Abortion Video: The Reality of “Choice”

This video shows the reality of abortion contrasted with the rhetoric of “choice.”

What you have just seen is a late term abortion. In America, these abortions are legal in many US states. The baby aborted in the pictures seems to be between 20 and 24 weeks old.

However, earlier abortions are no less gruesome.

Here is a picture of an unborn baby at six weeks. The vast majority of abortions take place at this time or later. In fact, most abortions take place between 7 and 11 weeks.

05to6 weeks

Here are some pictures from The Endowment for Human Development. this site is not affiliated with the pro-life  movement. It is an educational site.







Here are some pictures of what these babies look like after abortion.

7 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
8 weeks
9 weeks
9 weeks
10 weeks
10 weeks
10 weeks
10 weeks
12 weeks
12 weeks

Abortions at the stages above are legal in every US state, in Canada, in Great Britain, and in many other countries.

In the video, you saw a baby taken out more or less intact. However, many late term abortions dismember the child. here are a few.

First, see how it’s done.


21 weeks
21 weeks


18 weeks
18 weeks
A rare- but legal- late term abortion
A rare- but legal- late term abortion

Read about how the baby above was discovered inside an abortion clinic.

In some US states, such as New Jersey, abortions at this stage (around eight months) are legal for any reason. In other states, there are laws restricting them this late. However, the Supreme Court in Doe vs Bolton (a little known companion case to Roe Vs. Wade) determined that abortions in the third trimester had to be allowed if a woman’s “health” was endangered. They specified that emotional health was included in the definition. Therefore, in most cases, all a woman has to do to get an abortion this late is maintain that aborting the baby is needed for her emotional “health.”



Above; Add from clinic doing abortions up to 28 weeks.

What do you think? should these abortions be legal? Why or why not? Would have an abortion this late? Add your comments below and join the discussion.

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Author: TA Smith

Sarah Terzo is a pro-life writer and blogger. She is on the board of The Consistent Life Network and PLAGAL +

128 thoughts on “Abortion Video: The Reality of “Choice””

  1. Im 65 years old. Abortion is murder period! If you do not want a child do not have unprotected sex. If you are raped I can see maybe your not wanting to raise the baby because of the act of violence that caused the pregnancy, but you do not punish the baby for the sins of it’s rapist father. Give the child up for adoption. There are many family’s that would love to have a child but are unable to for different reasons. There is a God that loves all children. He does cause what is happening in this world he allows it only because God gave us free will . So it is not God’s fault what is happening in this world it is our own fault. We have free will to choose life or death, love or hate, but God does love his children. I have 2 children , 6 grandchildren & 7 great grand children. I would never consider an abortion ever for myself , any of my grandchildren or any of my great grandchildren ( abortion is a matter of convince for the mother that does not want the responsibility of raising a child & the same goes for the father of the child that allows his wife or g/f to have an abortion. It’s sickening life begins at conception. If you plant an Apple seed you know eventually that seed is going to grow into an Apple Tree. Also it is not your body. Your body belongs to God . In the Bible it says know ye not your body is not your body it belongs to the Lord. For your body is a temple holy unto the lord. I also want to say one more thing here. If you are a young girl 14-15 or 16 I understand you may be afraid to go to your parents & tell them you are pregnant. But please give your parents a chance to at least talk to you before having an abortion. You may be very surprised at what your parents or parent might suggest. I say this because my sons g/f was only 15 she told him she was 18 , regardless he was taught to not have set till he was married but kids are going to be kids & with raging hormones. Well she got pregnant & told me before her own mom brae cause she was scared. Myself, my son, & his g/f went to her mothers house &’spoke to both her parents about it. They were upset as was I . Her mother told her she could not keep the baby . Her mother did not believe in abortion & she told her daughter she had to put the child up for adoption. My son said mom I want to keep my child. I told her mother I realize you have the right to make her put the child up for adoption but please know this if you do I will do everything in my power to see that my son will get custody to raise his child . Then her mother asked my son are you willing to marry her? My son said yes he was. So they got married she turned 16 when their child was born . She really surprised me because from such a young girl I never thought she would turn out to be the wonderful mother she was. My grandson is now 24 going on 25 & has 2 beautiful children of his own. Im just saying young people don’t understimate your parents about what they will say. Give the baby a chance at life. The only way I think abortion is ok is if it comes down to the mother dying giving birth. Most times even given that option most mothers will choose to die to save their child. People just think before you have sex please. Use protection if you don’t want to get pregnant. Just think on this , if your mother chose to abort you, you wouldn’t be here now. God be with you & choose to not abort your child.

  2. You know, I’ve found people will have their opinions either way. Not every person who was raped thinks they have to terminate a pregnancy. I am neither for it or against it in certain situations. I know a couple who had to terminate their pregnancy because the baby would have died while the mother was pushing to give birth because the baby didn’t developer a skull and the push would have suffocated the baby’s brain. I also know that being raped is a traumatic terrible thing. I was raped and got pregnant but I would have raised that baby to be the person his father was not, although I was beaten by my rapist over and over afraid to leave and my baby died because of it. People make choices good and bad. I should have choose to leave that man who raped me but being 14 years old and him being 20+ years old I was afraid. It is not the baby’s fault for it being here, it was also not my own fault but I wanted to raise that baby to be better than the person who raised me. It all has to do with your outlook on life and the situation. Some people don’t handle it as well as others and some people are more laid back yet determined, it just depends on you. So, I don’t think anyone has the right to criticize anyone else for the things they do, until u walk in their shoes and see it through their eyes. So many people jump to conclusions and assume, this world is full off too much criticism, and it always will be…There will always be that one person u can’t change.

  3. For all you women who aborted your babies and have this whole ” whooo poor me.. I was in so much pain after I killed my baby “! Screw you !
    You killed your baby bc u were umm ” scared”!
    If you are having sex… then proves your obviously an adult so take care of your responsibility if you do get knocked up !
    If you dont think you can take care of a baby. Get the f $$ k off your back and get a day job !
    SCREW YOU WHO WANT PITTY WHEN U GOT YOUR BABIES LIFE RIPPED OUTTA YOU! The baby is suppose to feel comfort and love and protection from his or her mother. NOT die in the hands of the mother…

    1. well, well you phrased your reply like no other. I am 77 years old. God help us.
      I do not know if this reply will go through, but I must say that Deborah’s reply on Aug 4 2014 was what I would have loved to say. it’s right on. Take responsibility people. These are babies, human beings, one of these aborted babies could be our next scientist to discover a cure for disease for all man-kind. Could be our next president or The Leader of all nations. You will never know. I feel most abortions may be due to lack of knowledge and guidance while growing up. Others may be due to selfishness. Where are most of the “fathers” in these situations? Oh, these situations in these times. What will life be like in 2020. I do not want to see it. Pray for these babies. Pray. Grandmother

      1. I definitely do not agree with abortion, but many of these young women are misguided, panicked, and scared, and fear does a lot of things to people. It does not necessarily excuse their actions, and many DO regret it afterwards. Especially when they have been pressured into it by a partner. Men too must take responsibility; there are mnay women who would have kept their baby if their partner was simply supportive of keeping the child. Parents must take some share of responsibility too. Did they teach their child that abortion was wrong? I was taught that it was, so I would never have one. Did those parents instil chastity into their children? Parents must be responsible too. For those who were raped, they, I feel, have the hardest choice of all. Yes, the right thing to do is keep the child. Abortion is wrong. But to bring other to see the pro-life cause we must be sympathetic, and show love and mercy. We all do make very horrible mistakes in our lives, and God will always take us back.

