Most minors’ judicial bypasses are granted, says pro-abortion manual

A manual for pro-choice activists published in the 1980s says that most of the time, judges grant minors’ judicial bypass requests. When a pregnant teen wants an abortion without her parents’ knowledge in a state that has parental notification or consent, she can go to judge and convince him she is “mature enough” not to inform her parents. Mainly, these are rubber stamped. The manual says:

“Even though the overwhelming majority of abortion petitions that come before the courts are granted, choice advocates argue that judicial bypass procedures impede a teenager’s constitutional right.”

Reproductive Choices and Community Controversy (Washington, DC: League Of Women Voters of the United States, 1986) 11

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Only 37% of teens told their mothers about their abortions

A study on teenage abortion rates found:

“In a sample of minors attending an abortion clinic in Minneapolis/St. Paul, 37% told their mothers and 26% told their fathers, but 71% had talked with their best girlfriends about the pregnancy.”

F Clary “Minor Women Obtaining Abortions: A Study of Parental Notification in a Metropolitan Area” American Journal of Public Health 72, 1982, 283 – 285

In the sample, the most common reason for not informing mothers about pregnancy and impending abortion was concern for the parents feelings.… Minors were especially unlikely to inform their parents if they believed that one or both held strongly negative attitudes toward abortion.”

Gary B Melton and Anita J Pliner “Adolescent Abortion: A Psycholegal Analysis in Gary B. Melton, ed Adolescent Abortion: Psychological and Legal Issues (Lincoln, Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press) 20

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40% of pregnant teens didn’t tell parents about their abortions

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion research group, only 60% of pregnant teens tell their parents about their abortions.

This means that 40% of teens never notify their parents that they have had abortions.

This research is from the 1990’s, so it may not be accurate as of today (2018)

Jennifer Coburn “Parental Consent Puts Teens In a Bind” San Diego Union – Tribune January 10, 1996

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90% of abortion requests to judges were approved

In many states, minors are not allowed to have abortions without at least one parent’s permission, and in other states minors must inform a parent they are having an abortion. However, the laws allow minors to go to a judge and argue that informing their parent would not be in their best interests and they are mature enough to make the decision alone. The judge is supposed to carefully weigh the evidence, but in many places the judicial bypass is just a rubber stamp.

According to a Toledo newspaper:

“A teenage girl who wanted to win an exemption from the reporting law would best travel to Franklin (Columbus) or Montgomery (Dayton) counties, where more than 90% of requests are allowed.”

The Blade, January 24, 1992 (Toledo) quoted in Oliver Trager Abortion: Choice & Conflict (New York: Facts on File, 1993) 43

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Judges denied only 15 of 3573 abortion petititions

In Minnesota, a minor seeking an abortion who does not want to tell her parents must go to court to get a judicial bypass. The Minneapolis Star and Tribune states:

“From 1981 to 1986, Minnesota judges granted all but 15 of the 3573 petitions for abortions without parental notification.”

Minneapolis Star and Tribune August 11, 1988, quoted in Oliver Trager Abortion: Choice & Conflict (New York: Facts on File, 1993) 9

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Judge turns down abortion request- girl later thanks him

Judge Randall J Hekman refused to grant a judicial bypass to a 13-year old girl who wanted an abortion. A judicial bypass allows a minor to petition a judge for permission to have an abortion without informing her parents. It is  a way to get around a parental consent/notification law. Every state with a parental consent/notification law allows minors to get a judicial bypass.

This letter was sent to the judge by the 13 year old he refused to grant a bypass to:

“I am writing to tell you how happy I am that you made the decision you did about me not having an abortion. When I think about it now I feel sort of foolish, of that whole incident… I think if I would of gone ahead with the abortion, I would of felt very disappointed in myself. I just want to thank you for giving me the extra time to think about it. I am really looking towards having my baby… My baby and I thank you very much!”

Randall J Hekman Justice for the Unborn (Ann Arbor, Michigan: Servant Books, 1984) 17 – 18

Sadly, the baby boy died shortly after birth due to health problems. But the 13 year old mother was spared from the trauma and guilt of abortion.

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Former clinic worker: girls came in without ID

One former abortion clinic worker, who witnessed teenage girls getting abortions without presenting an id:

“I can’t even go to a salon and get waxed without identification, yet all these young girls were coming in to get abortions without them.”

J, Former Clinic Worker

And Then There Were None 9/13/2000

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Planned Parenthood worker wants her daughter to have abortions without telling her

9 wks and 13 weeks
7 wks and 9 weeks

Juanita Cuevas. who works as a medical assistant at Planned Parenthood’s South Sacramento clinic, wants her 14 year-old daughter to be able to have an abortion without her knowledge or permission.

The article says:

A Sacramento girl whose mother works at a Planned Parenthood clinic, has never had to seek out an abortion clinic. But if she were to get pregnant, she said, she’d want a safe place to turn for counseling and, perhaps, surgery—beyond the reach of her mother’s radar…..

The daughter, Priscilla Chavez, says:

“I don’t know,” she said. “Even though she’s a Planned Parenthood lady, I don’t think I would, because I would be afraid of her thinking badly of me.”….

Her mother is fine with this:

Cuevas said she is comfortable with that and wants only to ensure that her daughter and other girls continue to have a safe place to turn.

9 weeks
9 weeks

“This is a woman’s right,” she said. “And I understand that a 14-year-old isn’t yet a woman, but it’s her right.”

Jeffrey M. Barker “The parent trap” News Review 6/9/2005

This interview seems scripted. What mother would really be ok with her daughter making such a huge decision alone?

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Teenager had 3 abortions, parents never knew

Abortion clinic worker Brenda Pratt-Shaffer she took care of a teenage abortion patient. The teenager had 3 abortions:

One of the things that really bothered me that day [At the abortion clinic] was a fifteen-year-old girl having her third abortion. Her parents did not even know that she was there. She was laughing the whole time she was in the clinic. I wondered if this was a nervous laugh or if she truly just did not care….I just kept thinking about my fifteen-year-old daughter that I had to sign for to have her ears pierced. But here was a fifteen-year-old having such a horrific procedure for the third time that her parents didn’t even know about.

Brenda Pratt-Shafer, David Shafer What the Nurse Saw: Eyewitness to Abortion (Mustang, Oklahoma: Tate Publishing & Enterprise, LLC, 2016) 27

teenager had 3 abortions
10 weeks.
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Parental Involvement: Abortion worker speaks

Margo, who worked at a late-term abortion facility, on how the clinic managed to avoid parental involvement:

Where I worked we were a privately owned late term abortion clinic up to 20 weeks, and Michigan did pass a 24 hour consent law, and we did have parental overrides, judicial overrides that the counselors would help the minors obtain. And some of those things were pretty sketchy…It was more of a goal to keep them [parents] out as much as possible, because we did notice that outcomes would change when there was parental involvement. And so there was a whole system in place to help the kids get a judicial bypass, which basically was a rubber stamp, just go before the judge and say, “I’m afraid of what my parents will do to me if they find out that I am pregnant.” And the judge would ask, “Do you feel like you would be in danger?” “Yes.” “Ok.” And it’s just that sort of thing.

Sarah Terzo “Former abortion worker: Teen came in for three abortions, parents never knew” Live Action News April 8, 2017

parental involvement
Preborn babies like this 16 week old were killed in Margo’s clinic.
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