Video of a D & E Abortion (Graphic)

These pictures show a D&E abortion, which is the most common type of abortion in the second trimester. Over 135,000 babies a year are killed this way. More of them are healthy babies aborted by healthy mothers.

This was an original video but it was taken off youtube by people who want to censor the truth about abortion.

So I will post pictures of babies who died by D & E. You can then imagine what the procedure was like.

D&E consists of using forceps to tear apart the developing baby.



Some pictures of babies aborted this way.

14 weeks
14 weeks


16 weeks
16 weeks
16 weeks (torn off foot and leg)
16 weeks (torn off foot and leg)
21 weeks
21 weeks
21 weeks
21 weeks
18 weeks
18 weeks
26-28 weeks
26-28 weeks


 Read more about the reasons late term abortions are done here.

Read about repeat late term abortions here.


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Author: TA Smith

Sarah Terzo is a pro-life writer and blogger. She is on the board of The Consistent Life Network and PLAGAL +

86 thoughts on “Video of a D & E Abortion (Graphic)”

  1. I know FOR A FACT that life (as we know it here on earth) begins at conception. The desire to live begins at conception. The “mind” (your inner voice) begins saying to itself, “I want to live” at conception. I know this FOR A FACT; i.e. I am not guessing; it is not my opinion. (I could tell you how I know, but you won’t believe me.)

    If this is not life, I don’t know what is.

  2. Just find a more humane way to do it. People kill people all the time. A life is a life. It’s always appalling to see someone ripped to pieces no matter how old or young they are. You must agree that the abortion methods are archaic at best. Find something more humane! And I do not believe it is the burden of the government to educate your children on sex education. We are a a sexually repressed society. Naturally we make bad decisions. Just find a better way to do it, I say. I believe in separation of church and state. You end up with these arguments when the two get mixed. Too much God this and that amongst politicians. It’s an oxymoron in itself. Believe in whatever you believe but, even whatever god you serve knows the difference between choice and law. Life sucks. People are idiots. People will trade anything for what they value most, for some it’s a life of sin and others their offspring. You can do both. God gave you the right. It isn’t up to you to decide right and wrong for someone else. I understand that your mascot is a superhero but, look at where you are! These people are heartless. Whatever god will soon enough kill us off, they all have for much less. Give the high horse a rest, you may need it to escape!

  3. I know that the point of this video is to be graphic and to tug on our emotions. It doesn’t work that way because I work with children and adults who are not cared for once they are here, that tugs on my emotions. We can look all over the website for videos of women, children, and men who are suffering from homelessness, hunger, isolation, and abandonment. You care more for some cells (and yes it is a parasite as it cannot live without the woman’s body and a beating heart means nothing as the brain is what makes us human and alive.) than a live human being right in front of you. Have you ever thought that there may be less abortions if we had birth control available to everyone, if we as a society taught sex education and critical thinking in school, if we provided for and valued all children like we as Americans profess that we do, if we taught young boys and men to value relationships over sowing their wild oats, if we showed people how to have healthy relationships? I will never tell a woman or girl that she is to deny her sexuality to please others. It is a part of who she is. No one on here is telling young men to keep it in their pants or to use birth control or to STOP having sex! Females get pregnant by MALES! How is this not understood!? Maybe a caring and compassionate response would get a better result. Just one Atheists viewpoint. Oh, and using the bible to tell me anything is just plain silly logic as the bible has plenty of messages that Christians do not follow. I have read that book more than once.

    1. A four month old fetus is as much a child as any aged child. It has brainwaves, can feel, moves vigorously, sucks its thumb, drinks and urinates amniotic fluid, has all its organs, and just has more growing to do. It feels itself being ripped apart as much as a newborn would, and perhaps even more because its nerve endings are so close to the skin. The only difference between this and a newborn is the way it gets its nourishment and the place it resides. Just 2 more months and it would be able to survive on its own. Why can’t the mother just wait and then have it delivered 2 months later, and then give it up? Better then torturing it and taking its life.
      If a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant she, in addition to using reliable birth control, take a test each month. Then if she becomes pregnant she can abort before the baby has brainwaves and can feel. As for life or death issues and horrible deformities, an overdose of morphine should be injected to the fetus before the abortion procedure. Sometimes they inject digoxin to induce a major heart attack on the fetus, but how would you feel if you suffered a massive heart attack? it is painful and doesn’t kill instantly. The abortion providers need to be more humane, and ere on the side of caution, assuming that the fetus that moves and responds to touch, can feel. It shouldn’t be that hard.

