Late Term Abortion Video

This video shows a late term abortion where the baby is removed intact.  This baby was first injected with poison and killed before being delivered this way. This is why you do not see him reacting as he is pulled from the woman’s body. The majority of abortions done at this time are done on healthy mothers carrying healthy babies.

To read more about late term abortions, go here.

Read about women who have repeat late term abortions here.

Although above was a late term abortion, often ones done early are just as gruesome. Below is a picture of some pieces left behind after an abortion at seven weeks after conception.

7 wk dia

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Author: TA Smith

Sarah Terzo is a pro-life writer and blogger. She is on the board of The Consistent Life Network and PLAGAL +

166 thoughts on “Late Term Abortion Video”

  1. So im not going to be a hypocrite and do all kinds of name calling… but, to all those who are for abortions, fine you have your opinion and right too but if you know that your not ready for a child, why would you go and open your legs and make one? it don’t matter if it was an accident ( the condom broke or birth control failure)obviously if you don’t want babies don’t have sex because the last time I checked. sex is for MAKING BABIES… DUH. you want pleasure go buy a toy. and my heart goes out to those who were rapped and have to make the decision whether to keep it or abort it. That is a different story. But for those who are just wanting to be having sex but aren’t ready for that type of commitment, you know your dead wrong. Yes some of you are right about teen mothers on welfare because they kept the baby and what not, but in all honesty. We wouldn’t have that problem if some of these parents would raise their children right and not letting them run around like a bunch of raging hormones. Especially to the mothers who have had children at a young age (like my self)should be enforcing that a struggle and consequences come with that territory. With all the crap that our newest generations have isn’t exactly helping either. I mean come on, twerk teams and dressing like thots, getting turned up, yea real classy ladies. Then wanna demand respect from dudes, oh and wait when they do get you prego cause you was turnt up, they end up saying it aint mine or what you gonna do? indicating that he isn’t trying to have a family with you or go that route with you, but then again who would want to? I know if I was guy I wouldn’t want to have the mother of my children bragging about 400 likes for shaking her non famous ass on some vine video screaming turnt up. So All that being said, if your not ready for a baby you probably shouldn’t be having sex at all. Oh yea and another thing, remember your mother had the same choice, but your still here… My heart and prayers go out to all the Baby boys and girls that were discarded like a used pad.

    1. U are so right. I completely and utterly agree with u. They should close their legs instead of spreadin themselves around and then these beautiful little babies suffer ?

  2. Most of what I have to say is to the believers who are expressing some very strong feelings. I was unable to concieve and bear a child but God gave us three beautiful babies to love forever. That joy has trippled because they grew up and have given us three young children, a teenager, plus inlaws to brighten our lives. I will always be thankful for those three young women who chose to carry and bear their babies and then gave them up because they were unable to care for them. Im also thankful for the fathers that signed away their parental rights as well. Not everyone is strong enough to do the right thing. All my life i have been surrounded by people that love and support me so I cannot possibly understand what it feels like to feel unloved and alone. I just know that i can’t be someone else’s conscience and force them to have those babies. To those Christians who are combatant on the issue, Jesus did not demand obedience to the law. When He rebuked someone, He did it gently, in love. I think if we would concern ourselves enough to actually help these women that feel like they don’t have another choice, we could at least possibly prevent the subsequent abortions. I am challenging both believers and unbelievers to step up to the plate and deliver. Some of us have the time, others have the money to donate so that we can do something to support them regardless of their choices because, in reality, they are victims too.

    1. It is possible to oppose abortion and still have compassion on those who give in and have abortions. I would say the answer is to try and help young women and girls who are under pressure to have their babies, rather than just saying we can’t oppose abortion. Abortion hurts women- i have seen so many who were pressured into abortions who later suffered.

  3. I can’t possibly respond to all the idiots here. This is insane. Who knows what kind of environment this child might have been born into? Or the mother may have just found out she was pregnant, it does happen. Who knows if it may have had a genetic disability? What if the woman was raped- you think she should be forced to carry it to term?

    Someone posted, “Are you going to be there for her when she cries herself to sleep everytnight over her ‘Choice’”
    Are you all going to “be there for her” and help support all these babies that you want to survive? You care when they’re in danger of being aborted in the womb, but then also love to ridicule low-income, teenage, or otherwise “unfit” mothers once they have these babies. Why don’t you share your salaries and homes with these women if you want them to carry to term so desperately? Start a women’s shelter in your living room and care for the unwanted newborns, then we’ll talk. You’re probably all rich, white, conservatives anyway.

    I had an abortion because I didn’t have enough money, I wasn’t in a stable and loving relationship, and I wanted to live more of my life the way I wanted to before having children. There’s nothing wrong with that. I am a fully formed human being, and I think that trumps the rights of a fetus. Was I sad? A little. But nothing that has ruined my life. And abortions are safe (when done legally, so let’s keep it that way!) and I know that I can plan for kids when I’m ready to.

    And just to cover my bases for responses here, I do absolutely love the ” well what if you had been aborted?” comeback. Uh, what if I had? Fine, I wouldn’t exist. I wouldn’t have been aware of my existence and wouldn’t have felt any pain, etc. Poof. I wouldn’t be typing this. But luckily there are millions of other women (and men) who are pro-choice and will fight for keeping these options safe and legal.

    I don’t believe that there is any man in the sky judging what we do or don’t do. I was raised a Christian, and like to believe that if there is a God, he’s nowhere near the judgmental asshole you all make him out to be 🙂 “Jesus loves me” was what I was taught in Sunday school, you know the song? He loves us, no matter what- if he exists. I think he understands that I’m doing the best I can. That we all are. Abortions will happen no matter what- I’d sure rather have them done safely in hospitals and clinics than illegally on the streets.

