Abortion worker has nightmares after counting fetal parts

Former abortion worker Jewels Green describes the nightmare she had while she was working abortion clinic:

“After an abortion, the instrument tray was passed through the window in the wall into the autoclave room. The other thing that passed through was the Jar. It held the precious contents that just moments before had comfortably resided inside the mother’s womb.

It looked like an oversized glass pickle jar. It was emptied next to me on the countertop: teeny tiny hands and feet and arms and legs and a rib cage and a spine and a hollow, flattened, misshapen, torn head.

I saw it all.

I smelled it all.

Every time. Up to 30 times a day, four days a week…..

I started having nightmares, haunted by tiny, limbless phantom babies. I was floating down a narrow stream with miniature body parts strewn on either shore – and then I’d begin to sink. I’d flail and gasp and go under.”

Patrick Madrid Surprised by Life (Manchester, New Hampshire: Sophia Institute Press, 2017) 52

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Now pro-life abortion worker describes lies other clinic workers told about pro-lifers

Former clinic worker Jewels Green told the following story:

“At the abortion clinic where I worked, I readily believed all of the misinformation fed to me about the “antis” holding those gory signs outside. I was told that pro-lifers cared nothing about women or families or children—only babies, and only unborn babies at that. I was told story after story about how this pro-life group or that crisis pregnancy center lied to women to “trick” them into staying pregnant and then would abandon them after the growing baby was beyond the legal limit for abortion. The most vivid (tall) tale I remember was of some unnamed group who extended financial assistance, prenatal care, and even drove a young mother to the hospital while she was in labor only to drop off a box of diapers the next day and refuse to return her calls after that….

This is pro-abortion propaganda.

Since coming over to the side of life, I have been thrilled to confirm that these stories are baseless lies. It is shocking to me that the pro-abortion side continues to propagate these blatant untruths in spite of real evidence to the contrary. The pro-life movement is peopled by honest, dedicated, generous, and often pious people. The pro-life movement includes individuals and families who adopt “unwanted” babies, “imperfect” babies, “disabled” babies and donate time, money, and energy to stopping abortion. …

Many crisis pregnancy centers don’t just do pregnancy tests but also offer relationship counseling, parenting workshops, family counseling, babysitting co-ops, post-abortion support, and much more—for FREE—and without hundreds of millions of dollars from American taxpayers.”

Jewels Green Pro-Abortion Propaganda” Live Action August 14th, 2011

Read the rest of this article at Live Action here

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Interview with Jewels Green, former clinic worker

Clinicquotes did an interview with former clinic worker Jewels Green. Her website, which has more information about her story as well as article she has written, can be found here.

1. What was the counseling like in your clinic? Did you give accurate information? Was it biased?

Women who came in to the clinic for an abortion were seen by a counselor one-on-one before paying for their abortion. This mandatory counseling session included making sure the abortion was her decision and that no one was coercing her, explaining the abortion procedure and aftercare, and asking her what kind of birth control she was intending to use when she resumed sexual activity after her abortion.

During my time working at the clinic a law was enacted requiring abortion clinics in Pennsylvania to offer each woman state- drafted information on fetal development that includes hand-drawn actual-size sketches of the detailed level of fetal development as well as size by weeks LMP of pregnancy. There was a script we had to follow, also drafted by the state, that went something like this—know that I’m paraphrasing from memory, “I am required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to offer you detailed information on fetal development and information on WIC and public assistance available to pregnant women and families. The father of child is legally obligated to assist you financially in raising your child should you choose to continue the pregnancy. Would you like to see any of these materials?” Nine times out of ten, more like 19 times out of 20, the woman would decline.

Ultrasound of baby at 10 weeks
Ultrasound of baby at 10 weeks

….When explaining the abortion, the word “baby” was never used, rather “contents of the uterus”, “the pregnancy”, or “products of conception” were the preferred terms to refer to the fetus.

2. Have you ever witnessed a second trimester abortion? Is there any way you may be able to describe it?

No, I have never witnessed a second trimester abortion. However, when the clinic where I worked gained approval to do abortions up to 16 weeks (from the original limit of 14 weeks) I had seen the aftermath of a few of those abortions in the autoclave room (where surgical instruments are washed and sterilized and where the doctor reassembles the body parts of the fetus to assure a complete abortion.)

14 weeks
14 weeks

3. Did you ever view the remains from abortions? If so, can you tell me what you saw? How did the clinic handle the remains? Were they buried, incinerated, sent to the lab, etc?

I saw the remains of hundreds, if not thousands, of first-trimester abortions in the more than five years I worked at the abortion clinic. The remains were bagged in red biohazard bags with anything else bloody, and put into a freezer until they were picked up by a medical waste management company. I assume they were then incinerated, but I do not know for certain.