    2. One day you will regret your words !!! One day you will see the Gog you rejected ! You will be without excuse !!! My hope is that one day you will see the truth . My prayer is that God will open your eyes and let you see the true spirit behind abortion . And will also let you see the true spirit behind the Atheist beliefs . Abortions is a war that is so hard to fight as it has two sides ! One side human ! The other side is a spirit side ! The human side is so hard to fight because it is controlled by the spirit side ! That is why there is so much hate !!The spirit side of abortion hates God above all !! The spirit side also hates humans because God LOVES us so much !!The spirit of abortion even hates the Pro-Abortion people !! If they only knew the truth !!!!!But ………. One day when we stand before God We will all know the TRUTH ! For some it will be too late ……………………………………… ay God help this Nation !! Something big is about to happen !!! If you only knew !!! Satan has blinded both Chritians and non Christians alike !The bible said this would happen ! Our Love has really grown COLD !!!…………..!!!!!!……….!!!!!

    3. Paula you are an idiot !!!
      I am pro choice I think a woman should have the right to choose, but these clinics that do abortions down play how it is performed and women should be informed of the truth… these pictures and videos should be available for women seeking this (choice)There is another way for women to “get rid of an unwanted pregnancy” ADOPTION…this is the only humane way to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy!
      I have three beautiful children 13,8,and 5 months I did contemplate abortion… I was only 20 with my first pregnancy. Didn’t have a good job and his father wasn’t good for me, but I chose life,and I know that I’m a better person having my sweet handsome son in my life I don’t even remember what my life was before I had my babies!

    4. I agree that it is very sad that there are so many children today that have no one to care for them and that we have people living on the streets. Yes, this is sad and tragic and shouldn’t happen. That doesn’t justify killing an innocent living being and yes it is living, it’s growing isn’t it? We wouldn’t be over populated if people didn’t think sex was so fun and there are no consiquences for their actions. Less kids would be in the system if the country didn’t make you pay $10,000+ to adopt. Homeless people wouldn’t live on the streets if we weren’t so over populated because they would be able to find jobs and survive.

  4. A life isn’t considered a life until there’s FUNCTIONING brain waves. So your heart can be beating, but of your brains not, you’re basically dead. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pro choice. But seriously people. Get a grip. If someone else gets an abortion, does it directly affect your life and your choices? If not, then stop being a whiny little bitch about it. The world is over populated so as it is, and if someone decides to get an abortion then there’s nothing you can do about it.

    1. Jess , some people still care and have love for the unborn! As some like have no love and do not know how to care !!!! One day you will stand before the !!I’m sure you can try to justify your self !!! Good luck on that day !

      1. Why should I care if people are starving in Africa? After all, when they die it doesn’t affect me! See how selfish that sounds? A compassionate person cares about others and wants to help others. Including babies who are murdered by abortion.