    1. Dear Father in Heaven , I seek you in prayer for this woman (Andrea). In Jesus Name PLEASE open her eyes to the true spirit behind abortions !! Give her true understanding on the unborn !! Please deliver her form the lies she holds on to ! Give her real true understanding of abortions! Father in Jesus Name I pray for her salvation !! In the Name of Jesus I prayAmen !!!!!

        1. God has plenty to do with it, because the child in your womb is created by Him and the person whom you chose to have sex with.

        2. God has everything to do with it how dear you say that !!!!every women who dose this horrible crime will pay a eternity price!!!

      1. Haha. Oh man. I saved the link to this so I could come back and see if any crazies had replied to me. Yep.
        Well, “god” hasn’t changed my mind about it yet. Sorry about that. I make my own choices, not some being in the sky.

        1. Andrea I agree with 100%. I am 31yrs old with 4children whom I love very much and I am grateful to have them. But I’m 100% pro choice. It is a womans right to choose what to do with her body and yes that includes anything in it or on it. If I wouldve gotten pregnant bc of rape or incest your damn right I wouldve had an abortion. And no I dont think that choice wouldve ruined my life forever. My two oldest children are both girls. Ages 13 and 11 and bc of things they see on social media and the fact that are girls that they go to school with that are pregnant we’ve had the safe sex talk. Yes I was vey clear that they are way to young for sex, babies and so on. Weve talked about no matter what age they are if they think they might have sex come talk to me and we’ll do birth control. But most importantly I’ve also reassured both my daughters that if they choose to have sex at a young age and lie to me about(face a lot of girls now are doing that) and become pregnant they have three options that my fiance and myself would both be supportive of… 1. keep the baby 2. adoption and 3. abortion. Yes depending on the age(which I hope is nothing under 18 if then) will determine what input/advice I give them but in the end it is there choice bc its there body not mine or anyone elses. So again regardless what anyone might comment on this I always have and always will be pro choice and till the day I die I will fight for mine, my daughters and every other womans choice to choose what happens to their body. Inside and Out!!!

    2. We kind of are all there for women after birth. Wic, food stamps, unemployment to help the mother get back to work, govt. insurance, support groups. Do you really and truly think that money comes out of Obama’s pocket? Nope, tax payers. Why pay taxes to help people when they take away the life that could benefit from it. I would rather a single mom take the money i put into the govt. assistance collection bin rather than some party crazy college kid who spends all of his/her money on booze and pot so they need money for food. Now I’m not going to throw religion at you i have not been to church in 4 years and haven’t prayed or read the bible even longer than that but I will say I am a white conservative so you nailed that one but I am neither rich nor have anyone in my family who is, we fished for our food. Literally. So while you want to lump the pro life as all “idiots” I guess that would would only be opening a window for me to call you a “murdering whore” right? Since were stereotyping here, yes? No, I’m better than name calling so I will just state that was all hypothetical because I have never met you so why call you a “murdering whore”. However I am sorry for your poor innocent child who was killed due to carelessness.

    3. Andrea, I cannot believe how cold your heart is. So we should kill babies because we don’t know what environment they will be born into? You are belittling everyone here in order to justify your murderous act of snuffing out your baby’s life. You oppress the weak and defenseless in order to fulfill your own selfish desires. You are truly evil. And I can assure you that God will judge all evil and punish the guilty. god is not some wishy-washy mamby pamby that lets evil go unpunished. You WILL answer to God for killing your baby. And what if God reveals to you that you aborted the one person who would have found a cure for breast cancer? That would mean that not only are you responsible for the death of your baby, but you have also condemned millions of women to death due to your selfish act. But even if that’s not the case, do not think for one minute that God will not punish evil. He will! And you will answer to Him for killing your baby.

    4. “You’re probably all rich, white, conservatives anyway.”

      And you’re an ignorant racist. It’s actually the rich that push for abortions–especially those who make money off of it. Furthermore, most people who are pro-life are women. And pro-life people are of various ethnicities, age, beliefs, and sexual preferences. Alveda King–niece of Dr. Martin Luther King– is a black woman, and she’s pro-life. There are even pro-life atheists! Nat Henoff was a writer for the ultra-liberal Village Voice, he’s an atheist, a leftist, and a card-carrying member of the ACLU. He’s also pro-life.

  4. U are soooooo wrong! U need to b done the way u did that child. So many women like myself fight to get there babies here and u kill urs! U should b done same way u did that baby! U DONT DESERVE KIDS!!!!!!!!

    1. No one should be calling ANYONE a murderer for this you do not know their story that is extremely rude. You have a right to your opinion but last I checked you are not god. And maybe you should read the bible again because clearly you think you are free from sin. If there is a god he wouldn’t appreciate your stone throwing. Shut up bible thumper.

      1. “No one should be calling ANYONE a murderer for this you do not know their story that is extremely rude.”

        If you end a human life for selfish reasons, you’re a murderer! Plain and simple!

        “You have a right to your opinion but last I checked you are not god.”

        And neither are you! Besides, God expects us to speak up for the innocent being led to death, and to speak out against evil.

        “And maybe you should read the bible again because clearly you think you are free from sin.”

        I never murdered a baby, I’ll tell you that! And have YOU read the Bible?

        “If there is a god he wouldn’t appreciate your stone throwing.”

        Like what you’re doing right now?

        “Shut up bible thumper”

        Christians will NEVER be silent on abortion! Deal with it! Make us shut up!