        And to be honest, how dare you, Deborah. Are you christian? Do you believe in God? Because if you do, you had better change your ways fast, because God goes by ways of mercy and kindness, not swearing and judgemental coldness. How dare you judge those women. Yes, some I do agree, know exactly what they are doing is wrong and are in every place to take care of a child (married, financially secure, etc) and are selfish to abort. I have less patience for them, but that is a result of parents who have not guided their children and taught them. But many are frightened and coerced into abortion. And yes, I will pity them. God calls us to love our “enemies.” How dare you think so mighty of yourself. You are like those pharisees who judged those who felt regret, and guilt. But those poor souls who had done much wrong, when they regretted what they had done, and implored forgiveness, God happily granted it. Many of them go through so much pain after this horrific procedure, and it is our duty as human beings and followers of Christ to help them and show them the pro-life path.

  4. I dont like abortion but I dont disagree with it in certain cases. Everyone gets so angry callin ppl muderers but alot of these highly oppinionated ppl never even been thru that situation themselves… & always screamin adoption adoption wut they fail 2 realize is alot of women feel if they carry a baby for 9 mo’s they wuldnt b able 2 give it up that is heartless jus like abortion..but then tha child grows up moving from home 2 home.. or grows up in & out of foster homes.,.ive known ppl who’ve grew up like that & sum have major mental issues.. do u really think a foster home is all smiles & sunshine ?? Then they grow up feelin empty & hurt wonderin where their real mother is… & Ive noticed alot of mothers feel deep regret for givin their child up & then try 2 find them & gain custody again.. I feel both adoption & abortion r not good… unless ur in a traumatic situation of course…I dont like the idea of abortion but I feel every woman had a right 2 choose without a complete stranger callin them a murderer etc…. & all those ppl who r prolife EXTREMISTS… I feel they shuld b forced 2 adopt the babies of the women wanted 2 initially abort since they feel they have a say so in sum1 elses life who they dont even know… lets see how that goes… exactly thank u. Let me ad though I do feel after a certain time of pregnancy it shuld b illegal 2 abort..

    1. If they don’t want a baby, they need to keep their legs together! After they are pregnant, they are infringing on the baby’s right to life! And don’t come here with “its not a person until it’s born” crap! It’s a person upon conception! In rape cases, give the baby away, adoption, or raise it! THAT is the only choices you have! NOBODY has the right to take another’s life, no matter how old they are! Laws are unstable about this! Kill a pregnant woman and it’s double murder, yet kill the child, call it abortion and it’s okay?! Seems they are saying it’s not a person unless the ‘mother’ dies, too! People have no common sense! And yes, I have the right to an opinion, as I WAS raped!

      1. I do agree with what you are saying. But it is not only women who have responsibility, their partners must too. Those partners, many times, pressure their pregnant wives, girlfriends, etc into abortion, playing on their fear and panic. Some even slander them, saying that they are selfish for wanting to keep their child.

  5. We can easily get sidetracked, if we let ourselves; always remember, the human experience begins at at conception and ends when life terminates. Every baby should have the opportunity to embrace the full potential that life offers. To prematurely end that life is, in truth, murder, unless there is danger of the mother dying as a result of carrying that child to term. If raped, that is not the mother’s fault; however, killing any child, even the one that is conceived in rape, is worse; it is called murder.
    Abortion only compounds the problem of pregnancy by adding murder to the mother’s regrets. And the baby? It only wants to live. Why should it get a death sentence for the selfish act of the father?
    Any woman choosing life for her child, whatever the circumstances, is truly courageous and loving … a real example of strength, nobility, and love. The source of that love can only come from GOD, because GOD IS LOVE, and as one turns to HIM for strength, noble resolve, and love, HE will provide. Don’t be fooled! Don’t get sidetracked! Our hope is in God, creator of the heavens and all of life. I hope that your decisions will mirror HIS loving Spirit. Too many in this life are relying on themselves and the insanity that the world offers; look where it has taken us. In all things, turn to GOD. Trust HIM.
    Please read Psalm 139 and John 3:16

    1. How dare anybody who was never raped have an opinion on this matter. I’ve been through it and ended my pregnancy. The rape was the most horrifying thing that has ever happened in my life. I could never bring a child into this world that was conceived in such violence and hatred. God had nothing to do with my pregnancy nor my rape. I know that god will not pass judgement in my decision. I can’t stand people like you. It sickens me to think that anybody who has never been in this position would have an opinion on it. Walk in my shoes and be terrorized the way I was for hrs and hrs. Beaten and cut with a razor and raped continuously and turn around and tell me I should keep the child because it’s made by god and god is love. I say it plain and simple. BULLSHIT!!!!

      1. Too bad that you can’t feel the same pain that your baby felt having their arms and legs cut off and their head cut off from their body….and they do feel pain and they do scream. You are nothing but selfish, you will be judged eventually.

        1. Oh my god – how much of a disgusting individual are you to think that your opinion matters. You should be judged just for what you have said. I do not believe in God and feel its for people who NEED to have an outlet and an explanation for things and life. I think if there is a god they are a nasty evil piece of work for letting the death/rape/torture/starvation/child abuse happen in this world! What sort of a god would let that happen!? load of SHITE. Do not judge other people for their choices and decisions – you don’t have to agree with it but don’t comment if you’re going to put judgemental comments because they mean absolutely nothing!!!

          1. God didn’t hurt you. Humans did. So do not blame the actions that came from free will on God. Now, I also do not agree with slandering those who have had abortions; mercy, kindness, sympathy, and knowledge are key.

      2. I am so sorry you had to experience that Tiffany 🙁 I know what it is like to be raped also. These people don’t understand the “joys” of the foster care system. Kids get moved home to home and develop many mental, emotional, and behavioral problems as a result of this. Then the States holding these kids put them on a long list of medications to control them. I have worked in the system. I know exactly what happens. So I ask them, is it God’s will to see a child suffer in the system for a long time, not guaranteeing their safety? They would suffer far worse a fate than abortion in some cases. One child I saw in the system was place after he was born because his mother was raped, and gave him up because she was Prolife. She was doing what was in her belief “God’s will”. That child went through 27 foster homes, 2 residential facilities, in 8 years. He was heavily medicated, and at this point, because of his issues, is what they have deemed as “unadoptable”. So depending on the situation, Prolife = long term suffering for the child above anything else. Critical people who don’t have experience with rape, or the foster care system need to sit down and keep their ignorant comments to themselves. As far as people being “irresponsible” with sex. If Prolifers want to stop abortions, how about allowing free and accessible oral contraception for women? Offering the morning after pill for those who have had a condom break, or other mishap? That will reduce the need for abortions as well. People definitely need to use common sense.

        1. Many pro-lifers are also against contraception. Contraception is basically stopping the life-giving act of intercourse from completing itself. Contraception is like eating food but vomiting it back up; so you only get the taste but not the nutrition that naturally comes from it. Sex is not explicitly for pleasure. It is mainly for reproduction, as nature intended it to be.

          I am pro-life. And we basically believe in at least giving the child a chance at living. All humans deserve that right. I do know what happens to kids in the foster care system. It can be horrible; but there are also good stories about children who were adopted.

  6. It’s not good to say sorrow with whatever outcome mighty come as far as pregnacy in relationship is concern. this is because there is no demonistration in sex and relationship, but real recration as real God’s gift to couples and we should embrace it whether raped ladies,students should give birth and go back for further studies.

