Former Clinic Worker: Wendy 2

And Then There Were None is a ministry that reaches out to clinic workers and abortionists and helps them find employment when they leave the abortion industry. Their newsletter, told the story of a woman who left a Planned Parenthood clinic. Her clinic did not perform abortions, but, like all Planned Parenthood clinics, referred patients for them.

Here is her story:

“I was drawn to PP for the same reasons many are…helping woman and men in crisis. I live in a very high poverty area in Northern California. Offering birth control at low or no cost to these women (and female reproductive health care) seemed like a pretty smart idea. Like so many people, my brain was just thinking birth control methods and annual exams.  I genuinely believed that was their goal.

From an abortion at eight weeks

That changed when I was required to go to an abortion clinic in our affiliate in order to observe abortions.  I was asked by my Health Center Director what my thoughts were on my experience…what a trap. She wanted me to use the term “empowering” as I discussed my experience.  Instead, I said it was disturbing. That is when it went down hill for me. Prior to that I often received employee of the month, customer service awards….I actually began refusing them.

After that conversation with my supervisor I quickly realized something…Planned Parenthood does not empower women and I have not been helping them.  We were hindering them from making good choices and being responsible.  We were sending the message “do whatever you want sexually, we will help you take care of any consequences.”

At the end of my time there, I had tried to suggest things that would, by their terms, reduce the number of unintended pregnancies (therefore reducing the number of abortions).  That’s what we said our goal was, right?  But when I suggested that we give reminder calls for birth control injections, pill refills, etc, it was quickly shot down.  They said that would be “too costly in staff time.”  That was too costly, but they had no problem spending $20,000 on wall art?  It became very easy to see their priorities, and it was not on women’s health.

I am so thankful that there is an organization to help people like me.  It is good to know that I am forgiven and that I am not alone.  Thank you, And Then There Were None.

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