British doctor would make 400% more money doing abortions

From a British abortionist:

“The financial side of private clinics has attracted a good deal of attention. A Christian gynecologist told me that she had been invited to help in such a clinic with the expectation of fees 400% greater than her present income: it was added that most of these “would be paid in banknotes.” The implication of this would not be lost on the Collector of Taxes!”

RFR Gardner Abortion: The Personal Dilemma (Exeter, Great Britain: The Paternoster Press, 1972) 78

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Abortion textbook urges pro-choicers to consider women’s sadness post-abortion

A textbook intended to train abortion workers how to counsel patients says:

“The opposing argument originally put forward by feminists tried to minimize the emotional effect of termination on women. This appeared vital during the struggle for abortion as any discussion of ambivalent feelings or possible harmful effects could, they thought, have weakened their cause. Now that the law is in place and safer from attack, pro-choice supporters can afford to look at some of the emotional costs to women themselves.”

For example, they say:

“… Most studies identify a variably sized group of women who do seem to experience significant psychological sequelae which are not always short-lived.”

Joanna Brien, Ida Fairbairn Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling (London: Routledge, 1996) 141, 142

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Feminist argues for third trimester abortion

The following is from feminist Karen Houppert, in response to an article by Gregg Easterbrook. Easterbrook claimed that unborn babies should not be aborted in the third trimester because their brain patterns at that stage are similar to that of adults. Houppert supports third trimester abortion. She says:

“According to Easterbrook’s new science, at 24 weeks the fetus’s “cerebral cortex becomes “wired,” and “fetal EEG readings begin to look more and more like those of a newborn.” Easterbrook contends that the “hopelessly confusing viability standard should be dropped in favor of a bright line drawn at the start of the third trimester, when complex fetal brain activity begins.”

It is at this point that feminists who’ve been around the block once or twice might fight the temptation to take this earnest neoliberal by the hand and lead him gently back to the point of contention: What does it mean that this fetus acquires “personhood” inside the body of another?

Memo to Gregg: Yours is that same tiresome argument about when life begins. Randall Terry [founder of Operation Rescue] and his minions call them the “preborn.” You’ve simply modernized, adding the intellectual’s imprimatur by invoking science to define “signs of formed humanity.”

But get this. Most of us feminists don’t even disagree with you. We might quibble with the notion that “personhood” is bestowed at precisely 24 weeks when the brain waves are first detected on an EEG, because, in general, when a pregnancy is a welcome one, we women tend to bestow “personhood” immediately. (We change the way we eat; “You’re eating for two now.” We pass around sonograms and coo at those 10 little “signs of formed humanity.” We mourn when we miscarry.)

… Our jaded feminist gives a weary nod and says, “Remember, this fetus is being carried inside a woman’s body. The question,” she reminds him, “is not, “When does life begin?” But, “Can it ever be moral for a woman to be pregnant against her will?”

Karen Houppert “The Meaning of Life” The Nation vol. 270, March 13, 2000 P7

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Simone de Beauvoir: “The world will never be the same”

Simone de Beauvoir says that after abortion women:

“learn to believe no longer in what men say… The one thing they are sure of is this rifled and bleeding womb, these shreds of crimson life, this child that is not there. It is at her first abortion that a woman begins to “know.” For many women the world will never be the same.”

Simone de Beauvoir The Second Sex (New York: Alfred A Knopf, Inc.: Bantam Books, 1952)

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Mother of two children with down syndrome speaks

Ashley Engele is a mom of two whose oldest child has Down syndrome, found out she was pregnant with her third baby, who also had downs. She never considered abortion. Her first child,  Rilynn, is now 4 1/2 years old. She writes:

“Rilynn is just like any other precocious 4-year-old girl. She goes to preschool, loves Trolls, Barbie dolls and her “typical” younger sister. They are best friends, they love each other fiercely, and also have the classic sibling rivalry. We fight over what outfit she’s going to wear, or how she’s going to wear her hair for the day. Most of all, she loves other kids and babies. ….

We know how when we’re having a bad day, one smile from Rilynn can completely turn it around.

We know the extra-squishy hugs that turn our hearts into mush.

We know that when her cute little hands reach out and touch your cheek, you instantly feel better.

We know how she is changing the perception of those with Down syndrome, one person at a time.

If you’ve ever met our daughter, you know she doesn’t lack personality. She can make even the grumpiest or angriest people smile and win their hearts over in an instant.

You see, Down syndrome has shown us a whole new world, a whole new deeper level of love, compassion, and patience.”

After her third child was diagnosed in utero:

“Down syndrome is a beautiful journey we had never planned on, but would never dream of leaving because we know what it’s like. We treasure our experiences at face value, we slow down and enjoy the little moments in life, we celebrate every single milestone (big or small), and most of all, we celebrate life, because our lives are better with Down syndrome in it.”