  7. I think abortion should be legal. What if your rapped? If your rapped and you become pregnant then have the abortion if you think it’s best. What if you get sick while your pregnant and you can’t risk your child becoming sick. You should do what feels best for you. I was rapped and I couldn’t bear having a child because it meant I Had a memory from it. I felt it was the best thing to do at that time. I did feel guilty for taking a baby’s life away but at least I didn’t have to think about the time when I was rapped. Hate me if you want but that was my desision and I feel it was best at the time.

  8. I think abortion should be ILLEGAL. I think it’s MURDER. If you don’t want to get pregnant, if you can’t take care of the baby, give them up for ADOPTION. And use PROTECTION., BIRTH CONTROL, or DONT HAVE SEX. You can get pregnant if you have sex, if you don’t want to get PREGNANT THEN DONT HAVE SEX. If you’re pregnant because of rape & say you won’t love it,… There’s people out there who can’t have babies, give them up for ADOPTION. You can then move on.

    1. Many procedures r gruesome, so seeing pictures of abortion don’t mean shit tell u somthing that looks even worse, a c-section of a live baby. Lol here is the only answer to abortion that makes any sense at all discard ur crazy beliefes and fuck off. Here is a piece of reality and sanity , I am not a democratic. I am not a republican. I am not religious and 99% of u wouldn’t be either if ur parents didn’t brain wash u when u were kids. Little fact here the Catholic church has guidelines and shit saying if u dint get ur kid into church by 6 years old u want be able to fully convert them aka brainwash them. So on to the point. Most people shouldn’t need to have an abortion. People should be smart enough to not get pregers unless they want to. It’s not hard don’t take a rich genius to have sex without getting preggo. Now stupid irresponsible dumb squankes get knocked up and then will be a aweful parent. Probably end up raising kids that make same disicions about sex cuz it tends to go in i loops. So what should ms.dumb pretty skank do. Give it up to adoption?.. no and hears why. There r to many people in the world. 7 billion people is to many for this earth To sustain that’s why adoption don’t work and personally I’d rather have a dead baby then let someone else raise my DNA. So fuck adoption have abortions stop getting pregs to many people. Next after the 2nd abortion ms.unwed drug addict fucks every guy she sees has they should make her sterile. I’m not for abortions or against them there a necessary evil. Medically and this is where u right wing crazy god freaks are to stupid to understand abortions are necessary in these cases: tubal pregnancy that’s where the egg gets attached and fertilized in the fallopian tube rather the uterus, and in that case the baby will not make it past 8 9 weeks and mom won’t make it either both will die in a very painful way at a bot 4 weaks the mother would experience pain equal to getting stabbed with an ice pick for 4 weeks straight no reliefs till it grows past about 1 maybe 2 inches and it ruptures ur tube and u bleed out. So is abortion Rly that bad? How about if the mother has German measles or measles in General. That makes it where you baby will be born severely retarded and I’m not talking about maybe a down syndrom baby no, a definant wheelchair ridden can’t eat can’t sleep can’t breath on there own miserable burden. A child so retarded that it barely has enough brain activity to know that its alive abd in excruciating pain. Any half way decent person would kill it. And if u just get it aborted u and take care of it before it even has any brain waves. There r 2 cases in which anyone would get an abortion. Sometimes death is a good thing don’t matter how. Andvu can say oh it’s God’s will ur baby is born severely retarded or whatever. But it’s not and by that account anyone else can say having abortions are God’s will maybe he invented them if god created everything that means abortion to but believe what u want cuz this comment ain’t changing anyone’s mind, know that why cuz ur mind is already made up that’s why u guys don’t realize ur pro life or pro choice bull shit makes no difference u ain’t changing shit abortions ain’t going no where. And crazy pro life god nuts ain’t going no where u ain’t changing my mind. About the subject. I’m not gunna change ur mind . There is right wing and left wing and somewhere in between is sanity. 2 party systems r ruining the world alone with the hevy population

      1. I agree & wut if abortion was illegal… there wuld b crazy overpopulation just like china & over there they force abortions on women if more than 1 child… & then the foster homes would b even more cramped then they already are… there wuld b a drastic increase in mentally impaired children(not sayin they dont deserve 2 live*) & alot of those kids wuld probably rot in foster homes becuz no one wants 2 care for them.. & more children growin up in terrible homes…more children born addicted 2 drugs.. I mean wut kind of life wuld that be for the children & think about how the world would b affected… not sayin go get abortions yay its gud cuz i dont like the idea of abortion but every woman is in different situations & a complete stranger shuldnt b able 2 dictate womens lives by tryin 2 make abortion illegal… like I sed in my post before..all those major pro life extremerists shuld b forced 2 adopt the babies they protest so faithfully about since they feel they have a sayso in sum1’s life they know nuthin about… but anywho im done rambling 4 now lol

      2. I will feel sorry for you on the day you see the one YOU rejected!!!!!!! Dear father in heaven please open this persons eye to the true spirit of his/her rejection !!! Please open his/her eyes to the true spirit behind abortions !!! In Jesus Name I Pray AMEN!!!!

        1. Oh shut it on the religious bullshit already. God is an imaginary figure that man made up to make them feel better about their bad decisions to help them Repent for their bad decisions to hide behind something to make their beliefs seem valid. thought has nothing to do with abortions that is entirely in the hands of man however I do believe that in certain situations it is. I’ve been there myself I have 2 boys and I got
          pregnant.. I was on multiple kinds of birth control and guess what it did not work. I almost died with my last son and was told that I should not get pregnant again or I would bleed to death and so would the baby. so unless you have been in the situation where you can put yourself in the shoes of that woman who had to make that hard decision shut your cake hole. I hate opinionated religious whack jobs who feel that their opinion is right just because they believe in an invisible man in the sky. f*** you!! who are you to dixtate anybody’s decision?

      3. God did NOT invent ABORTIONS!!!! Sick humans did with the help of the evil one !!!! One day you all who have REJECTED God will see the truth !!!!!!!!!!!!! Regret will last all eternity !!! Shame will not end !!!! To remember that you could have received Such happiness !!! I feel for you all 1!!!! You will have no EXCUSE !!!!!!! You will see that the Christians you hated so much were NOT your ENEMIES !! They really cared for you and your Salvation !!!!!!

        1. Hey, calm yourself. You aren’t doing anyone any good by being aggressive like that. Christians are followers of Christ, and Christ didn’t go so…aggressive like that.

    2. Easier said then done. Have you been raped? Have you conceived a child after being raped ? Did you give your child up for adoption after you gave birth to a baby that was born out of rape. I doubt it. Don’t talk if you have no experience in this matter. It really gets annoying hearing this crap

  9. I had an abortion at 7 weeks when i was 26. It was the worst thing i have ever done, it nearly destroyed me. I was on a bridging visa in a new country and no one would help me. Even my family turned away and everyone i knew suggested abortion. I knew it was a boy and i knew how strong he was but i was so damn scared of being a mother, i saw the stress of it all making me an awful mother and i couldn’t do it to him.
    I will never be forgiven, never stop regretting it and never do it again. I got knocked up again by another bad man two years later and fought hard for her , i did everything i could but he gave me a low level std in the mix and it made me miscarry her at 7 weeks. It was a blessing for her i guess, i picked another fkn psycho, it was way way less traumatic than the elective nightmare but i grieved just the same.
    I would never recommend doing it. It is a crime against the soul. But i look around me at the state we are in as a species and abortion is just a symptom of a very VERY sick world. You want to ban it? You need to cure the disease that makes it something someone would want to do.
    There IS no other way.
    Its about respect for life and respect FOR SEXUALITY. It’s about self RESPECT. We need knowledge of the unseen world and the 49 laws that govern it. NO one knows this Stuff. No one cares.
    We bring hell to earth and expect people to behave like angels?