    2. I live in the middle of nowhere. Having said that, being away from “over-populated” cities has made one thing clear to me: the world is not over-populated. It is however, poorly managed. Just like global warming has been proven to be a hoax, (and also, you know that all that horrible CO2 is used by plants to make oxygen for us and food for them which we eat too!) it is just another illogical excuse to make human life seem like such a bad thing and worth destroying. This is contrary to human nature, and to those who want to say that it is human nature to kill needs to have a psychological evaluation because generally sane people will only kill to preserve or protect others or themselves.
      Consider this: “There are approximately 6 billion people in the world and there is 2.97 million square miles of land in the island continent of Australia. 2.97 million square miles breaks down to 1,900,800,000 acres which then converts down to 7,603,200,000 quarter acre blocks of land. So we could hypothetically give every person in the world a quarter acre block of land and they would all fit into an area the size of Australia. Each would have enough land that they could all have gardens and grow a substantial supply of their own food, and we would still have 1,603,200,000 quarter acre blocks, or an area roughly half the size of Queensland left over, plus the entire rest of the world. Now let’s pause to let that sink in to your brain for a second. All the people, that’s every man woman and child on earth, would comfortably fit inside Australia; each individual person could have a quarter acre block of land, and we would still have half of Queensland and the entire rest of the planet left totally unoccupied.” Source:
      Now I have heard this from many other sources as well, so don’t try to convince me, yourself, or anyone that these are excuses to kill innocent children because some irresponsible persons got together to take actions to procreate one way or another. There are plenty of child-less couples out there who are on waiting lists to adopt children because those “unwanted babies” are being aborted by the thousands.
      Instead of government funded abortion and birth control, there should be measures to force these women and men to face the consequences of their actions instead of giving them a secret and easy way out. How many women who have aborted a child may possibly wonder what it would’ve looked like, how it would have impacted the world in some large or small way, when they saw a newborn of someone else’s or their own? I bet quite a few. Murder is murder no matter how you look at it.
      Whenever some woman is murdered while pregnant, does the killer not get a sentence for the unborn child? Why then, is it okay when a “doctor” does it? Besides the Hippocratic Oath the doctor takes ensures that they would never do such a thing.

      I think people need to stop making excuses for this kind of stuff and face reality. There simply is no need to kill children no matter what you think their “quality of life” will be. That also, is not up to you to decide. Many people have been born with imperfections, but it is important to understand the unique impact they have, did have, or would have in the lives of others.

      No more excuses. Murder is murder no matter how you try to deny it.

  5. I find it hilarious that the only people are bitching and complaining are religious people.
    Why is it any of your business if someone else gets an abortion? How is that affecting your life? How is that affecting your wallet?

    I know you’re in love with the fact that newborns are innocent but according to the bible they’re born with original sin. Not so innocent.

    In the end you’re bitching about the abortion now but you’ll be complaining about taxes and welfare for those children later. Pick one to complain about and move on.

    1. You do not have to be religious to know right from wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!! At least some of us !!!Others not so!!

    2. I am glad your brought up welfare. Guess what if you can’t support a child then you shouldn’t have any. Which means you shouldn’t be having unprotected sex or sex period. And a child is innocent reguardless of what you say or the bible or whatever. An abortion is wrong.

  6. I did had an abortion and it was 16 weeks old….. at that time, I was so stupid and didn’t had the courage to stand up and face consequences. I do regret a lot what I did and under no circumstances would do it again nor applaud someone who does it. It is such a bad pain just to think that I killed somebody……. Think more than just twice before you do something so horrific! Get help, there is counseling, there is adoption, there is tons of choices but nothing will ease the pain after you do it. Please weather you are religious or not, don’t do it!!

  7. they should be allowed to have abortion clinics they should close them all done if you bring a little baby into this world then it is your responsibility to care for that child.

  8. A fetus is not considered alive before three months. a fetus cannot think,smile,feel,hear, etc..
    So anybody who calls an abortion “murder” is obviously uneducated.
    It’s my right and the right of every other woman on the planet to abort.
    The fetus has no rights because it’s not a person.
    Past three months is different. But before that, no.
    I will also point out that all the effort pro-life supporters go through to try and stop abortion, is for nothing, the government are not going to take someone’s rights away because of someone else’s discomfort.

    1. So what miraculous thing happens to an unborn baby between 11 weeks and 6 days and 12 weeks? What magically happens to turn him or her into a life? The baby is alive from the beginning, by all definitions of life. No doctor or reasonably educated person would ever say that the baby isn’t “alive.” It takes in nourishment, grows and develops, its cells divide, and when most abortions happen, it has a beating heart (at 21 days) and a developing brain. A beating heart and brain and not alive? Go here to see pictures of an unborn baby aborted at just 7 weeks- you can clearly see little fingers on each hand. if you don’t believe me about the facts of fetal development, go to this site The Endowment for Human Development that is not affiliated with any pro-life group but which shows the unborn baby in stages of development. You can see the heart of a 4 week old baby beating on the home page.

