Legal Abortion Death: Liliana Cortez, 22

Researcher Kevin Sherlock documented the death of a 22-year-old woman:

“Liliana Cortez, a 22-year-old housekeeper from Guatemala, suffered a cardiac arrest while undergoing an abortion at Her Medical Clinic on September 20, 1986.

According to Liliana’s family’s attorney, subpoenaed records show Her staffers caused a 40-minute delay in the arrival of paramedics after Liliana went into cardiac arrest. Paramedics took Liliana, who was also an asthmatic, to a nearby hospital, where she died five days later.

A medical examiner in the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office determined the staffers at Her Medical Clinic caused Liliana’s death.”

Source: Los Angeles Herald Examiner 2/22/88

Kevin Sherlock The Scarlet Survey (Akron, Ohio, Brennyman Books, 1997) 42

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Author: TA Smith

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