Study shows half of relationships end after abortion

“In a study of 344 post-abortive women at the Akron Pregnancy Services Center in Akron, Ohio, during 1988 – 1993, 49% reported that the relationship with the father of the unborn child ended soon after their abortion. Approximately six years after their abortion, only 22% were married, and 67% remained single.”

Lee Ellen Gsellman “Physical and Psychological Injury in Women Following Abortion: Akron Pregnancy Services Survey” Association for Interdisciplinary Research Newsletter 5 (4), September/October 1993, 1 – 8

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Husband doesn’t understand why his wife had an abortion

From Jerry, whose wife had an abortion against his will:

“I can’t understand how my wife could do such a thing. We didn’t have money problems. We didn’t have family problems. Our two existing children were at school so there was no reason why we couldn’t have had the baby. Except that she didn’t want it. Something died in me that morning and I can’t see my wife the way I used to see her. I don’t know if we can survive this.”

They later divorced.

Anne R Lastman Redeeming Grief: Abortion and Its Pain (Balwyn, Vic: Australia: Gracewing, 2013) 122

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“After the abortion, I just hated him.”

A woman named Hannah who had an abortion describes how she felt about her partner afterwards:

“After the abortion I just hated him. I had wanted him to take control and tell me he loved our baby and me. Instead he couldn’t wait for the abortion to happen. It was like nothing to him, but to me it was our baby. I’ll never forgive him! He killed our love and our life together.”

Anne R Lastman Redeeming Grief: Abortion and Its Pain (Balwyn, Vic: Australia: Gracewing, 2013) 122

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Woman hoped her husband would stop abortion, they later divorce

Frederica Mathewes-Green sat with groups of women and listened to their abortion stories. She recalls one story:

“She voices the secret hope many aborting women harbor: “When I was at the clinic waiting for the abortion, I kept hoping my husband would show up. I kept hoping he would come in and say, “Don’t do this! I changed my mind!” but he didn’t show up. The marriage grew tense and they divorced a few months later.”

Frederica Mathewes-Green Real Choices: Listening to Women, Looking for Alternatives to Abortion (Felicity Press; 3 edition, April 16, 2013) Kindle version

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Abortion researcher: Almost every couple’s relationship ended

Linda Bird Francke interviewed men and women in abortion clinics and after their abortions for her book The Ambivalence of Abortion. She says:

“In my research, almost every relationship between single people broke up either before or after the abortion. What had been pleasure became pain. What had been frivolous became heavy. Sex, which had brought intimacy and relief, brought memories of pain and guilt.”

Linda Bird Francke The Ambivalence of Abortion (New York: Random House, 1978) 47

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Counselor says that half of relationships break up after abortion

Bruce Rappaport is the program director of the Men’s Support Center, an abortion counseling organization. He has experience counseling men whose partners have had abortions. According to Rappaport, although they’ve done no official study, counselors at his centers have found that half of all relationships break up after the woman has an abortion.

Rappaport said this in an article he wrote for Mademoiselle:

Bruce Rappaport “Abortion: Are Men There When Women Need Them Most?” Mademoiselle April 1981, 253

Read more about relationships breaking up after abortion here.

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Abortion “poisoned marriage” and led to divorce

From one woman who had an abortion:

“I sit alone in my rented flat, work full time to keep myself occupied, and think of the child who would be 7 ½ now if we had allowed it to live,” recalls a divorced woman in her 40s. Her husband had been “horrified” when she discovered she was pregnant, and he told her it would make him unhappy for the rest of his life. Reluctantly, she had the abortion under pressure from her husband, but it poisoned the marriage and they subsequently got divorced. “The worst aspect of the whole business is that he now says he regrets terribly “the baby business”. He realizes that he was quite wrong. But nothing can heal the divisions of the past. We are both to bitter.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 69 – 70

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Woman pressured into abortion: “our love turned to dust”

Writer Mary Kenny wrote about a woman whose partner pressured her into an abortion. She says:

“When I said I was pregnant,” wrote one young woman, “It just didn’t seem to register with my lover. “Well, you can get rid of it, can’t you?” He said. I had felt so romantic towards him, so much in love that I thought our love would be forever. With the pregnancy, he turned quite cold towards me. I had the abortion, because that was what he wanted, but now our love has turned to dust and I feel very, very sad.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 69

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