Christian woman has abortion, regrets it

A post-abortive woman named Bell told her story:

“I had been raised in church. I was trying to live a Christian life… What made it worse was my boyfriend, who grew up his whole life in the church…

My best friend, who was also a Christian, tried to talk me out of it. But I didn’t listen, I remember going to the clinic in a daze. They put me under, so I don’t have any recollection. I just remember waking up in a panic. The realization of what I had done was overwhelming.

Before the procedure was done, I had an ultrasound and I saw my unborn child. When I woke up that was the first thing I saw before my eyes closed. A few weeks later, I had to go back to the clinic for a checkup.

I just remember sitting there in the waiting room, wanting to tell the girls there not to do it. I wanted to say something to make them turn back from what would probably be one of the biggest mistakes of their lives. But I didn’t know what to say…

My boyfriend and I stayed together, it made us stronger, but sometimes I threw it in his face. If only he had been more supportive. If only, I had to realize that it hurt him just as much as it hurt me.

I was really hurt when his little sister became pregnant. His family was so happy, and I felt so guilty that I had denied them a chance to get to know their grandchild and nephew, for, in my heart, I know it was a boy. I still struggle with it.”

Martha Jensen Abortion: Information and One’s Own Journey (2020)

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Author: TA Smith

Sarah Terzo is a pro-life writer and blogger. She is on the board of The Consistent Life Network and PLAGAL +

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