  5. Ive had ababortions. And would do again. BUT EVEN I KNOW THIS IS WRONG . You don’t do this . If she wanted a abortion it should have been done 4-12 weeks. Not 6-7 months. That lady should have been made to see her stupidity. She should also have to pay for burial. Then tubes tied. Like I said, I’ve had abortions, I believe in them, but early, not like this peace of shit had. That’s no woman, that’s scum

    1. totally agree monica first person on this thread that talks sense apart from GOD this and GOD that xx

      1. Andrea, Monica is not saying her abortion was ok. Because I can also tell from experience that abortion is your choice! but have the decency for the other life (YOUR BABY) you are giving up on, that they feel, hear and have a heart beat!!! the baby doesn’t choose to be created, you as a person make that decision, when you decide to have sex.

        Going back to Monica I agree with her saying that there is a better time for you to have an abortion rather than waiting until the child can feel, hear and has a heart beat.

        I had an abortion for my own reasons, and it hurt me so much that I will never forget it, nor will I say it was the right thing to do. I was the young girl in school that always said abortion is wrong and felt strongly about it. Girls shouldn’t be having unprotected sex if they cant live with the circumstances it follows. I was very naive and I thank my parents, that I’m still naive and still believe that it is wrong. But I wouldn’t judge because it is that person’s choice!

        In this case, in this video the baby is alive, it has feeling, and a heart beat no one has the right to choose whether a human lives or dies!!! in this case she could have made a choice based on how the baby would feel, because the baby did go through pain, and yes I’m sure it was fast, BUT THAT IS NO ONES RIGHT!

        As I said before I was in a very unstable relationship and fell pregnant knowing it could happen! I had to make a choice and I chose to work things out with my boyfriend! It was the hardest decision I ever had to make! Because both of us were happy when we found out! It was hard on both of us. But I gave myself a week to make a choice as hard as it was, that time I thought about myself but most importantly about the babies life, what it would have been like. I am sure if I went through with it, I would have loved and cared deeply for my baby, and I would have gotten through it, because millions of women all over the world have babies everyday, unplanned, planned, single, but yet they have never looked back! thats what I believe. Because things work out the way they meant to.

        I am now 4 months pregnant and I am so excited, because I know there is no greater love than the one I am looking forward to meeting. I’m not talking about the love I will give (knowing it will be like nothing i thought love was) but the love my baby will bring me!!! there is nothing better.

        So I just had to say, that people do have choices, and you will learn from them, whether it was a bad choice or a good one. But no one can truly plan to have kids, because the ones that plan are also scared and also think they not sure if they can do it. But we humans and that what we are here to do is live life but also to create one.

        I just hope that women start thinking not just about themselves!

        Monica, stop having sex if you always having abortions, because one day when you are ready you wont be able to have children, I know because my mother is a doctor! Because to Andrea that isnt OK.

  6. 99% of what I have read on here is Pro-Life rubbish do any of you stop to think about a mother who is not mentally capable via different means? or what about rape? why should a mother look at her child knowing that it is a result of rape? what about rape of under the age of consent child? also as for all the GOD worshipers have any of you actually read the bible front to back and then back to front again? I myself have done this and also studied evolution, I would like to point out the bible is highly contradictory! but god worshipers pick bits out and stick to it they fail to mention that god commands rape and murder etc. in the bible I have don’t many lectures on god V evolution, so DO NOT criticise me!! I am very highly educated even more so that you lot that go to church pretending to love god etc.

    1. To point out further grab your bible people and read Deuteronomy 22:23-24 in lame terms it is death to the rape victim. therefore should the rape victim be pregnant she they are also killing the unborn child should it be in the form of a zygote, blastocyst or foetus!!!

      1. Dr Craig,

        It astounds me that someone with your intellect is so blinded by their knowledge.
        Even though your “smart” and use bible verses and recite them by heart,
        by miss imparting Scripture you destroy your credibility and not the Author of Life.

        Unfortunately that makes it hard to believe you read the bible through and through. You probably did but without the Spirit guiding you on the path.

        For many a man/woman reads the bible, some to know of it others to learn from it some to miss use it, but few to teach, belief and life it…

        Now to clarify the passage of Scripture you miss imparted,
        Deuteronomy 22:22-24 : ADULTERY

        22 “If a man be found lying with a woman married to a husband, then they shall both of them die, both the man that lay with the woman and the woman; so shalt thou put away evil from Israel.
        23 “If a damsel who is a virgin be betrothed unto a husband, and a man find her in the city and lie with her,
        24 then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones, that they die — the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city, and the man, because he hath humbled his neighbor’s wife; so thou shalt put away evil from among you.

        From the passage all can clearly see its about adultery, yes cheating on your spouse or betrothed is a sin. One of the Ten Commandments punishable by death. To those who commit adultery it may seem harsh but think what it imply, if your unfaithful to your betrothed you will be unfaithful to God.

        If all will read a bit on you will read my/our Lord’s view on RAPE also.

        Deuteronomy 22:25-27 : RAPE

        25 But if a man find a betrothed damsel in the field, and the man force her, and lie with her: then the man only that lay with her shall die.
        26 But unto the damsel thou shalt do nothing; there is in the damsel no sin worthy of death: for as when a man riseth against his neighbour, and slayeth him, even so is this matter:
        27 For he found her in the field, and the betrothed damsel cried, and there was none to save her.

        As all can see my/our Lord clearly draws a definite line between adulterated consensual sex and rape both are punishable by death. It may seem harsh but the victims of the latter will agree its a fitting punishment… in both cases the woman could have saved there own life “by crying out”[denying the man] the latter sets the woman aside from punishment as she had no means to defend herself or someone to come to her aid

        And yes my/our Lord speaks against abortion in Scripture,

        Exodus 21:22-25 : ABORTION

        22 If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.
        23 And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,
        24 Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,
        25 Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe

        May Lord God and Father is clear about His views, life is precious!!!