    2. There is something seriously wrong with you and the way you think. A babys heart starts beating before 4 weeks. Someone with a beating heart isn’t alive? Not a human being?! What ois wrong with you? If women aren’t ready to be a mother then keep your damn legs closed. I do understand there are certain cases where the mother didn’t wish to have sex with the man, in other words rape. There are other options beside abortion. Adoption is always available. There are other choices! Abortion is murder. There is a living human being growing in your body and you kill it. That’s murder. No matter what way you choose to look at it its murder. I think that having a baby is a blessing and nothing less. Babies are beautiful and amazing. I’m pregnant with my second child and I wouldn’t change my son or daughter for anything in the world. My son who is 9months old is my life, the reason I wake up every morning. There are some women that want a child so bad that can’t and are willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars just to have a child and some women are so quick to just throw their child away, kill it. You disgust me. In everyway possible. I have NO respect for women who abort.

    3. Tell that to God when you see Him face face ! I bet you will find out that you were wrong My prayer for you is that you will have a change of heart before that day comes !!!!!!

    4. a fetus is not smiling, or laughing or anything like that but is a plant? no.. a plant has electrical spikes which means its feelings something. and a fetus not being considered alive? um.. last time i checked, anything that respirates is alive by scientific definition. and if the mother doesnt want to go through all the pain and agony or emotional instability that a baby offers… she shouldnt have sex like shes ready to have one then.

    1. One day you will be face to face with the Lord ! You will remember what you say with much SHAME !!!!!!!!

      1. Oh really? Well if it’s so funny to you, you can tell god that when you see him face to face on judgment day.

  9. You guys are all fucking fascists, no one is forcing you to get an abortion, so mind your own business. they aren’t your goddamn babies so stop judging others, It’s not very Christian of you all. Don’t make me come down there you cunts.
    Jesus Christ

    1. So u do admit that they are babies therefore it Is murder. This gives a right to say that women shouldn’t have abortions

      1. No, they aren’t. They are eight cell organisms, not babies. I don’t believe in a god or afterlife so “free bird” you can shove your religious ideas up your ass, just keep them to yourself.

  10. You foolish society, how the **** could you abort twice and have no regrets?!? The day you became pregnant, a soul was sent to this world, a soul that couldn’t have a chance for heaven. Who calls you “a baby murderer” is right. I don’t want to argue with nobody, I just want you to open your eyes, think of the sin you’ve done and pray for salvation, because if not, it’s a sign that we humans are true evil, and that mustn’t happen!! May your sins be forgotten, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray for you all, may the evil be vanished, and the all the light of God come in!

    And remember this words: ABORTION IS AN ACT OF MURDER

  11. There is no reason why they can’t have a baby. Why not give it up for adoption instead? Im a teen mom and go to school and do so much by myself. Let’s say you’re a teen and your parents don’t want you to have it, they can’t force you to get an abortion that’s why when you get one they make you sign papers in which you agree that YOU want to terminate the pregnancy. There are other options out there like adoption

  12. You all need to ask one thing what was the reson that women did what she did.maybe she was only a young girl how wasn,t given a choose by her parents.they made her do it.and they should have just killed her as well because it has affected that women her whole like and when l see or hear things about it.l scream and cry to a point l make myself sick.that was 45 years go.the pain my mother put me threw will be with me till the day l die.after it happened l never loiked at my mother or ever love her again and did not cry when she died

    1. I pray that you will be healed and receive true peace !!!!!!! Remember one thing Your child is with the Lord right now !! I am so so sad for you !!!!!!!! Remember it is not and was NOT NOT NOT your fault ! PLEASE seek the Lord ! He is there for you !!!!!!!

  13. Abortion is a disgrace whoever doing it shouldn’t have never had sex . Making the child suffer and not be able to live it’s own life because of your selfish ass self I hope whoever has a abortion doesn’t get to live THEIR life and you die and somebody fucks you up so bad that you feel the pain you put your unborn child through bitches !!!


    2. I had an abortion at age 14, after I was raped by my uncle.

      I’m 25 now. To this day, there are people in my family who still don’t speak to me because I’m a “baby murderer”.

