make any claim to be pro-life.

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