        I end with this fought for all, in a world full of hate, war, pain, misery, famine, poverty to name a few. Would it not be better to belief in Him than ridicule His hope, love, grace, mercy and promise of eternal life without our destructive nature and will.
        God bless all and strengthen your will even if its like Pharaoh, all is to the glory of His name.
        I’ll pray now for you to Dr Craig even thou you don’t belief…

    2. Dr Craig , I believe one day YOU will see the God you rejected with shame and regret ! You will also remember everyone who cared enough to try to reach you with the truth ! You put us down because we care for you and your soul! Dear Father in Heaven I pray for
      Dr. Craig ! Father in Jesus Name please open his/her eyes ! Let him/her see the true spirit behind abortions ! I pray you surround him with Your LOVE !! please deliver him from the lies he has chosen to believe ! Forgive him/her !! I pray for his/her salvation !! Please reveal Your truth to him/her !!!In Jesus Name I pray Amen !!!!! Thank you Father ! Thank You Jesus !!!!!!

    3. “99% of what I have read on here is Pro-Life rubbish do any of you stop to think about a mother who is not mentally capable via different means? or what about rape? why should a mother look at her child knowing that it is a result of rape? what about rape of under the age of consent child? also as for all the GOD worshipers have any of you actually read the bible front to back and then back to front again? I myself have done this and also studied evolution, I would like to point out the bible is highly contradictory! but god worshipers pick bits out and stick to it they fail to mention that god commands rape and murder etc. in the bible I have don’t many lectures on god V evolution, so DO NOT criticise me!! I am very highly educated even more so that you lot that go to church pretending to love god etc.”

      For someone who is “highly educated,” your grammar and spelling are atrocious! And how dare you stigmatize a child conceived through rape, as if it’s somehow the child’s fault! If you found out you were conceived through rape ar eyou going to volunteer to kill yourself? If you found out that someone you loved dearly was conceived through rape, would you say to that person “You should never have been born, because you are a child of a rapist?”

      And NOWHERE in the Bible does God command murder, and He certainly does NOT command rape. You have proven that you are highly uneducated.

  7. Abortion is a crime yeah but the bible says no matter how red your sins are, I will forgive those will seek forgiveness from me

  8. Abortion is a crime yeah but the bible says no matter how red ur sins are, I will forgive those who will seek forgiveness from guys you have a chance to be forgiven,

  9. To all the uninformed populations at a late term abortion the butcher (Dr) needs to make sure baby is dead inside the womb for that they use different medications to stop babies heart some are given as a shot in the mothers belly or orally taken. Why is this simple they know most of this cases will be live births and Dr does not want any problems with the law. It’s true the baby on the video seem to not have bones completely develop yet that’ because his bones and thicker skin will reproduce in the last two months . So to all those pro_ choicers instead of thinking this is a joke its not. Second of all yes we have the right to chose over our body but there’s also prevention don’t give me the rape or the mortally ill mother because most of these abortions are done out of lack of responsibility by us women. One last thing u don’t value life do yourself a favor get sterilized it will solve the problem to become a murderer.

    1. people do NOT understand !!! But one day they will !! although they have NO EXCUSE !! We have enough proof that abortions are wrong ! We need to pray more hearts will change !! With God ALL ALL things are possible

  10. You lot are dumb as hell. It clearly says that the baby had been healthy and was killed with poison before being aborted. The baby was murdered.

  11. Hello Guys,
    I’m a 13 year old Catholic and I am Pro-life, and I am not ashamed to admit it, I would like to share a message Our Blessed Mother in Lipa said on 1990s: “This is a message to all Parents and abortionists, Abortion is the only sin that hurts and makes the Heart of my Son (Jesus) and my Heart bleed, this is a great offense to God, who is the author of life, these babies do not ask to be born”. We should stop now, It hurts God very much… how long will we deny this ?, too much lives have been wasted far enough! Pray Everyone especially the unborn. Also for those people who are not catholic, I am not expecting you to believe, it is enough that you do not believe these holy apparitions, but look towards the relevance of these messages, We Pro- Lifers have one thing in common, to stop the murder of these innocent beings, these are not blobs of flesh, these are humans!, Eversince conception, a soul is already placed in these innocent children of God… Pls. Think of what you Pro abortionist say, You support the unlawful kiling of these babies who don’t deserve it….. that is all im gonna say,… God Bless you all

    1. I agree with you !!!! Thank you for caring !!! The Lord will bless you ! Please do not ever change !!!!!!

      1. AGAIN a 13 year old child brainwashed with GOD. GOD DID NOT create this life TWO human beings ( man and woman) created this life!! if got created this life why didn’t he wave his magic finger like he did with virgin Mary and do it all again? and yes the catholic church now recognises theistic evolution(ism) although Catholics are free NOT to believe if they wish! also if god was real why would he sympathise with catholic paedophiles they should all be condemned to death end of! and before you try to state anything the catholic church is renown for paedophiles.

        1. I couldn’t imagine how Dr Craig live a life without God.
          We hope you’ll understand everything before God will come back here on earth. Don’t close your mind! if your a doctor, your a scientist, and not all scientists prove everything that exists. I’ll pray for you!

  12. It doesn’t matter what you say, that baby clearly was not going to live. It didn’t even look like there were any bones in that body. That baby was already dead upon coming out, and judging by the way the baby came out feet first, this was not a standard abortion, this appears to be a still birth. If anybody would educate themselves before judging the woman in the video, then maybe you would know something. I am a godly woman, and I must say that anyone who watches this video and judges that woman before doing any research on this should be ashamed of themselves. You all are saying that you are praying for those people, or they will burn in hell, but you are using GOD’S name to shame those people and that is a terrible, horrible thing. Considering all He has done for us, you would think that He deserves more than his own children using his name to shame his other children.