      Tell me, do you think I should have put myself through nine months of pregnancy in my situation? Keep in mind I would have been visibly pregnant at school, and due to the timing, I would have definitely have had to miss classes to give birth. Keep in mind that at age 14, my body would have been forever changed. Keep in mind that I was a virgin at the time my uncle raped me, and the pain was so great I didn’t want to put myself through any more pain by having the child. Keep in mind that I in no way wanted that child– it felt like an incestuous parasite was growing inside me. Keep in mind that even if I did want it, I was only 14, and I didn’t have any money saved up to care for it (and my parents didn’t have the money either). Keep in mind that I was a scared young girl who just wanted my life back, and to have a future.

      Even if I had not been raped and had become pregnant through consensual sex at that age, I think I still would have had an abortion for many of the same reasons. You have to try and put yourself in someone else’s shoes to understand something like this. The reasons behind abortion are so much more numerous and complicated than you think, and it will always be a gray area. But until the day comes that contraception is 100 percent foolproof and there is no longer any rape, abortion must remain legal.

      1. I’m so sorry for what you have been through. Your story is truly heartbreaking. I hope you get counseling to help you deal with the rape and abortion- counseling certainly has helped me deal with issues in my past.

        I can’t support abortions, even for rape. I have several friends who were conceived in rape, who are only alive now because their parents could not get a legal abortion. Adoption is an option, even in these circumstances. I say that as a woman who has experienced a form of sexual assault herself. I was lucky never to get pregnant, but I would have died sooner than kill my baby. I truly believe if I had gotten pregnant and had aborted, the trauma of the abortion would have been as bad or worse as that of the rape. Because in the sexual assault I was a victim- although MANY times I have felt it was my fault (why do we women blame ourselves?) deep down I know it wasn’t, but if I had had an abortion, it WOULD have been my fault. I am just sharing my feelings, ‘m not judging you. I hope you find healing.

      2. I support your choice as would anyone with morals. Your right to avoid further trauma is and was absolute, end of story.

      3. Let me ask you one question, if your father went out and killed some one would it be fair if somebody killed you for what your father did,No but that’s what your doing to that baby just because his father committed a crime dosnt mean the baby deserves to be punished. Its simply illogical and barbaric

        1. No it’s not. Just because your phony Jussess Crust says it’s bad, doesn’t mean shit. You’re worthless and you, in fact, will rot in hell.

          1. Why are pro-choicers obsessed with religion? He mentioned nothing about Jesus and the creator of this site is an atheist. Really, don’t you have any better arguments?

          1. Listen, ratchet child. Nobody cares about you or your fake life. You’re ugly, worthless and I want to have lesbian sex with your mom.

      4. We simply can not punish the baby ! It is NOT NOT the fault of the baby ! When I was 13 I was RAPED !!!!!!!!! So I do understand what it is like !! But…………..

      5. You did exactly what you had to do and you stand by it which is great and I’m glad you can openly speak about these things. I’m so sorry about what happened to you an please don’t listen to the ignorant judgment of the retards who commented. No one has the right I judge another persons choices, especially not after what you had been through.

    1. You have no regrets because you are just like most other women who carelessly abort their innocent sweet baby, your humanity is gone. Dont you know there is adoption? And if you dont want kids either get on birth control or keep your fucking legs closed. There is no excuse for abortion when their are so many other options. How can you live with yourself knowing you killed your own child for your own selfish wants and needs. God creates a life for a reason. There are hundreds of women who want children but cant have them who would gladly take that innocent life you stole! I just dont understand how u can smile about the fact of knowing that your baby was either torn to pieces from your womb or given a massive heart attack to be aborted or if u were early enough given a pill that still killex it. How did you know that that baby wasnt i excruciating pain? I will pray for you as i do all the other women who choose to kill their unborn babies i could never imagine killing my child whether i was 5 weeks along or 20 weeks because the moment i learned i was pregnant and saw my baby on a sonogram i fell in love with her and did everything i could to protect her while i carried her. And if i was to get pregnant again and i couldnt keep it i would find a couple who couldnt have children and give it to them. Abortion is murder because that baby is alive.

