Pro-Choicer converts to pro-life after seeing ultrasound

Chris Aubert was pro-choice and the father of two aborted babies. He had willingly gone along with his girlfriends’ abortions and was strongly pro-choice. But when his wife had a sonogram of their first child, his views changed:

“When [his wife] was about eight weeks pregnant, I saw for the first time in my life in the ultrasound waiting room a fetal development chart and was stunned by what it showed.

Before I could process this information, we were called into the ultrasound room. On the screen was that supposedly unviable tissue mass moving around, right before my eyes. I couldn’t believe it, and I pointed at the screen excitedly and said out loud, “I want to meet the person who says that’s not a baby, because there is no doubt that’s a baby!”…

Instantly, I understood the evil of abortion and was flooded with shame and sorrow for having been instrumental in the deaths of two of my own little babies.

Literally only minutes earlier I had been pro-choice; now I was pro-life.”

Patrick Madrid Surprised by Life (Manchester, New Hampshire: Sophia Institute Press, 2017) 107

8 week ultrasound
8 week ultrasound
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Nat Hentoff explains why he became pro-life

Nat Hentoff was a liberal journalist with The Village Voice who surprised many people when he became pro-life.  He was a lifelong atheist. Hentoff explains in this passage what prompted him to consider the pro-life cause.

Baby Jane was an infant who was born disabled. A simple operation could have saved her life, but her parents did not want disabled child and chose to let her die instead.

“… I heard the head of the Reproductive Freedom Rights unit of the ACLU saying at a forum (this was at the same time as the Baby Jane Doe story was developing on Long Island), “I don’t know what all this fuss is about. Dealing with these handicapped infants is really an extension of women’s reproductive rights, women’s rights to control their own bodies.”

That stopped me. It seemed to me that we were not talking about Roe V Wade. These infants were born. And having been born, as persons under the Constitution, they were entitled to at least to the same rights as people on death row – due process, equal protection of the law. So for the first time, I began to pay attention to the “slippery slope” warnings of pro-lifers I read about or had seen on television. Because abortion had become legal and easily available, that argument ran – as you well know – infanticide would eventually become openly permissible, to be followed by euthanasia for infirm, expensive senior citizens.”

Rachael McNair and Stephen Zunes, eds. Consistently Opposing Killing (Bloomington, Indiana: Author’s Choice Press, 2008, 2011) 26

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British woman discovers abortion is killing when her baby survives abortion attempt

A woman named Margaret tells the story of her abortions. and how her daughter was born:

“The first time I was 26 and involved with a married colleague, and after three months I found out that I was pregnant.

At first I thought I was having a child with the man I loved, but when he came back with the news he was going to get back with his wife, that’s when it changed from being a baby to a problem.

I didn’t think I could cope. There were emotional influences, being ashamed, telling my parents that I was pregnant, and having to leave work.

I was feeling fear and panic. I was reacting to a crisis and I had never had a crisis like that in my life.

My life was out of control and I wanted to get back to normal.

I went to the British Pregnancy Advice Service for counselling. I asked if at ten weeks it was a baby and they said, ‘No, it’s just cells.”

Preborn baby at 9-10 weeks
Preborn baby at 9-10 weeks

I felt like it wasn’t a baby and that was my get-out clause; I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Afterwards I was emotionally numb and although I didn’t have an emotional breakdown, I became anorexic. I was promiscuous for some time. But at the time I didn’t think it had anything to do with the abortion.

But nine years later there was an almost repeat – I met a guy at work and I didn’t know he was married.

The second time we went out we had intercourse and I took the risk of unprotected sex as I thought as an older woman I couldn’t possibly become pregnant.

But I did. Two weeks later I realised and had that same feeling of panic, I couldn’t believe I was back in this crisis.

I had an abortion, but ten weeks later my period hadn’t come back, I went back to the doctor who said I was still pregnant.

They sent me for a scan and that is when my denial ended. When I saw that baby with its heart beating, I knew that nine years ago I had destroyed a baby.

Before my daughter was born four months later I was worried how I would love it, but when she was born the feelings were just amazing.

I realised that I had been reacting out of fear and not really thinking. I was in denial: ‘It wasn’t really a baby but cells.’

Women deserve more than abortion in a crisis. There are other options, why should the death of a baby be the only answer?”

Abortion stories: Relief and regretBBC News 24 October 2007

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Pro-life Reverend tells his story

Reverend Paul Schneck, president of the National Clergy Council for Operation Rescue, tells the story of how he became pro-life:

“I suppose I’ve always been pro-life by conviction, but in truth I was pro-choice by default. I paid lip service to those who opposed abortion, but I never really did anything about it. That is, until about two years ago.