    1. As I said below, abortions at this stage are done by injecting poison into the unborn baby several days prior to the removal of the child. So yes, the baby was dead when he or she was taken out of the mother. But that does not mean this was not an abortion. Hundreds of abortions a day take place at this stage of pregnancy. The majority of them are elective, that is, not because of an injury or illness of the woman of a child. I think you were the one who needs more education.

      It saddens me to think that one who claims to be a follower of Christ, who epitomize love and compassion for people, would countenance the killing of innocent human beings

      1. Please remember many who claim to be Christian are are not !!Paul talks about carnal Christians! They refuse to give up the world teachings ! They fear what man will say !! They fear man not God ! Some want the god of this world !! Not the God of creation !! The god of this world fits their life styles and the desires of their heart!! They want a god in the image of man !!Pray for them !! Some can and will be saved through prayer !!! Your sister in Christ Kandy!!

    2. When he pulled it out he twitched clearly so it was alive for one and also of corse it wouldn’t have completely developed bones he wasn’t completely developed that’s what abortion is. Removing undeveloped babies

      1. Clearly you need more educated. As the video said he’s injected with poison. Yes he’s not completely developed BUT the baby is still alive. So yes the BABY was MURDERED

    3. You are very wrong ! Late term abortion are done FEET FIRST for a reason !!! And God will judge us for NOT NOT NOT SPEAKING out about this form of evil !! Please look up late term abortions before you speak out against Christians who speak out !!!! When you face God you ask Him the truth of abortions ! God will judge us for what we do and do not do !! To the one who fear speaking out the truth will be judged !!!! God is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOR for the murder of the unborn ! We will not have an excuse !!! Leave people alone who care enough to speak out for the unborn ! We need be their voice !!! We need to care !!!

    4. Alice, you are not one of the smart one’s hey! If you know anything about pregnancy, you will know that the baby will only turn, head facing towards the virgina once its ready to be dilivered. Do you know that babies are more flexable then a full grown human? This is becuase it needs to be flexable to get out of the virgina! If you dont know anything about pregnance or babies, dont comment! That woman did kill that baby and I hope God will not let this go unpunished! Don’t use God’s name if you cant distinguish between what’s a sin and what not.

    5. Alice May,
      I am not a religious at all, but I think that was the best response a woman of God could say. I commend you.
      I feel ill when I see so called Christian people behaving in the most judgemental, critical and horrible ways, because they feel its acceptable to speak on behalf of your deity. So good on you for calling them out.
      And that ladies and gentlemen, is a proper Christian.
      Pat yourself on the back Alice. You’re a good person to the core 🙂

    6. Late term abortions are mostly done feet first !!!!! Get your head out of the sand !!! Let me tell you something !! If Christians do not speak out against abortions WE WILL be judged for not doing what is right !!! We are trying to be a voice for the ones who can NOT speak !!! At LEAST God knows that we care for the unborn !! Even though others DO NOT !!

    7. You seem more like a Carnal Christian troll Alice ! Or maybe an atheist troll !! Only God knows the truth !! Dear Father in Heaven I pray for Alice !!Please open her eyes ! Let her see the true spirit behind abortions and abortion lies !! In Jesus Name I pray Amen!

      1. As a person whos been thru it,are you going to be there every
        night as she crys herself to sleep because she just learned the
        real truth about abortion their not just cells their innocent babys.An the doctor had lied theres no excuse none because
        if you wanna say rape go to the hospital immediately theyll see to it a baby isnt made same for incesst the oh my birthcontrol didnt work again doctor pill end of story!! A womans choice is before theres a child not after cause you were to lazy drunk dont have the money bla bla bla!!! Anyone having a abortion is a murder you treat a animal better then a child!! An if all that still fails an you have to take 9 months out of your fabulous life,theres thousands willing an wanting a child! An dont give me the crap of foster homes the kids in foster homes are stuck in the system because some stupid bitch or sob doesnt have the decency to allow their children a better life,yhey refuse to give up their rights their gonna get their shit together, ya right those children are your meal tickets an there should be a law made if you dont have your shit together by 6 months the children are going to be placed with someone who will love an take care of them!
        From a pissed off Mother who was lied to 35 yrs ago the truth is out its murder!!!!!!!

  13. LOL THIS ISNT EVEN REAL CALM DOWN PEOPLE! It’s a fake baby, you can tell. LMAO. I can’t stop laughing. It’s so cute when the baby flops. LOL look at his tiny penis, he should be glad to be an aborted baby anyway! LOL also it was circumcised, that’s how you know it was fake tbh. LMAO

    1. Your so fuckin stupid! Who in their right mind would think this fake! !!! Killing babies is not OK and bitch you probably needed an abortion .. you probably mistreat your kids!

    2. WOW !!! You are EVIL !!!! Wait till you face God !! Don’t forget to laugh when you tell Him how funny it was !!! See you on the other side !! EVIL !!!

    3. I can’t wait to see your face when you stand and fall before the Lord !!! What will you say on that day ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. This is so wrong why can’t you just have the baby and give it up to adoption. I mean pardon my French but who the fuck would do this it is so sick


    1. I am very sorry for you !! Please seek God for healing !!!! The Lord LOVES you very much !! Jesus is able heal and restore !!! Seek Jesus !!! He loved you so much He died for you , so you can have eternal life !!!! Receive Him as you Lord !!!!! Hugs !!! Be healed and restored in Jesus Name !!!!!! You will see your children in heaven !! Jesus is there with them all all the rest !!! For that we can be happy ! May the Lord fill your life with His PEACE in Jesus Name Amen !!

