Emily Letts Abortion Video: The Whole Story

Emily Letts of Cherry Hill Women’s Center had an abortion, which she filmed to show that abortion was easy and positive.  She wanted to portray abortion in a good light. She only showed herself in the video, smiling as she aborted the pregnancy. The camera never panned down to see the operation itself.

This video shows the WHOLE story.

Please watch it to the end, to get the full impact.

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Live Video of an Abortion Procedure

This video shows an abortion and the bodies of aborted babies. It is extremely graphic and disturbing. There are millions of abortions done every day in the world, and over 3500 in the United States.

The first baby in this video appears to be in the second trimester. There are hundreds of abortions a day done at this stage in the US alone.  An abortion clinic worker also appears in the video. Her speech on how abortion is a loving and sacred act is contrasted with the reality shown in the abortion video.

Here is the video:

In the abortion video, the baby you see aborted could be legally aborted in any state in the United States.

The baby shown in the end is different from the one being aborted. He is 24 weeks old. Abortions at this stage are legal throughout much of the US.

Even early abortions leave gruesome remains. See this picture of the arms of a child aborted at only 7 weeks.


To verify that these pictures are accurate go to the Endowment for Human Development, which has pictures from National Geographic. It is not a pro-life site but will show you how developed babies are in the womb.

A few questions for you after seeing this video:


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Abortion Video

This video, produced by Abort73, shows the remains of abortions. The majority of these babies, callously called fetuses by pro-choicers, were killed in the first trimester.  Only the last baby in the video was aborted in the second trimester.

Abortions like the ones in this video are legal in every state in the US up until 20 weeks and in some states all the way up until birth. Even in states that prohibit late abortions, the Supreme Court Case Doe v Bolton set up a legal technicality that can allow later abortions to be performed.

Why are abortions done?

Here are the statistics:

from 1980 to 2000 –99.31% of abortions annually were for non-therapeutic reasons

5460 were for health of mother — that is .36%

3640 were for fetal defects — that is .24%

1,506,770 are for social cases- that is 99.31%

Although exact statistics on the numbers of more recent abortions are not available, the rate is most likely the same.  99.31% is a good ballpark figure.

Marybeth T. Hagan  “Abortion: a Mother’s Plea for Maternity and the Unborn” (Liguori, Missouri: Triumph 2005)

Less than 1% of all abortions are done for rape or incest so….

98,31% of all abortions are done because the mother does not want the baby and does not want to put him or her up for adoption.

Do these statistics surprise you? Do you believe abortion should be legal? Express yourself in the comments section below.

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Video: abortion clinic workers laugh and joke around after sending woman to the hospital

In October 2011 an ambulance pulled up to Affiliated Medical Services to bring a woman to the hospital. Pro-lifers on the scene videotape the ambulance leaving, and then recorded a group of clinic workers laughing and joking around outside the clinic after sending the woman to the hospital. They showed a shocking disregard to her condition. You would think that if a woman was injured, perhaps severely, the clinic workers would be concerned and subdued. But they show that they are not concerned at all about the woman’s welfare. I do not know how severely injured the woman was or whether or not she recovered. However, the ambulance taken away the woman was not the first ambulance that pro-lifers have seen and recorded at this facility. See the video below.

You can read the original post on this here.

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Abortion Procedure Video

This video shows two abortions being done at about eleven weeks after conception, or thirteen weeks since a woman’s last period.

The picture in the end is of another baby, one aborted whole in the second trimester of pregnancy.

How does this video make you feel? Should these abortions be legal? Share your thoughts below

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The Hard Truth: Videos of Abortion and Abortion Protesters

This video is from the 1990s, but abortions are still being performed today by the thousands at the same gestational ages as the ones in these videos.  With the advent of the abortion pill, it is no longer true that abortions cannot be done before the sixth week. The majority of abortions, however, are done later. Hundreds of abortions a day are done after the 8th week, when the baby is fully formed with arms, legs, fingers, and toes. I apologize for the poor quality of the  audio. The pictures of the abortion protesters you see in the video our from “rescues”, which took place in the 1990s, when groups of antiabortion protesters blocked clinics, engaged in sit ins and tried to prevent women from having abortions. Sometimes they succeeded in closing clinics are turning women away, but more often than not, the women simply reschedule their appointments. Abortion protester seldom block clinics now, partly because of new laws that give extremely lengthy sentences to antiabortion protesters who try to block the door of the clinic.

I apologize that the quality of the video is not great. The images you see of abortion protesters being manhandled by police come from the “Rescues” that anti-abortion protesters used to participate in in the early 1990s, where the protesters would conduct sit ins in front of clinics in an effort to prevent women from getting their abortions.

What do you think? Were the police justified in treating abortion protesters that way? Should these abortions be allowed? How did the video make you feel? Leave a comment.

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Video: Second trimester abortion

This video, from a documentary on abortion, shows what a baby looks like after being aborted in the second trimester


The abortionist is Dr. Dennis Cristensen

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Father Frank Pavone shows babies aborted by Prostaglandin in the 2nd Trimester

Father Pavone from Priests for Life discusses an abortion method that is used in the second trimester where prostaglandin is injected into the mother’s body causing her to go through labor and have violent contractions. The babies may be born alive if they are not killed by having a needle injected into the heart before the process is started. In this video, you will see two of these abortion victims.

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Abby Johnson writes letter to baby boy she watched aborted, video

Abby Johnson, former abortion clinic director, became pro-life when she saw a baby aborted on an ultrasound and walked off  her job. You can read her story here.  Here she talks about the baby boy who died and how he has inspired her ministry.

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Video: ultrasound images of babies at different stages

This video shows unborn babies moving and playing in the womb at different stages of development.

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