    1. I am so sorry for what you went through. it’s truly heartbreaking, and its a good reminder to all who oppose abortion to always show kindness and compassion to those who have aborted and not to judge them. You haven’t been in their shoes, you don’t know what drove them to have the abortion. I hope you find healing.

    2. I am also very sorry. I did it as well. Wish I could go back. Only thing that consoles me (sometimes) that he/she is not in this world suffering and is with God now.

  10. It’s wrong, your being selfish. Your killing a human, a child. You are a horrible person. It should be against the law. If you kill a unborn child who never did anything wrong to anyone. You should have your tubes tied at the same time, you don’t ever deserve to be able to be a parent. Your a murderer, it can’t defend it’s self. You made it. You don’t want kids keep your legs closed

    1. And yet violent households who harm, starve and torture their children, mothers and parents with drug addictions who do fall pregnant and keep their children… these people should be allowed to have more and more kids because you think in Gods eyes they have not murdered?
      The hypocrisy in these conversations is alarming… in a legal standpoint abortion is not murder, therefore there is no leg to stand on when feeling you have the right to call someone a murderer. Everyone anti-abortion refers to unborn as humans and how as a mother you ha e a right to bring this human into the world… it’s also her child. One she knows she needs to love and she needs to care for and provide. Personally, i would feel more regret in my life if i ruined MY child’s life because i raised it when i knew i was incapable of raising it how it deserves to be, then to give birth to a human because i was told that God would judge me otherwise. If you don’t love and care for your child, God will judge you anyway. Aren’t you better off making a decision for yourself and for your child that you know is in the best interest of both mother and child before you can no longer make that decision? The last thing we need in this world is another starving, unloved and neglected child. We see enough of these poor innocent children on our streets and on the news enough as it is. I am not judging anyone but i don’t think anyone has the right to be judged for doing something both legal and in the interest of their own, and their families health and safety.

      1. Slavery was “Legal” at one time too,And Blacks had no “legal Leg” to stand on,Until PPL woke up and we fought a war over it to reverse the Perversly wrong headed selfish “rights” of slave owners.
        So should be the same with abortions except in the very Very Rare case of a pregnancey resulting from rape/incest or for the health of the Mother.

    2. Stop. How dare you. I am pro-life, but spreading hate like this is not helping anyone.

      These women, many of them are panicked and scared. They need guidance, mercy, and kindness, not slander.

  11. Im not all for abortions but im not against them either. I think that anytime after 8weeks of being pregnant that it should be illegal everywhere. But 1-8 weeks doesnt seem wrong to me

    1. Thank you for sharing your views. I guess what I would say to that is to ask you what is the huge difference between a fetus at 7 weeks and 6 days and a fetus at 8 weeks? Nothing remarkable happens on the morning of the 8th week that suddenly transforms an unborn baby into a person. At seven weeks, the baby still has fingers and toes developing, in fact, if the baby is a female, her ovaries are present (though not fully formed) at seven weeks. But the problem with arbitrary distinctions like that is that they are arbitrary- its just picking a time at random not based on any real characteristic changes in the baby. At conception, the baby actually comes into existence. There is no baby/embryo one moment and a baby/embryo the next. To me, it always made more sense to draw the line at conception, when the new life actually begins.

      1. Yes! Thank you and praise Jesus for that comment. God knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb. We are created in His image and likeness and Satan hates God and will do everything he can to shroud His truth. This women talks about goodness and for the well being of whom??? As she speaks of goodness and safety of the clinic and staff and the thoughtful decision of the procedure, this precious child is being violently ripped out of its mother, which is supposed to be a safe, warm, and loving environment until birth. Oh, LORD Jesus, please rip down the strongholds and lift the blinders from the heinous murderers who have commenced this horrific holocaust on these innocent and indefensible human children!

      2. AMEN !!!!!! Someone with a heart that knows how to LOVE !!! Thank you ! So many are so confused about when life begins !! Even at the early stage it is a life !! It is alive !! A little girl or a little boy !!!!!!!! He/She is alive at the beginning !!! We have become a generation oh HATE !! It is all about me , myself and I !!! If a man really LOVES his woman he would LOVE the part of her that is in that child !! If a woman really LOVES her man she would LOVE the part of him in that child !! I hope one day men will be real men and protect their unborn children !!And real women will protect their unborn children !! I know what it is like to be unwanted !! But I also what it is like to be wanted !! I was both ! Wanted by my Dad and unwanted by my mom !! I was also a victim of RAPE at the age of 13 !!But to make a victim of an unborn child NO ! NO ! Abortion is NOT LOVE !! Abortion is HATE !! It must end !! And one day ALL abortion will END !!

  12. Abortions are like good cause like they’re fun and like they help like reduce like stress!
    I’ve had like three abortions and like they were all like really funny!

    1. Are you LIKE stupid Brianna???you are LIKE the most ignotant person. Someone should really LIKE smack the shit out of you for LIKE even saying that. LIKE omg

      1. Are you an guys an idiot? That’s what teens like to do, something called trolling ! They make stupid comments to shit and Samantha I thought you were against abortion? So why would you tell someone they should have been aborted?

    2. How idiotic you are??? Are you a women??? Womens who are from a cultured family won’t even think of Abortions!!!!! You are telling it’s FUNNY….. Think of you now……. Bullshit…………..

      1. This comment has to be the worst thing i have ever seen. I too am so sorry Penney for what u went through, I have been there 5 years ago at 16 weeks and will be there again next friday and NOTHING about abortion is funny. It was tragic for me, they gave me no anesthetic, they gave me pain meds and did not wait for them to work, the doctor came and started and i felt everything, i screamed and he said “shut her up”; they continued the procedure with one nurse holding me down and the other one with her hand over my mouth…the doctor finished and threw a note and a pack of birth control pills on my stomach and they all walked out. The pain and hemmorhaging were excruciating, I wasnt givin any pain medication for after…it was pure hell, I wanted to keep both of these babies but my 7 year boyfriend and my parents were not supportive and i live with a rare migraine disorder and am unable to care for a baby without help and support. I love them both whether they will exist or not, the first a boy and now a girl…both healthy. I am scared to death for next friday to come and have been assured again that i will not suffer during the prcedure or after…of course i know that’s not true. My boyfriend will not even go with me this time and does not care about the babies or me at all…he will not be around after this, I am 38 and if I even had a friend who cared I would not do this no matter if my health and financial situation would cause challenges. I fall asleep each night holding my stomach and trying not to forget how my baby feels moving inside me. Both times it was just a fluke of nature that I became pregnant or in my eyes a gift. I will never be the same again, I still grieve my first baby and i am sure this time will be worse. How dare some stupid teenager even think to write that this is “like funny” no matter if they do it as a joke or not. This is very real and tears apart a piece of your soul and you never get it back, no matter if it is the only choice that you have in your life at the moment. I am truely sorry to all the ladies who have to go through this and i will remember your words, experiences and understanding next week and i hope it gives me some strength because i will be alone and i surely will need it. Some say it is murder, they do not live my life and your comment is as bad and unsympathetic as somebody saying it is funny. As women we need to support each other in our right to choice, none of us ever want to have to go through this. All I will have for the rest of my life is the memory of the total 28 weeks i spent carrying my babies and how immediate my love was for them both. I cry every day and i am not a murderer, i am a woman with feelings and i guess half a mother and i have this with me for the rest of my life, i wish i had a partner who loved this baby like i do and was willling to help me keep my baby or even support me through this hard time. my heart goes out to anyone who has to experience this. 🙁

        1. Jennifer!!! Sweetie don’t harm your baby! Please there are people in this world that can not have kids and wishes to be able to get pregnant I’m telling you once she is gone she is gone, you gotten into the most joyful part of the pregnanacy sweetie the kicks,movement, heart beat…… sweetie I’m telling you don’t do it! FUCK your bf! If he don’t wanaa be there for clearly states you need to move on email me sweetie @staceyw857@gmail.com

        2. WOW !!! YOUR LOVE IS VERY COLD !!! In the bible it says there will come a day when the love of many will become cold
          !! Now I believe we are in that time !! Yes Abortion is murder !!!! You and others can not sugar coat it !! I will say this though you need healing ! Seek the Lord He is able to heal and restore you !! The Lord loves you and the children you KILLED !! If you come to the Lord you will see your children !!!!! They are being loved in heaven !! Please seek help !! There are many groups who can and will help you !! Dear Father in Heaven please heal and restore this woman !! Please open her eyes to the true spirit behind abortions !! Let her see that abortions murder unborn humans !! And abortions are NOT some kind of love choice !!Oh Father please help her ! In Jesus Name I Pray AMEN!!!!