ASHLEY ENGELE “Woman expecting 2nd baby with Down syndrome opens up about her experience” ABC News Oct 30, 2017

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Adolescents feel “guilt, shame, and fear of disapproval” after abortion

From a 2004 study that did a group interview with post-abortive adolescents:

“The loss of a potential child by abortion gives rise to the universal experience of mourning, in which adolescents are developmentally more vulnerable…. Because strong cultural and religious taboos exist, aspects of traumatic grief are sometimes ignored….

The adolescents described feelings of guilt, shame, secrecy, or confusion that clarified how the social stigma of abortion was reinforced in the high school setting. American adolescents are more likely to disapprove of abortion because they tend to respond in absolute terms to moral issues. Stone and Waszak’s study (Stone, R., & Waszak, C. (1992). Adolescent knowledge and attitudes about abortion. Family Planning Perspectives, 24, 52-57) demonstrated that adolescents’ first association to abortion was “killing the baby” ….

The group members in our study indicated they felt guilty when they were seen entering the abortion clinic, a feeling exacerbated by protesters who were sometimes encountered outside the clinic. Classroom discussions that condemned abortion also made the adolescents feel uncomfortable and guilty….

The socially based negative emotions of guilt, shame, and fear of disapproval were still noted in these group participants, even 40 years after the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed women’s right to choose, offering some societal acceptance of this choice. These feelings of guilt and shame, along with the shock and trauma of the pregnancy, can prevent adolescents from incorporating the experience of abortion into a learning experience because the defense of denial is used. This denial may cause a repetition of the shameful experience….

Some group members shared that they talked to the fetus and said, “I’m sorry,” to the fetus.”

Daly, Joan Ziegler, ACSW; Ziegler, Robert, MD; Goldstein, Donna J, RN, CPNP “Adolescent Postabortion Groups” Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services; Thorofare Vol. 42, Iss. 10, (Oct 2004): 48-54.

Read more studies about the emotional impact of abortion

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Christian woman regrets aborting twins

A Christian woman who aborted a twin pregnancy describes how she felt before and after the abortion:

“The nurse told me that I was having twins and it scared me to death. How could I raise three when I could barely raise one on my own? I based my decision purely on being able to take care of them financially. I was also ashamed of myself and thought how others would react to see the daughter of a minister pregnant again one year after having her first child [unmarried].…

The church played a huge part in my life. My parents are both ministers, so I was not a stranger to God’s word… Even though I knew God then, I did not have the faith back then that I have now to step out on.…

For years, I suppressed the guilt of turning away from a gift from God. I thought about how old they would’ve been and wondered how they would’ve looked. These thoughts would bring instant shame and guilt upon me. I struggled mostly with my faith in God. How could I speak to others about what God wants if I was unable to do it?”

LaDina Anderson Killing Grace: A Rise To Restoration (2016) Kindle edition

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Abortionist says telling women about fetal pain is “torment” to them

Abortionist Dave Turok, of Salt Lake City, talking about a bill that would require abortionists to tell their late-term abortion patients that their babies can feel pain:

“Turok said telling those women their fetuses feel pain is heaping torment upon torment. “These women have real pain,” he said. “They did not come to this decision easily. Creating another barrier for them to get the medical care they need is really unfair.”

According to The Salt Lake Tribune :

“The draft law allows doctors to remain silent in emergencies, cases of rape or incest or if the abortion is meant to prevent the birth of a child with “grave defects.”

Rebecca Walsh “Fetal pain advice bill sent back for rewrite” The Salt Lake Tribune February 4, 2006

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Doctors tell woman to abort, but her baby is born healthy

Linda Serrano, of Bakersfield, CA tells her story:

“I received a German measles shot two weeks before I got pregnant with my first child. I called three doctors, and none of them would accept me as a patient. They all wanted me to get an abortion. I went to a fourth doctor, and she also advised me to have an abortion, that my chance of having a healthy baby was 0%. When I told her no, she said, ‘Well then you will have a deformed baby, and you’d better tell your husband.’ I was in tears by this time. My husband said, ‘God loves all people the same. Then I asked God to have mercy on us, and heal my child. I told Jesus that if He didn’t, that would be okay, because I knew He would be in control. I would love my baby no matter what. “I’m very happy to say that my baby girl, Angela, is perfectly healthy! While the doctor was stitching me up, she said I still should have had an abortion!”

Melody Green “The Questions Most People Ask About Abortion” Last Days Ministries

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Reverend prays for abortion

In an article, Rev. Debra Haffner describes how she will pray for abortion:

“We will end our prayers with these words: “Bless us as we seek to create a more just world where all people have the right to make their own private reproductive decisions and obtain safe, legal, and accessible abortion services. Amen.”

Rev. Debra Haffner “Faithfully Supporting Access to Abortion ServicesHuffington Post 02/24/2016

9-10 week old potential victim of abortion

9-10 week old potential victim of abortion

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