Woman chooses life for baby with Down syndrome with help of pregnancy center

Two authors who worked at a pregnancy resource center told the following story:

“Trina was nearing 40 with three nearly-grown children. She was less than happy with her positive pregnancy test. As a Christian, she believed abortion was wrong and had no intention of ending her pregnancy, but when her Amniotic Fluid Test indicated a possibility of Down’s Syndrome, she struggled with that decision…

Trina decided to go through with the pregnancy. Our staff offered all of the encouragement and prayer we could during her pregnancy. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Hope.

Hope was about six months old when Trina came in one day to get diapers and other baby items. It was unusually quiet at the center that day, so we sat and visited for a while. Little Hope giggled and cooed away in her car seat, kicking her little feet.

Trina grew quiet and didn’t say anything for a minute or two. Finally, she brushed a tear from her eye and said, “Just look at her. She’s so perfect. There’s nothing wrong with her. I can’t tell you how I shudder to think that she might not have been in my life.”

Mary Ann Gustin and Peggy R Hembree Let the Miracles Begin (2016) 47

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Author: TA Smith

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