          1. Free bird, what you just said was the most wonderful thing. Amen. I pray everyday that women will open their eyes that abortion is murdering innocence babies and no matter what situation you in, no child should be murder. Even if you were rape, It does not erase the rape or take away the pain of the rape. All you’re doing is killing a innocent person. Killing your child makes you look as evil as the rapist because now you have done evil against a innocent person. I hope and pray that Jesus Christ would open their eyes that killing your child is not a choice and it won’t solve anything.

    3. Wow! I can’t believe she just said that!.She must be young….. she has to be young Who in the hell enjoy killing a baby??? Are you serious?

  13. It is wrong and murder in my eyes theyre are other ways of dealing with an accidental pregnancy like adoption…plenty of people would love to have one of those precious angels children are a gift not something you can just decide you do not want it should be illegal to have an abortion. It would teach the world that you have to be more responsible they should have to carry the baby the full 9months and after that if they still decide they don not want the child th e baby should be given to a couple or single parent who cannot have children.

    1. Your comments come from ignorance and you should know better; you are woman and you should not judge others, you should offfer sympathy…nobody WANTS to do this. You should be ashamed of your closed mind and heart.

      1. The 21 week photo couldn’t be more misleading. There are NO abortion procedures or methods that cause a fetus to turn black. The areas of black that you see are NATURAL decomposition that occurs over a period of days to weeks when it has died. This one has been dead for WEEKS. The more areas of blackened skin/tissue the longer the baby has been dead. It usually doesn’t get to this point when the woman is getting regular prenatal care. This woman obviously was NOT getting that care for any number of reasons. But no matter how it dies, it must be delivered or aborted. The same abortion procedure at the same clinics as elective termination of a live pregnancy. It is sick to see this dead, rotting late term fetus that died long before it was removed being paraded as a chosen late term abortion. Liars are the worst and this mother has been exploited in the worst, most vile way possible. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Sickos.

        1. What makes you think the baby died before he was removed? He was found at an abortion clinic. The clinic had apparently been storing fetuses after they were taken apart in D&E abortions. That explains the decomposition. The baby was dismembered by the abortion procedure. Why else would he be in pieces?

        2. Felicia,
          Did you see the mothers face,see her name or address printed anywhere ?
          At least this child’s brutal demise is being “heard” and witnessed by those who care,want to help and want the Truth that the Multi Billion $$ Abortion killing industry wants to hide
          This Child was exploited by The Mother who should have protected him/her and the Dr who took an oath to do no harm and yet murdered,no doubt using coercion and lies on it’s Mother telling her that it’s “not a baby” or just a “lump of flesh/cells” and feels no pain,the willful lies,ignorance,blindness and Hippocracey of the “choice” movement is astounding !
          And BTW,the whole “you’ve never been there” BS is just that,Every single one of us either Has been there in one way or another and/or Knows women personally who have “been there”
          I was a 15 yr old when I found out I was pregnate.
          I put away my childish and selfish ways and became his Mother .
          He is now 28 and works in the IT field making over 100k a year,he is a well adjusted,loving companionate man I can be Proud to say I didn’t give up on.
          And I talked another friend out of abortion,her “choice” was adoption to a Nurse who couldent have children,she still gets updates and Pics every year.
          There are options other than destroying a baby’s life and a woman’s soul.
          Just like there are many options for birth control,And PROPERLY using any one or two in conjunction from the list of 40+BC methods available on the Market should work to keep a young woman from having to make this kind of decision.
          And then there is always not having sex before your ready that’s 100% guaranteed to keep you Baby free???And don’t start with the Rape/insets non sence it’s less than 1-2% of any of the Est 1.5 Millions of abortions done yearly in the US. And exceptions to the rule.
          Your anger is misplaced.

        3. A saline abortion will burn the poor baby, turning the skin a black color. It’s agonising, for the baby. Pro choicers are very mislead. You think the baby receives any type of anaesthetic? Not at all! Their cries of pain are silent!
          By law ,you have choice, but that doesn’t make abortion any less barbaric. Being legal doesn’t make it morally right!

  14. I recently had a abortion and like some of you people I was totally against it until I got pregnant mind you I have two kids that I love with all my heart so this decision was not a easy one but it was the best thing to do for me and my family… my heart goes out to other women who are facing this same situation right now… I could care less what people say about what I did cause at the end of the day life goes on bills gotta be paid and I still have to go on…

    1. Keyann-
      I applaud your disclosure. This is never and easy choice or decision, you made the best decision for you and for your family at that time. This decision does not make you a bad person, a bad mother, a bad future mother. The only thing you can do now is move on and heal.

    2. Really? I have 4 children and I got pregnant for the 5th time and gave her to a family that couldn’t have children she has everything she could ever want and is happy as can be I get pictures of her every year what you did was wrong abortion is not ok and you shouldn’t be ok with it you killed one of your babies instead of giving it a chance at life…

      1. Have you ever thought that some of us love these babies so much it would destroy us to give it away and sometimes it is a medical decision for our health…murder is committed out of hate, abortion is chosen out of love. you too should be ashamed as a woman.

        1. Jennefer,
          So your response to giving a child a loving home and a chance to have ANY “choice” of it’s own,much less a life.
          Is that “YOU/US” LOVE the child SO much It would Destroy “YOU/US” to give your child a “choice/chance” to live outside your loving care….WOW !
          There is nothing loving about destroying any life.Would you put down your Healthy Pet if you could no longer afford or keep for whatever reason ? Or would you try tirelessly to find a loving home,Or take it to a no kill shelter to give it a chance at life with another family ?
          Ive found most PPL who support abortion care more for animals than Humans and are outraged by any violence,killing,abuse of animals but think nothing of the ripped apart human baby’s who’s dead bodies are used to heat Hostpitals in The UK and OR State..I’m sure there are others horrors that we never hear about or hear very little about,Like Dr. Gossling the goul Abortionist.
          But a man beating a puppy or a girl throwing baby kittens in a river (all sick and twisted) are played over and over again n social media…
          But any horrors exposed about the Multi billion $$ abortion industry are hush hushed.
          Shows where Americas concerns are.

        2. How do you tell your child, I love you so much, that I’m going to dismember you? Or I love you so much that, if I’m not responsible enough to have you, and take care of you no one can, because I’m that selfish!?
          The epitome of selfishness!

  15. This video is completley fake. No inhumane fool would prod a dangling fetus for any video.
    just use your heads. The way this presentation was constructed, using an African skin woman, switching to the white consevativeley dressed informant… So blatantly theatrical in the music tone switch!