4. Were parts ever visible?

9 weeks
9 weeks after conception

“Of course teeny-tiny body parts were visible. Well over half of the time body parts were easily discernible. Maybe more like 75% of the time. That was the only way the doctor could ascertain that the abortion was complete–to count limbs, make sure the spine and skull were present. The “blob of cells” argument is only spouted by people who have never seen the aftermath of an abortion. It is true that in a very, very early surgical abortion (about 8-9 weeks LMP) [Editor: this is about 6-7 weeks after conception] the fetal parts are too small to be seen, and in those cases the doctor looks for the gestational sac and chorionic villi to ensure a complete abortion.”

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Measuring Fetal Feet

feet of aborted baby at 10 weeks

From former clinic worker Jewels Green:

“ For anyone familiar with what goes on with human remains after an abortion, foot length is quite important. Measuring the foot of the deceased is the most accurate way to determine fetal age post-mortem. Tiny feet were measured beside me more times than I can count. Measuring tiny feet was how abortion facilities matched pre-abortion estimates of fetal age with the reality after death. The age determined by the measurement of the tiny feet was the age put on the forms that I completed for the state Department of Health abortion statistics.”

JEWELS GREEN “Supporting barbaric late-term abortions: why there can be no dissension in the pro-abortion ranksLifeSiteNews Jun 27, 2013


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Former Clinic Worker: Jewels Green

Like many who work in abortion clinics, Jewels Green had an abortion herself, which had led to emotional trauma, including suicidal feelings and a psychiatric hospitalization. She worked in the abortion industry for five years, witnessing the aftermath of many abortions, before leaving her job.

Recently, she began speaking out about her experiences in the clinic. She says that a kind of “gallows humor” pervaded the clinic, in which the workers made jokes about the dead bodies of the babies they saw and the other distasteful aspects of abortion. For example:

“I vividly remember the cleaning lady who quit after finding a foot in the drain of the one of the sinks in the autoclave room (where the medical instruments were cleaned and sterilized after abortions) and how we all laughed and joked about it in the staff lounge for days and weeks afterward…”

She goes on to mention:

“But one thing about the clinic never sat well with me, and maybe this is because in my heart I always knew it was wrong. All of it was wrong. Especially this: the dead baby in the refrigerator in the lab. It was touted as a “teaching tool” and a “medical anomaly that this perfect 10-week-old fetus “survived” the suction abortion procedure perfectly intact. So he (I thought I could tell it was a he) was given the dubious honor of being preserved in formalin in a translucent plastic jar in the laboratory refrigerator. I think we called him Charlie, but I can’t really remember…. Occasionally I peeked in on him, fascinated by the bizarreness of it all, but also with a scientific curiosity—every other abortion resulted in parts, bits and pieces of human in the jar—but this miraculous little creature was perfectly formed and complete in every way, with the heartbreaking exception that he was dead. There was no amniotic sac, no placenta, just teeny-tiny perfect little baby. Floating in the jar. In the fridge. Forever silent witness to the march of death of his immature brethren. How I now pray his soul rests in peace, and that someday he is given decent burial—or at the very least tossed out with the rest of the bio-hazardous waste—for that would be far more merciful than where I knew him to be.”

10 week-old unborn baby – from a miscarriage

She also says of the abortions she participated

“Abortion ends life. Period. This is not in question nor should it be. This is a fundamental truth. I worked in the autoclave room where the “products of conception” (as so many pro-choice proponents—and abortion clinic counselors—call the fetus and placenta) were rearranged and counted to make sure “we got everything.”…. For abortions from about 8 1/2 – 12 weeks, this meant counting hands and feet, making sure the spine and ribcage and skull were present, you get the idea. For the abortions where the gestational age of the fetus was in question, especially if there was a chance it was an “oops,” meaning a pregnancy terminated beyond the clinic’s legal limit of 14 weeks LMP (from last menstrual period), the feet were measured to determine a more accurate gestational age.

14 week sonogram

Working in the autoclave room was never, ever easy. I saw my lost child in every jar of aborted baby parts. One night after working autoclave my nightmares about dead babies were so gruesome and terrifying and intense I met with the clinic’s director to talk about my feelings.

She was very understanding, open and honest, and painfully forthright when she told me, “What we do here is end a life. Pure and simple. There is no disputing this fact. You need to be OK with this to work here.” After a few days rotated out of the autoclave room, I felt I was OK with this, and God help me, I went back.”

Green eventually did leave and is now a pro-life activist.


Former abortion clinic worker breaks silence, speaks out for life” BY KRISTEN WALKER Lifesitenews.com Thu Jul 21, 2011

 Laughing at the baby’s foot in the sink: for us abortion clinic workers, the macabre was the normBY JEWELS GREEN LifeSiteNews.com Thu Sep 08, 2011


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