  16. The world is filled with amazing creatures known as people. Political tyrants that murder millions of men, women and children all over the world, all the way down to the pollution known as abortionists…course I wouldn’t be too damn hard on abortionists, like the mafia, they are simply providing a service for the simpleton on the table with her legs spread. Imagine if you will, if she hadn’t spread them so readily 7 plus months ago, she wouldn’t be making her dead child a poster child of the internet. Relax people, somewhere some creator has this figured out and deals with it is not designed for us to understand because it is impossible to legislate or decree intelligence…GD

  17. The pregnant woman Does have a choice . If she chosen not to keep the baby she should give it up for adoption. What if her parents aborted her. I think it should be outlawed in the USA then maybe there wouldn’t be so many heartless, irespossible girls in this world. They should have to watch videos of this happening then choose adoption.

        1. Now your child is in heaven getting the love you did not have for him or her !!! One day you will face the Lord ! Maybe He will let you see what you murdered was a Real child !!! You will have that regret !!!!!!

        2. Dear Father in Heaven, I pray for the salvation of Destroy All Fetuses !! !! In Jesus Name please open his eyes to the true spirit of abortions !!! Please deliver him from the lies of abortion !! In Jesus Name I pray Amen

    1. You will really flap when face the Lord on the other side of life ! Good luck with your flapping !!!

  18. Oh my! This is horrible I have never attached an abortion before so I’m literally in shock. This is murder wow if anyone can not see that then I pray for you as well as these poor babies.

  19. Everyone is commenting on how horrid it is….. I found this video on an abortion fetish website. Where women are seen as goddesses for having abortions and then having sex right after. If all pro-lifers are crying over the abortion. Then ya’llm might implode knowing that this is porn to an entire group of people!

    1. That is disgusting! No wonder why so many women end up with infections! Sick! Sick! Sick! Stupid to! How are they in the mood after? I had a misscarriage at 6 weeks and was in pain after the baby came out. Its worse after birth but still! Damn that site should be shutdown!

  20. it’s not up to me or you who God will bless. God gave us free will. Jesus died for our sins and blessed us with forgiveness. God feels the pain of the women who has children, and the women who chooses abortion. and the unborn child is sent directly to God.
    saying you don’t believe in abortion, then telling someone that they should’ve been aborted is contradicting. I won’t judge anyone here but my opinion says killing someone to show the world killing is wrong will only confuse the people who you wish to reach. arrogants and judgement make very poor teaching qualities. God bless you all. remember he didn’t put us here to live other peoples lives, only our own

    1. We are to speak out the Truth of God !! Even if we seem to you to be judging others ! To try to save the life of an unborn child is so important !! And trying to save a mom from heart ache is also important ! All killing is wrong ! To murder is wrong ! If we keep silent about the truth of abortions , we become guilty because we did not care enough about the unborn children ! God will judge us for what we do and what we do not do as well !

    2. Remember something God did not put us here to keep silent ! We do not turn our heads and look the other way as millions of babies are killed by men and women who claim to be doctors !

    1. Truth.. Women don’t just have abortions for the fact they don’t want the baby. Many women are faced with still births medical conditions either mother or fetus. They might have a multiple pregnancy and they had to decided. Not everyone that has one has the intention to so call killed. Millions of people are killed a day! So you so called life lovers should protest wair and and violence.
      in which millions of actual humans are murdered.

  21. I think it’s funny how people say I will go to hell for judging. . . . God has already made the judgement. Thou shalt not kill. . .. . If I inform you of your journey to Hell upon this judgment (from God) how does that send me to hell. . . And another note the famous. . . . “do not judge scripture” from the Bible says, :”1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mk. 4.24
    . . . . . . meaning if you are a murderer, it does no good to judge a murderer. judge not lest ye be judged by the same measure. You can make the judgment (you will go to hell, but realize if you are a murderer as well, you will go to Hell as well also).I will gladly uphold God’s judgement of murder for I will hold myself to that measurement and not murder anyone, myself. I feel it is wrong and will hold others around me to that standard. I think its great how people hold the “youre not perfect” against any Christian speaking out against this. . . . They have never lived a Christian life as evident from that statement. . . Christianity has never been about perfection, in fact it only speaks of Jesus being the perfect one. . . . its all about mistakes. . . . but when you have been taught the word, it is no longer a simple mistake, it is a chosen path.

    1. Many love to say we judge ! If we keep silent than we will be judged ! We must speak the truth of God ! When we keep quiet we make the devil so happy and we God so sad ! Do not listen to foolish people ! Also many who say we will be judged are atheist trolls trying make us feel bad and some are carnal Christians! Who fear the world more than they fear God ! Never stop speaking out the truth !! God Bless !

  22. Yep; evil is alive and well. If a woman wants the right choose….choose not to fuck in the first place.
    Or if rape or incest has taken place then put the baby up for adoption. Why not give the baby a chance to live.

    We’re not talking about having a damned limb amputated; it’s a human being.

    One would think that liberals would want fewer abortions. That would mean more children for them to molest.

      1. I bet I do know who knows what the child could have been born into. . . the father and mother. . .. and all of this rape or incest stuff. Read the statistics on how often the body gets pregnent after rape. . . . and then ask yourself why in America would we condone the killing of an individual due to his or her fathers actions? Do you think it would be right for a young kid to go to prison for twenty years for his father robbing a bank? Im sure you dont, then why would you think putting a child to death for raping someone would be acceptable?

      2. This is one of the questions I would like to ask.Have you had an abortion or know someone? What would that baby have been born into? What is so horrible where adoption is not an option?

  23. Screw you all….. Judging people, losers, look in the mirror before you judge others. Fucking assholes

    1. your the loser,and the one who chose to be a judge ,that YOU chose to have unprotected sex and now you have crossed the line from a mother to a murder, You judged this baby to death for not committing any crime ,but because of the sins of a would be mother.How could human being do this do this to another!You are the one your mother should have chose to be abort ! You will be judged and we’ll be there to hear the verdict,death,but in your case it will be for a “crime” against your own child.You think you have the right to kill a child to cover up your sins.