    Please take a closer look. Remember, it’s a BEAUTIFUL LIFE in that womb, and there is (usually)no such thing as an easy death. Short can be very sweet, look at every angle.

    Don’t eat meat then have no opinion on how slaughterhouses are ran for example.

    I am a single mother of five wonderful adorable children.
    As much as I hate the process of death, believe in the possible good, even in darkness.

    1. Your post is somewhat incoherent, but I’ll answer it as best I can. The unborn baby was given an injection several days before the procedure in order to kill him or her so that her body would be malleable and easy to manipulate. It is actually quite difficult to deliver the head of an infant at this age (20 to 22 weeks I’d say) without damaging the woman’s cervix. Most abortionists crush the skull for that very reason, this one chose to deliver intact. Perhaps they wanted to preserve the baby whole for some reason. Some abortionists offer women have late-term abortions the opportunity to take pictures with her dead child and get hand and footprints from them. The white woman in the video was a spokesperson from an abortion clinic, the footage was taken directly from a commercial the clinic put out towards its clients. The music was obviously added later for a fact, but that was really the only affectation in the video.

    2. This is not fake. It seems very real. I mean, who would take the time to make a synthetic fake fetus and shove it up some woman’s vagina? And I don’t think the woman having dark skin means she’s black, what if she was Indian? Lots of people in India are having problems with having babies, specifically daughters, they don’t want… Anyway, this is not about Indians! Abortion is not right and it is wicked in my eyes. Like Karen said, if you don’t want babies, don’t have sex! At least use a condom, use two for all I care. Just don’t kill an innocent child, no, infant, that hasn’t even seen the world, let alone its mothers face…

  16. This is grotesque and horrible! If you can’t have a baby don’t have sex. Otherwisegrow the hell up and take care of these babies. It’s a damn shame. U can kill an innocent baby but not a killer. Smh.

  17. What people don’t realize is that contraceptives can be abortifacient. These chemicals used in contraceptives, can be traced back to NAZI era big pharma. The fertilized egg cannot implant into the chemically altered uterine wall. It then dies in an early abortion.
    The images posted on this website and others ARE never shown at a family planning clinic. Everything is sanitized and dehumanized. As I look at them, these words come to mind: sick, vulgar, pornographic, revolting, eye-opening, heart-wrenching… AND I DID THIS.
    There are really no words because every time I see them, I have to be reminded that I did this to my 11 week “blob of tissue”—Abortion is just that bad and the intense sorrow takes my breath away. That’s why I need religion, my ever-deepening Christian faith, to work me through my emotional and spiritual scarring–so I can get through every hour of every day to stop the words of self-recrimination and self-condemnation these horrific images bring. I don’t have to go to any website now–they’re imprinted in my mind. These graphic images, which make me cry from the depths of my soul, would have stopped me in my tracks, as well as an ultrasound, which was not in use at the time. Jesus is the only way I can begin to find solace, knowing this happens every day, and that I too did this.

    1. I love your post however, I cannot agree with the statement that it was a blob of tissue. At 15 I found myself scared and pregnant. I had no idea what to do. I spoke to my boyfriend at the time and he was only somewhat supportive. I believe that he listened to his parents who if I remember right did not beleive me. They were/are catholic. I figured they would have fought me tooth and nail into keeping the baby. To this day 25 yrs later I struggle with emotional issues and try very hard to believe that God has forgiven me. I hated everything about the procedure and looking at the bottle that contained my unborn dead baby and the placenta that once was attached to me providing nutrients and food so that he/she would grow into a healthy baby. I truly regret my desicion to kill my baby and hope that no one goes through what I went through. Please protect yourselves. Pregnancy is far from the worst that can happen from unprotected sex.

  18. God said to the prophet Jeremiah, before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. I use to think that it is a woman’s right to make her own choices, including having an abortion. I myself have had more than one abortion. I’ve since then had a change of heart on this matter. We all have a right to choose whether to believe in GOD or not. However,all of us are so hung up on this is my body, it’s my decision, it’s my life, it was an accident, I can’t afford to keep it. What about that baby’s right to choose? You take their choice away when you have an abortion. God hates hands that shed innocent blood. I could make excuses as to why i killed innocent babies by having abortions but I’m not going to. I’ve cried terribly and repented for what I have done and for my awful deeds. I happy to know that one day i will see my kids in heaven when God takes me home. These aborted babies are with God, king David said, when his baby with Bathsheba died, you cannot come to me but I will go to you (meaning when he died he would see the child). Unless we realize that what we are doing is wrong, we are in darkness and the truth is not in us and we are yet in our sins. We are dead people walking. God will judge not only our deeds but the intentions of our hearts and for every word we speak. Jesus loved us and died for us even though we did not deserve it. He bore our sins on that tree, and then said Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Judge not, for with the same measure of judgement ye judge it will be measured unto you. I now know that abortion is wrong and it should be illegal. We do not have the right to take a child’s rights away because of our own selfish reasons. If you were raped, have the child and give it up for adoption. Let God decide what happens after that. If we don’t forgive people that have wronged us how can God forgive us our sins. This is not about who is right and who is wrong it’s about doing what God wants us to do. God hates hands that shed innocent blood. What are we teaching our kids by continuing to shed innocent blood. Let us move forward, and pray, and ask God to help us turn away from our sinful ways and heal our nation. Let’s ask him to forgive us from being murderers, liars, thieves, adulterers, covetious, not honoring our parents, having other gods before him, not keeping the sabbath day holy, worshipping idols and not loving him with all of our mind, soul and body.

  19. Correction:

    Abby Johnson’s group to help abortion workers get the support to get out (many find themselves trapped): is attwn.org.

    Stands for: and then there were none

  20. I HATE this so much!!!!! Precious little baby, warm, innocent and protected one minute, being ripped apart the next, all life gone from her, wrapped in butcher paper for the death truck to be picked up later. God help us! This is revolting in the worst, post NAZI era way! It is the worst sin one can commit.
    The woman in the pink shirt and pearls is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But God can forgive even this and her. See attwn.com

    Those “Christians” who get on here and tell the post-abortive parents that they are all going to hell, do no know the Bible. Where sin abounds, grace abounds. God loves a broken and contrite heart. Please know this.

    1. First of all. Women and men were put on this damn planet to reproduce and give life. It is disrespectful and a shame to get rid of a child that hadn’t even had a chance to breath. To live. To even hold the finger of its mother. If you think about the poor women who are not able to reproduce, how much they would give to have life growing inside of them. And then seeing things about abortions? IT SICKENS ME. there is only one place for those people.

  21. As much as the video is terrible, the reality when you are carrying a fetus that is unplanned and unwanted is entirely different. From personal experience I would never judge another woman as the decision is not easy. It is very simple for people who have not been in the situation to say ‘I would never do that’ – you know nothing, you have the luxury of thinking, the woman in this situation don’t. They have reality.

  22. This is sad . Considering.im 25 weeks.right.now I could not imagine ever doing this. I have felt my baby move since 14 weeks. And the person saying this is not a fulllly formed baby. Are you stupid ? If babys can survive at 24 weeks out of the womb with help how is it not fully.formed. you’re an idoit. If your baby is causing life threatening problems then you deal with it. You.layed down to create it you deal with the consequences. no matter what type of protection you use you can always get pregnant. Everyone knows that. Sex is to make childern. Not for us to just have sex and tgen when whats suppose to.happen happens kill it because your selfish. Only.god will judge.you. I will not. Thats not my.job. this is just what I think.