    2. you are sick they could of been in excruciating pain while it happened if you don’t want kids keep your legs down and closed instead of killing innocent children I hope you have to have a kid and that it kills you while giving birth if you don’t I hope you live a life of regret and sadness you don’t deserve to die you deserve to suffer the same way those poor kids did

      1. How prolife of you to wish pain and suffering on someone. I hope you dont call yourself a Christian because you are nothing like Christ. Im putting your comment on Google for all to see.

    3. I agree with your feeling. There are some who are satisfied that abortion is a choice. No need to regret it, and I am glad for you.

    4. It is stupid that you say you have no regrets you had sex and didnt use any protection and let a baby come into your life then you kill it your nothing but a murder dont have sex if you cant live with what you make dumb ass. If you done it once dont you think once was enough or do you think its funny to see a beautiful life get torn to pieces and killed you are just a fucking murderer im 17 with a beautiful baby on the way and i was told to abort it but i said no because its my choice and i made the decision to create a baby and not to just let go! Might not make good choices but this sweet angel is the best choice I’ve made in my whole life!

    5. You know something ? One day you will regret it ! The day you find out that God is real ! and you will stand before His Son ! May the Lord change your cold unloving heart ,before you take your last breath !

      1. And if god doesn’t exist then it will make no difference at all. Don’t base your life around the hope of a supernatural being. It’s like if I believed in wizards because I had read it in a book. The bible is a book. You people are basing all your evil, your hateful judgement and your pathetic lives around a book. A BOOK. Omfg

  14. This is awesome all retarded children should face this end we need to let all children with down syndrome watch what should have happened to their ape asses and then give them a loaded 38 and tell them to insert in mouth and pull trigger do society a favor

    1. You fucker. You have no idea how big of a blessing those kids are but im glad YOU watched this video cause now you know how your life should’ve ended you dipshit. Why dont you pull the trigger on yourself and do us all a favor.

      1. How prolife of you. you bbvalue the alleged life of a fetus and tell someone to kill themselves. Im putting your comment on Google.

        1. Sitara Singley You are not a very kind person yourself !!! Put this on google Dear Father in heaven I seek You in Jesus Name to please change this persons heart ! I pray for salvation for this person !In Jesus Name I pray ! AMEN ! Thank You Jesus !!

      2. Um like ew, they’re not a blessing. All they do is be retarded and like they all look the same and it’s ugly and weird.

  15. This could not of been better put myself it what god created men and woman for and thises who do this sin not only in the eyes of god but to themselves and their babies how women go on to have another children could ever call themselfs a mother makes me sick after 7 miscarriages and stillborns I have been granted 2 beautiful children and one who I long to meet and I could never of done this someone once told be when I had a miscarriage that you cannot have postnatal depression as you have to have a birth but my answer is simply this if theve never held a baby or never seen a smile never tried to hold a hand who couldnt hold if back then they dont have any right to say or do

    1. One day you will All your children in heaven !! You may have lost them for now, but you will see them!!!!!!!!!!!! Seven beautiful children wait to see Mom !!!!! may you healing and peace !! I’ll see you and your children in heaven one day !

  16. abortion is a crime in the law of the GOD. those who done will be punished by the GOD. It makes an imbalance in the nature. if they do not desire a child, then why conceived. they should control their sexual behavior.

    1. That’s fine if you believe that, but until ant-abortion advocates have more reasoning than “it goes against God”, abortion must remain legal. It’s called separation of church and state. If you don’t believe in abortion, that’s fine. Don’t get one. But for the love of humanity, don’t stomp all over the rights of others and try to push your beliefs on them. That’s not how this country works.

        1. Thank you ! I am a Christain and I believe that Christains and non Christains can agree abortion is wrong ! Again thank you !


    1. well Obama didn’t create abortion so blaming him for women making a CHOICE to walk into a clinic and KILL their baby,IS NOT THE FAULT of the President.Im sure he cares for his grandchildren as we all do.Just don’t blame Obama for something that’s been going on for years!

    2. You are so so RIGHT !From the begining satan has tried to destroy us ! But God gave us away out ! The Lord Jesus !

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