    2. Im not sure why youre so angry. . . we judge people everyday, including yourself. You ever turn on the news and hear about that school teacher who had sex with a ten year old girl? or of that priest who molested tens of choir boys in the church? or that man who broke into women’s homes and raped them against their will? I think we all look in the mirror and see our mistakes but that does not dispell any fear or disgust or shock from an action such as this. people want to say, well you dont know how the mother was not financially able to take care of the child, well… . . . she was poor before she had sex, wasnt she? I remember begging a coworker of mine to let me have her baby (also being dirt poor myself and not knowing how I could take care of this child) and she said she was going to have an abortion because “he was a bad guy”, talking about the father, and I asked her how did she know?, talking about the child!!!! Did she not know of the fathers disposition before she laid down with him? And now a little child suffered the consequence of his or her mother and fathers irresponsibility. . . I bet you would be filled with disgust if a family had a baby and a month later beat him to death or tore off its limbs. . . what is the difference?

    3. In the Name of Jesus I pray that you will have a change of heart and Seek God before it is too late !!! As Christians we are to speak out , but sometimes others hate us and say we are judging others ! If we keep quiet than we will be judged for not speaking out ! One day you will understand why we speak out ! On that I hope it is not too late for you ! In Jesus Name I pray for your Salvation !! God Loves you so much ! He sent Jesus for you ,Jesus loved you enough to die for you !!! Until we meet on the other side of life !!!!!!!!!!!! REMEMBER The Lord LOVES you !!!!!!

    4. Say that to God when you see Him on the other side of life !! See how long you stand before you fall to your feet !!

  24. As a pro-life individual, I am constantly taken to task over our harsh, insensitive approach to the issue. I think it’s high time we pro-lifers combined truth with love. Love is the one thing we have been accused of neglecting in our determination to preserve life. Yes, we love the life of the unborn but do we also demonstrate that we love the life of the one who has chosen abortion? By many of the comments above, I would say no & in fairness, I’m sure not everyone above would claim to be a believer in Jesus Christ.

    It has been my experience that many who claim to be ‘pro-choice’ are actually not very well informed on the ‘choice’ they uphold. In that, I am reminded of what the One who best demonstrated love said of those who were killing him ‘Forgive them Dad; they don’t have a clue’. Should we not do the same? Loving the sinner is not a suggestion; it is a command. Might I remind you that we are all sinners, saved by grace. I hate abortion. I hate what it does to the baby; I hate what it does to the mother; I hate what it does to the father; and I hate what it is doing to our society. I want it to stop, & I believe we will see that happen when we combine truth with love.

    1. Yes, I am very saddened for the ones who made this choice, whether it was an uninformed choice, or a choice they THOUGHT was informed. I believe God will save the ones who want to be saved. I have read many stories and heard many stories where the mother was being forced into it via boyfriend, parents, culture, or any other forceful nature. I feel there is a great need for information and a great lack of information out there. I am stepping out into the huge debate and taking a stand. Im not sure were to go from here but I am trying to get involved. Lack of complete knowledge never excused a sinner. This is happening in my own backyard and just saying that I never had one is not good enough for me, i need to help others realize what they are doing and offer help and advice to those who need it.

  25. If you can afford the consequences to your actions, keep your legs closed. That child didn’t ask to be brought into this world, but who are we to take its chance at a wonderful life and future away? She could’ve easily just killed the next Albert Einstein.

  26. I wish i new that women…..I would of gladly taken the baby off her hands i already have had 3…..I gave one up for adoption when i was 16 so i dont understand why a grown women would abort but still i would of gladly taken the baby from her 🙁 brakes my heart i wish i could jump threw the screen and take the baby 🙁 poor angel God please take care of this Angel and ALL the other baby’s that have died and let them know that even though they never made it into this world they will always have my love and compaction..God bless you my unborn Angels I love you even though you and I were not meant to be together :'(

  27. Its not any of our business what these women choose to have done with their baby’s it could have been a medical reason or rape or she just didn’t have the means to take care of it. You’re all gonna burn in hell for judging, people make choices its not up to you to condemn them. Bunch of dumb bitches

    1. God is the judge. Silence is Golden and our time will come when you and her will be judged……I myself will be judged.

    2. Everyone’s like abortion is bad but no one adopts the thousands of kids in orphanages so they sit there or go to group homes like that’s better till there 18 then what kicked to the curb never to be given a second thought or the go to a foster home where the foster parents are only in it for the money so they treat the foster kid like a slave. I’m pro abortion I’m pro death penalty. i personally think i should be handled earlier than whats in this video like way earlier but hey to each its own. Oh and p.s all you assholes saying peoples opinions are wrong are dumb asses opinions can’t be wrong its just how a person feels about a certain situation. Gob bless this lady and all ladies in her situation i hope whatever they do in life is blessed but for you people imposing your beliefs on other peoples life not everyone is religious so leave them be treat others how you would wanna be treated and for the replies of “so she should be murdered because she aborted her baby” Clearly that statement doesn’t pertain to her since she doesn’t have the same religious beliefs as you conservatives

      1. Daniel, how can God bless a woman when she allows another to be killed by an abortionist?
        God is the author of all life including hers and yours. We have no moral right to end anyone’s innocent life before it starts. This child could have been so much and yet the life is ended. Yes, it is tragic to see children around the world not properly cared for and that is changing one adoption at a time, one relief measure at a time but no life should ever be ended in this manner. We need a reality check – if this had been done to you or me, we would not have any voice or any opinion. No one forces parents to raise children – so many laws provide options, many quite helpful including adoption, for these circumstances.