    1. It is clearly what you think and you are judging.

      It is not selfish, it is selfless in the regard that no matter how much you want the baby you know you cannot have the baby because you cannot give the baby what it needs; even tbe basics.

      It would be selfish to keep a baby you cannot provide for or who doesnt not have loving, capable parents.

      1. Which is more selfish, if you cannot take care of the baby?

        1. Put her up for adoption and let one of the 2 million couples raise her in a loving home

        2. Brutally kill her.

        Murder is never selfless, especially when an alternative exists.

        1. How dare you excuse me of murder. You need to look up the definition of murder and also of “human being” as yoy clearly dont have feelings like a regular one.

          Do you really think I should have gone to full term and given the baby I wanted away? No. That thought crossed my mind but I would have driven myself mad for the rest of my life wondering about him/her and its not fair for a child to grow up wondering why mummy gave them away.

          Step into reality for a second and get off your horse.

          1. It is murder. And it’s selfish. You go about to try and please yourself having sex. You made your bed so you you should better damn lie in it. SELFISH.

  23. This is sick anyone that has this done should have the same done to the ripped apart then just thrown away I think all abortions should be elegal it’s sick and twisted an the person who invented the should suffer for the rest of there life there are people out the who can’t have children who would love the chance to be parents yet you get sick twisted women who fall pregnant and throw it away like shit!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes this is an awful video but dont tar every woman with the same brush.
      Some women use abortion as birth control and others fall pregnant by genuine mistake and cant provide for their babies.
      Please dont be nasty about people who didnt want this to ever happen.

  24. I watched this video to understand the gravity of the choice I made 2 years ago in having a termination at 14 weeks.

    At the scan which was delayed until 14 weeks my partner started acting strange and after the scan, after I had watched my baby on the screen moving around as the nurse required me to jostle him/her around for measurements, he told me he didnt want the baby.

    He told me it was the baby or him.

    I had already been told by my family that I shouldnt keep the baby because I would end up a single mother with a pram etc

    I had the termination the next day. I simply could not leave it any longer and couldnt bear the thought of my own child growing up knowing his or her father hadnt wanted them, if mother knows best then I did the right thing.

    You awful women who judge and make cruel bible references (out dated) you really need to think about just how godly you are if you can just be so awful about a womens suffering, I suffered and every single woman who has a termination suffers – the baby has no cognition and couldnt process what happened.

    We can and we process it, in my case, almost every day.

    1. Ok so you obviously feel as if you made the right decision. Yet if you knew your so called husband didn’t want the baby you shouldn’t have payed down and created it in the first. For all you know the baby could’ve been the best thing that happened to you and could’ve been a far more better person then your “husband”. And this is my opinion not based on what the bible says it’s what I believe.

      1. 1) who the hell on earth do you think you are
        2) he wasnt my husband
        3) I was told i couldnt have children
        4) he broke up with me after anyway
        5)I couldnt have done it alone as none of my family wanted to know
        6) you can shove your beliefs down your cruel hateful throat.

        1. People do what they do for a reason. It may not always be right, but there is a reason. You didn’t have an abortion because you wanted to. You did it because you were scared , and you didn’t have support. That’s understandable.

          But it doesn’t change the fact that it was a living baby, and it shouldn’t ever be done. That was my belief before I was a Christian, and I’m even stronger on it today. So yes, I know you did something very wrong (not that I haven’t).

          On the other hand, Christians should never wish anything bad upon you. You’re a human being who makes mistakes just like the rest of us. So just remind any “Christian” who comes and tells you that you should be put to death for what you did, our most important commandment, to love God and others as ourselves.

        2. With or without yourboyfriend you shouldve not been selfish and gave thebaby you made a chance at life thru adoption. You will have a judgement day.

  25. For all the people against abortion…..I have never had unprotected sex !! I was very responsible I stayed on birth control got my shot every three months never missed an appointment….so when I found out after we finished the condom broke. I knew I would be ok because I’m on birth control and he pulled out!! Boy was I wrong I got pregnant despite birth control the condom that tore ansd him pulling out!! I can’t afford a baby & I been evicted I’ve been homeless I’vwe been in foster care waiting on someone to want me and take me in cause my mom couldn’t afford me. You judgemental assholes have no idea what that kind of life is like. I would never give that life to a child. I aborted the baby and got an IUD put in and if I ever do have children it will be when I can give them a good life not a life like the one I had.

    1. Ok so for one you’re obviously a teen. What the hell are you having sex for anyways. You know I have sympathy for you. Then again I don’t because while you Can be out there making a better life for yourself, you’re out there fucking. So no it still doesn’t justify your decision. Oh but it was really thought of you to think of what kind of life you would’ve given the baby but the point is you teenagers feel like you can’t live without sex for a while. I’m 16, and am I out there having sex no. So there are NO excuses. Get over yourself and try and better your life instead of running it in the ground with sex!

      1. She could be in her early 20’s for all you know.
        Sex is a very enjoyable and healthy part of a relationship.
        You shouldn’t be doomed to have a child if you’re not ready. I don’t know anyone who has had an abortion just because they were careless. They all used birth control that failed. That doesn’t mean they should raise a child they don’t want.

        What if you were aborted? Would you care? Would you hate your parents? I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t even be able to. It would’ve happened long before I started registering thoughts.

        Wouldn’t it be more fair to a child to terminate before it’s able to register than to live a dodgy life with fear, hate and eventually a death anyway.

        I’m not saying children shouldn’t be born, if you want them, life can be wonderful and it is. But I wouldn’t have minded not being born before I had a chance to feel and experience. I wouldn’t know what I was missing out on.

  26. How anyone can watch that and still support abortion is beyond me. Can you imagine the pain these innocent babies go thru? Viability does not determine humanity, these are innocent children who are being murdered in a disgusting and excruciating way. My child was a preemie, legally disposable in all states…..seeing her and all of those other innocent babies in the nicu it just made my stomach turn to think that right down the street these same children were being ripped to shreds out of their mother’s wombs. Pray to end abortion.

  27. I am so sad I can’t even look at this video till it end I can feel the pain from where I am standing,I realy don’t now what to say.its so painful to see this baby coming out of her mom like this

  28. I don’t understand the response on “why should a woman die by illegal abortion” we are all God’s creation. Women who chooses abort a fetus is only choosing to eliminate a life. The right and decent respectable loving kind choice should start by choosing to protect themselves from an unwanted pregnancy. But they choose not to. They would rather have a living being butchered. Animals have more consideration and protection then a living human being. Some people say well it’s not a baby yet. Well I saw the video and I don’t know about you but I saw a baby there. Shame on the women who would kill a living human being. It is killing. The bible says God sees us since we are in our mothers womb. If He loves us and knows us even before we are born, then means we are special beings. Life starting since conception is a beautiful miracle.

    1. Let me tell you a story. At the age of ten, TEN, I was raped by a man who took me in after the death of my parents. So, I’m already traumatized by the lost of three beloved family members, and here comes this guy I trust forcing himself onto me. He had a decent-sized house, and I slept in the same room as my twin sister. We had twin beds across from each other. I liked it, because our parents had insisted we have our own rooms. It was nice, at first, to be close to her.

      He didn’t use a condom. Ever. At ten years old, my body wasn’t made to compensate a man. The first time he went from touching me to…I bled so long, and so hard, that I thought I was going to die. I understood sex, my parents did it. They loved each other. Now and then, I’d accidentally seen them. It looked like a beautiful thing. But this…this was sweat, swearing, and pain. He’d beat me, too.

