Sarah Terzo covered the abortion issue for over 13 years as a professional journalist. In this capacity, she has written nearly a thousand articles about abortion and read over 850 books on the topic. She has been researching and writing about abortion since attending The College of New Jersey (class of 1997) where she minored in Women’s Studies.

Sarah Terzo is a supporter of the Consistent Life Ethic, a philosophy that values all human life from conception to natural death and opposes war, the death penalty, euthanasia, abortion, and all forms of government-sanctioned violence. CLE supporters also work for racial justice and advocate for the poor and disadvantaged, in the US and abroad.  

As a member of the LGBT community and a person with a disability, Sarah Terzo hopes for a world where every human being can live free from violence and discrimination, whether based on sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ability, nation of origin, citizenship, income, age, or any other factor. 

Photo of Sarah Terzo

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