Abortion clinic VP puts in “cozy” couches

Melissa Grant, Vice president of health services at the abortion clinic chain Carafem in Maryland, describes her new abortion clinics:

“…we didn’t just want to open more clinics, we wanted to change the way the care was provided altogether… So we put in cozy couches, lots of natural light. There’s no antiseptic smell or medical equipment on site….

We only offer abortion drugs, rather than surgery, as this allows us to provide a better service. There’s no early cut-off, anyone can see us from the time they have a positive pregnancy test up until 10 weeks.”

FIONA MACDONALD “Trading When it’s Taboo” Collective Hub Issue 28, October 2015, p 64

9-10 week preborn baby
9-10 week preborn baby
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Abortionist: Abortion is Birth Control

Tweets from Abortionist Diane Horvath-Cosper:

“One of the dumbest ‘arguments’ about #abortion: is it or is it not birth control? OF COURSE it’s #birthcontrol, because it prevents a birth…”


“#ABORTION IS #BIRTHCONTROL, no matter how you personally feel about it. Let’s stop shaming and stigmatizing people for knowing what’s best for their own lives.”

“When we stop and listen – *really* listen – to people’s lived experiences, we discover that #abortion might actually be the BEST method of #birthcontrol sometimes.”


“If people want to use #abortion as birth control, THAT’S 100% OKAY.”


“And I don’t much care if someone has one abortion or three or twelve. That person deserves compassionate care EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. No matter how many times. No matter what other people think about their decision making.”

Quoted in Carole Novielli “Abortionist says using abortion as birth control ‘might be the best method’Live Action News January 11, 2019


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Abortionist: My life would have been “dull” without abortion

Late Abortionist Jane Hodgson writes about why she was glad she got involved in pro-abortion advocacy and performing abortions:

“I think in many ways I’ve been lucky to have been part of this. If I hadn’t gotten involved, I would have gone through life probably being perfectly satisfied to go to the medical society parties and it would have been very, very dull. I would have been bored silly.”

Carole Joffe “The Social Status of Abortion Providers: ‘Doctors of Conscience’ RevisitedRewire Oct 24, 2013

11 weeks
11 weeks ultrasound image
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Abortionist: pro-choice people don’t like it when you talk

Late term abortionist Warren Hern said in an interview:

“The pro-choice people don’t like it when you talk about how it really feels to do this work.”

John Richardson “The Last Abortionist” The Guardian, January 23, 2010

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Abortionist calls abortion a “lonely experience” for the abortionist

British abortionist RFR Gardner described doing abortion in the third person, describing what it is like for abortionists:

“It is a lonely operation. Although dilatation of the cervix, the neck of the womb, is an operation he performs many times a week [for D&C’s on nonpregnant women or women whose baby has died in utero], on this occasion it will be different. He takes the first dilator and is tinglingly aware that he is about to seal the fate of a fetus, that he is about to alter history. In other operations the cervix will dilate up readily, but in this operation it will fight, grip the end of the dilator and force it back into his hand. And then at last he will win, and as he does so he will wonder who has lost.”

RFR Gardner Abortion: The Personal Dilemma (Exeter, Great Britain: The Paternoster Press, 1972) 14


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Abortion workers horrified after seeing intact baby

An abortion clinic worker described what happened at the abortion clinic when aborted baby came out whole and not dismembered and mutilated:

“We had someone pretty much deliver [her aborted baby before the procedure was underway] – and [the baby] wasn’t dismembered, the way all the other fetuses are … we had this totally intact dead fetus …. Normally [it is] in pieces we just put it in the bucket. But it felt so horribly wrong to just throw it in the bucket with all the fetal parts so we got its own jar …. and [the surgical assistant] went outside and picked some flowers and got some leaves and we wrapped it up in one of the blue pads [as a blanket.]”

Lisa A. Martin, PhD, Jane A. Hassinger, MSW, Michelle Debbink, MD, PhD, Lisa H. Harris, MD, PhD “Dangertalk: Voices of abortion providers” Social Science & Medicine 184 (2017)

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Abortionist jailed for manslaughter believes every abortionist has perforated a uterus

Sharon Hampton went to abortionist Bruce Steir for a second trimester abortion. Steir later pleaded guilty to perforating Hampton’s uterus, pulling out part of her bowel, and stuffing it back into her body and sending her home to bleed to death. He was convicted of manslaughter. Years later, Steir wrote:

“The demise of my patient was from a perforation of the uterus. This is a well-known complication. Any experienced abortion provider will admit to having had at least one. If he or she denies ever having perforated a uterus then I must conclude that they either have not performed too many second trimester abortions, or they are in denial, or just covering up with a sense of false pride.”

Bruce Steir Jailhouse Journal of an OB/GYN (Bloomington, Indiana: Author House, 2008) 280

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Pregnant abortionist has no qualms

Abortionist Dr. Pratima Gupta wrote about doing abortions while visibly pregnant:

“It was interesting the number of comments I got. I was trying to hide it for a long time wearing bigger scrubs and wearing my white coat really loose and buttoning it over my belly.

But I got to a point where I just couldn’t hide it anymore despite my best efforts and one time I walked into a patient and her partner looked at up at me and said, ‘Dang Dr. Gupta’… it was just something patients often asked and actually even my colleagues and nurses would say, ‘Don’t you find it hard to do abortions right now while you’re pregnant’?”

Dr. Gupta says “no”.

“I looked at is as this was not their time to become a parent and to continue on with their pregnancy but it was the right time for me.”

JO ABI “Dr. Gupta is pregnant. She’s also an abortion provider.Mama Mia March 11, 2017

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Abortion clinic worker wants to make abortion “beautiful and right.”

A woman who works in an abortion clinic says the following in a blog for abortion workers:

“If I could talk to the president about anything, I’d talk to him about abortion. Basically sacred, an instrument all its own. Let it be. We who wish the best for the women having them, who never ever fall short of empathy—let us dwell in it. Let us usher the women having them. Let us make it beautiful and right.”

Nth Degrees of Abortion” The Abortioneers February 4, 2009

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Abortion worker describes abortion as “attacking her vagina”

From one abortion worker:

“The woman’s lying there, half naked, in a vulnerable position; the doctor is attacking her vagina; you are sitting there, holding her hand – in a weird way you feel like you’re involved in a sexual encounter.”

Carole Joffe The Regulation of Sexuality: Experiences of Family-Planning Workers (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1986) 112

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