It all started when a young couple came to my office to see me. They placed a garbage bag on my desk and told me to open it. Inside were the mutilated bodies of four aborted babies. They were disemboweled. Their tiny arms and legs had been torn from their torsos. They had been decapitated.

For the first time I realized what abortion really was – the deliberate, premeditated murder of a preborn baby. For years I’d heard the numbers: 15 million, 18 million, 22 million, but they were just that – numbers. Now I knew better. On my desk was the gruesome evidence! I couldn’t pretend any longer.”

He became active with Operation Rescue and was repeatedly arrested for trying to prevent abortions.

Richard Exley Abortion: Pro-Life by Conviction, Pro-Choice by Default (Tulsa, Oklahoma: Honor Books, 1989) 64

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New pro-lifer thought early abortion was “mass of tissue”

On the Priests for Life website, people post reactions to the graphic photos the site shows. One woman became pro-life after seeing photos of first trimester aborted babies. She says:

“I have always believed that an early abortion was just removing a mass of tissue. I realized after looking at this site I have been so wrong. Thank you for showing this to help people understand innocent children are being killed no matter how early the procedure is done. I will share this information with everyone I know. – Julie”

Pro-choice to Pro-life: Comments From Our Visitors Regarding the Graphic Photos of Abortion on our Website Priests for Life. Here.

Visited 2/10/2018

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Man becomes pro-life after seeing “tissue sample”

Jim Caley decided to get involved in the pro-life movement after he saw the body of a preborn baby at the lab where he worked:

“Jim spoke of working in a lab where one day he was sent into a storage room to get a tissue sample and there saw a perfect baby in a jar of formaldehyde – another “tissue sample.” That event affected his heart and thinking to where he was drawn to oppose abortion more actively.”

James H Trott Was That Thunder? A Memoir of Pro-Life Rescue, 1988 – 1997 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Oak and Yew Press, 2015) 123

it is not clear whether this baby was aborted or stillborn, but the child was being handled simply as another specimen, with no recognition of his or her humanity.


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Picture makes pro-choicer into pro-lifer

This is one of the comments on Priests for Life’s website. The poster is responding to pictures of aborted babies.

“The pictures of abortions made me sick!! I was pro choice. I now see no other option then life..thank you so much for the graphic nature, it really hits home. If I can share this with just one other person and change their minds as well, maybe one life can be saved.. – JT”

Pro-choice to Pro-life: Comments From Our Visitors Regarding the Graphic Photos of Abortion on our Website Priests for Life

Visited 2/10/2018

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Woman writes about how her husband became pro-life

A wife wrote about how she convinced her husband to oppose abortion by showing him pictures of abortion victims:

“I have never considered abortion and I never will. My husband however never understood what abortion is and what it actually does to an unborn child. I showed him your site and he has completely changed his mind on abortion. Your site is heartbreaking to me but I hope that it continues to save many more babies. – TM”

Pro-choice to Pro-life: Comments From Our Visitors Regarding the Graphic Photos of Abortion on our Website Priests for Life

Visited 2/10/2018

See some pictures like the ones that changed her husband’s mind.

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Catholic convert explains why she became pro-life

On the Priests for Life website, one person comments:

“I am a recently confirmed Catholic who has always been teetering on whether or not abortion is acceptable or not. After seeing photos of babies burned, and hearing the women speak of their experience at the clinic, I knew that in all of abortion’s existence; it is wrong – wholly wrong. … DD”

Pro-choice to Pro-life: Comments From Our Visitors  Regarding the Graphic Photos of Abortion on our Website, Priests for Life

Visited 2/10/2018

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Pregnant mom sees ultrasound, becomes pro-life

One pro-choice woman became pro-life after watching her baby develop on ultrasound. Her visits to the obstetrician let her see her baby girl as she developed in the womb.

“When I went to my prenatal appointments, we would take pictures of Avalon via the ultrasound. I would study those pictures each month, and I was surprised by how well-developed she was while in the womb. I could see her tiny hands, and I watched as she would put her thumb in her mouth, blink her eyes, and yawn. She was so precious, so delicate, and so beautiful! After looking, evaluating, and cherishing those precious photos, I realized how soon life is created and formed in the womb, and I knew that what was growing inside of me was not just a blob of tissue, but a complete and formed baby – a real, live human being. Now, obviously, my perspective on abortion has changed… At one time I was pro-abortion; now I am pro-life.”

Cheryl Chew Make Me Your Choice (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers, 2006) 91 – 92


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