      Then, he started to go after my sister. My twin sister. My best friend. The closest thing to my heart in the world, then and now and forever more. I’d sit there, terrified, in my bed. He’d be hurting her, she’d be sobbing. Once or twice, I tried to grab him. I was very small, he’d shove me off. He’d grab her throat, tell me he’d hill her if I didn’t shut up. Sometimes, he made me…do things to her, to myself, to him, while he…And he made her do the same as well.

      I got out before he could do anything bad. He damaged my body beyond repair. I have almost no feeling in my vagina. I can’t feel pleasure, and when I do manage to feel some…I get scared. So very scared. If I’d been older, if he’d gotten me pregnant, I would have, in a second, stabbed myself through the stomach. I’d tear out my ovaries. I’d have killed myself for sure. The feeling of his…leftovers, seeping out of me…his curse, his defilement…I’ll always remember it. Having him inside me, having his sperm inside me, it made me feel like I was like him. A monster. A bad thing. Dead. Worthless.

      I would have aborted his child in a moment. Not out of spite for him, but because I couldn’t carry his child, showing the world his spawn, bulging my stomach…I would die. I couldn’t do that. Ever. Abortion is a perfectly fine procedure, even if you’re not like me. If you can’t afford the baby, why bring it into the world? The foster care and adoption systems are, in a word, awful. Trust me, I know. If I was in a bad situation, with an abusive acquaintance around, I couldn’t do it. They might hurt my child before or after birth, or hurt me if I attempted to keep or give away the baby. If it was going to die anyway, or kill me…I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is.

      That thing, that was, in essence, a baby. But it was an unfinished baby. It could not survive outside of its mother. It was, in essence, a parasite, a part. Not a whole. It had began, but it had not started yet. Everyone has their reasons.

      1. Tema, I am so very very sorry about what you have been through. Thank you for commenting. I hope you can find some peace. Perhaps counseling would help? It helped me with the sexual assault I experienced.

      2. Tema..you make a very good story.. But not good enough.. this story is so… rehearsed, refined and revised to make the perfect pro-abortion stance..
        NO child should be killed for the sins of the “father” (sperm donor).

        “That thing, that was, in essence, a baby. But it was an unfinished baby. It could not survive outside of its mother. It was, in essence, a parasite, a part. Not a whole. It had began, but it had not started yet. Everyone has their reasons.”…
        Nice wording to dehumanized an unborn INNOCENT child… You should have been a fiction writer..

        1. It does not matter if the child couldn’t survive. So it makes it ok to murder the child because it couldn’t survive? It is still a human life and you are still murdering a baby. There is nothing to justify it. Murder is murder. Point blank.

      3. Who was the third family member that you lost? Did you ever consider filing a criminal complaint against this monster?

        The Pill has a very good safety record over half a century. Stories like this are the best reason for making it available OTC. This would also solve the ObamaCare question, incidentally.

    2. This is a later abortion, after I would say around 25 weeks. this is performed when there is something in the pregnancy that could harm the mother. If you wanna go around flinging the bible about how it’s murder and how it’s cruel do you wanna know what’s really cruel? Making a women have a baby when they don’t want it, or if it’s dangerous. No offense but the bible is also extremely sexist towards women. Women are seen as second class and submissive to men, and are only seen as good for reproducing. So, GOD FORBID WOMEN GET RID OF THE ONE THING THAT THEY ARE ACTUALLY GOOD FOR!

      1. I would estimate that this baby is about 18-20 weeks along, that is all. Most abortions done at this time are for elective (nonmedical) reasons.

  29. Aww, that was the best avice I have heard since me getting pregnant, and it really touched my heart. Thank you for your kind words, really!

  30. I think an abortion at this stage is so wrong, pulled out bit by bit i mean was in painfull? this made me cry, it was a fully formed baby:-( why should the baby die because some people are just plain stupid. hope this dosent offend anyone but my god there is enough contraception arond SO IF U CANT USE DONT DO IT SIMPLE .

    1. That’s not a fully formed baby you idiot that baby at most is 25 weeks old. It was also taken out as a whole, not in shreds. And It was an emergency health abortion for the mother, which could’ve died. I think it’s bullshit that some of you are so fucking protective of a embryo then a women. Totally disgusting.

      1. And you know it was an emergency abortion how? Most likely it was an elective abortion – I would guess that the baby was about 21 to 24 weeks along. The vast majority of abortions done in the 2nd trimester are for elective reasons, as are very large chunk of those done in the 3rd trimester. Even Doctor Susan Robinson, a late-term abortionist said in a recent article in The Hairpin that that many of the abortions she does in the 3rd trimester are elective and not because of a problem with the baby or the mother. A former employee of Doctor George Tiller said the same thing. Less than 1% of all abortions are done because of a health problem for the mother, and 2% are done because of a health problem for the child. That leaves 98% of all abortions that are elective. These statistics come from the Alan Guttmacher Inst., the research arm of Planned Parenthood and are pretty reliable.

  31. This video is sad… What ashamed a child has to die because of the mother lack of knowledge or better yet unprotected sex! If a child has to be slaughter then go through the hell and give the baby life all children have the right to live. Can you imagine this baby pain and torture? If anyone reads this message know that your baby is a gift no matter what or how he or she was conceived! GIVE LIFE

    1. Some of you are so ignorant! Stop judging other people and THEIR sex life lives. I’m positive you are not perfect so please shut up and worry about your own fucking life. These services are available to every woman and it is their choice and their body. You have your body, have children or DON’T! Ultimately it’s YOUR life that will be altered by either choice, not anyone else’s. Most of you are so quick to tell people what they should do with their lives, but I bet your not there when a child is mentally or physically abused or neglected by parents weren’t ready or foster parents who only care about the income coming in. So fuck off and go live you “perfect little lives” instead of judging and bullying people. Fucking idiots. FYI fetuses are given a shot to stop their heart so when the abortion takes place, they don’t feel pain. Before you start judging me, I am a labor and delivery RN.

  32. abortion should remain legal . if young people were taught reproductive health by their parents then maybe abortions would decrease. the pro life movement blames women too easily. why should a woman die from an illegal abortion when medicine offers a safe alternative. maybe if men were more responsible the abortion rate would decrease.

    1. Your Comment is totally ignorant and factless. There have been thousands of women who have been harmed and killed by ‘safe, legal abortion’ do your homework before giving a comment as crapy as that.

      1. More women are killed from not getting abortions and there being a health issue. And guess what you low life snatch?! The baby “dies” when the mom dies too! Kinda shits on your idea, huh?

        1. The baby doesnt always die when the mother dies
          My sister had cancerous tumors in her body when she found out she was pregnant and drs said it was either her or the baby and she chose the baby
          She is a selfless woman ppl that are for abortion just make excuses
          Its sick how you ppl actually convince urselfs and actually believe what u say
          It is safer to have a baby naturally than to have an abortion legal or not
          Do ur research

    2. I do somewhat agree with this. Parents do need to be a little more truthful about sex and give their children the green light to come to them when they’ve made mistake. I’m not saying that sex before marriage is okay but at least with honesty you’re able to tell your parents and they can help you with the decisions afterwards such as contraceptives, info on stds, and the plan B pill; which would cut down on abortions. But then in other instances, we all make mistakes. Nobody on the face of this planet has not made one. Now I can say that I am pro choice in situations where there was rape, especially incest. I am pro life in situations where a woman believes she is in a position to care for a child. If you’re not ready, don’t do it because you are the one has to live with the decision, not the antiabortionists and critics who in a lot of instances say no to welfare and any aid that will help a woman care for a child and never lend a helping if you’re being hauled off to jail for neglect. It’s your choice. Live with it, whether good or bad. And as for the men, there are still good ones out there, but sometimes there are bad choices.

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