      2. Truth we are ready to prosecute and condemn those children when they grow up. These pro bibal hunger and livers are the first to throw the book at the millions of children brought up by the system. When there are ones that fall from grace.

    3. People make choices yes. You, me, thieves, murderers, rapists, what’s your point? Society decides what is legal or not. A lot of thieves and murderers feel their actions were justified. A judge and jury may not agree. And laws can be changed.

    4. One day you will know the truth of why people go to hell ! You are trying to make your self wise as God ! You are NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. God will judge those of us who chose to fear the world instead of fearing Him ! Speaking out the truth of God and trying to save the unborn is not judging ! In the name of Jesus I pray for you to have a change of heart ! May you seek God before it is too late !! We will all face God one day ! Believers and unbelievers !!

    6. I can not wait till you stand before the Lord !! Or should I say FALL before the Lord !!!!!! May the Lord our God change your cold heart before that day comes !!!

  28. This clip should be posted for everyone to see….yes, this is how horrible it is and this is as awful as it is…show this….and maybe people will see what it’s really like. They call it a procedure…it’s MURDER! I’m just trying to get over one I saw at another site……the baby is hanging out as the doctor keeps jabbing it in the head right at the opening (looks like he’s snipping too) then pulls out this mangled baby limp and dead. I can’t get rid of the fact that I just saw a baby murdered in front of my eyes….

    1. Good news that baby is with the Lord now !! Bad news what about the mom and the doctor of death ? Where will the go after they are face to face with God After death ? Pray for them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Sickening. How is murder legal in many countries?

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

  30. These people are not sick. They’re just people who can’t afford a baby at that current time in their lives or made a mistake. It isn’t right to abort a baby at that stage in a pregnancy. Just give it up for adoption. I only think it’s ok to do it like.. when your able to get a positive preg test. Sorry if you don’t believe in that. Very complicated and touchy subject. Many opinions.

    1. Many opinions, and yours is wrong. Many opinions, and only one is right. There were many opinions about whether African slaves had intrinsic value as human beings, and there were many opinions about the Jews in Germany. Many opinions don’t make many rights.

      They are sick. Anyone who would do this to a baby is disgusting. The doctors who do this kind of morbid act deserve to be hanged, but honestly no torture or death sentence could ever justly account for the putrid deeds done by their hands. The “mothers” (who are unbefitting of such a loving, nurturing title) ought to be permanently sterilized. If they want kids later on, let them adopt.

      It’s not right to abort a baby in ANY stage of pregnancy.

      1. I think he meant ‘many opinions’ about the last bit, with the positive pregnancy test. While there is an argument to be made that life begins at conception, a positive preg test indicates an embryo, rather than a fetus. It has no nervous system and no heartbeat, it’s nothing like what you’re seeing here.

        Historically, the argument has been made that life begins at ejaculation, which precludes not only abortion, but birth control as well.

        1. Actually, an embryo has a heartbeat as early as 21 days afte r conception. That’s three weeks. Most women dont’ even know they are pregnant until after that

    2. Babies aren’t a mistake, if you don’t want to become pregnant use a condom or take birth control pills. Most of these cases aren’t rape victims more than likely they are pressured by an immature boy who isn’t ready for the responsibility of a child or by their parents who don’t want the embarrassment of their daughter having a child at a young age and out of wedlock. I don’t understand why if a pregnant woman and her fetus are murdered its considered a double homicide, but abortion is legal. This is all about convenience as that’s the bottom line. I’m not judging I just don’t understand being a mother of two beautiful girls. I will pray for the women who are faced with this decision. God Bless these babies and I pray the hearts of theses there will soften and they can see the beauty of the gift of a precious child.

    3. I fear God not man !!!! Man thinks it is ok to kill unborn babies !! God will inform many men and women that abortion is and was MURDER !!! God will have the last word !!!!!!

    4. It only matters what God says about abortions ! I believe He is NOT happy with us right now !! God knows the TRUTH ! Too bad the Pro – Death people simply do not understand !!!!! One day they will !!!

    1. One day all abortions will STOP !!!!!! But how many babies must die before that day ?????? Too many to count !!!!

  31. Should be a law that if you want a abortion you should have to see a video like this to bring you to reality …people need to get their head out their asses if they think abortion is the answer

    1. Better yet if a woman has an abortion , they should have to see there abortion and be shown their baby !!

  32. F****** sick a** bastards I don’t know how anyone could do this. If u can have sex u should consider the consequences. God gave u that child for a reason. I just wana throw up now..

  33. you ppl are sick this is so sad just a few more weeks and he/she would have had its first breath… i was bawling while watching this

    1. Many have no idea what abortion really is ! They think you put in a tube and baby is gone ! They need to know the truth !!

    1. Does it matter what stage it is none should be legal ..hope she had an hysterectomy after that so she cant have anymore ..keep ye legs shut and maybe you wouldn’t need to abort ..its sick

    1. You are a sick person to say this. Are you going to be there for her when she cries herself to sleep everytnight over her ‘Choice’ . If she had done this to her born child, I bet you wouldn’t feel the same about it would you?

      1. HMMMM CRIES HER SELF TO SLEEP ..SHE SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO SLEEP LET ALONE CRY .. she is sick and really should have the rights to have anymore taken away from her like hysterectomy ..make this illegal and maybe jail would be a good place for murder

    2. She has every right but she give that right up and kills a living human I hope anyone that gets one neverrrrr has children

  34. Who or what removed this video. I was so shocked when I first learned the procedures used in late term abortion, I was literally sick to my stomach. Everyone who claims to support this choice should have to see a video and/or hear about the procedure.

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