Dr. William Rashbaum dismembers 18-week-old baby – mother concerned about baby’s pain

Dr. William Rashbaum was a late-term abortionist who performed over 20,000 late-term abortions are taught over 100 doctors how to do these procedures. In an article about him, the author describes a woman who came into abort her pregnancy at 18 weeks. She was aborting because the baby was going to be handicapped. From the author:

18 weeks

“She’s not sure she wants to know the details. It’s difficult to relinquish her role of protecting a fetus that has grown inside her for four and a half months. Welling up with tears again, she asks if it will feel pain. She doesn’t want to hear much more. “I just want to make sure you get all of it out,” she pleads. “Don’t leave anything in there.”….

REBECCA PALEY “Cruel to be kind: In the twilight of his career, a late-term-abortion doctor tells all” The Boston Phoenix  Dec 2003

Dr. Raushbaum killed her baby by the D&E abortion method. Here is a chart that shows how that type of abortion is performed

From a D&E at 18 weeks:

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