Woman says her baby was “happy” to be aborted

One British woman was told that her baby might be disabled. She went to see a Reiki practitioner about the pregnancy and decided to have an abortion.

I still couldn’t come to terms with it, so I went to see a Reiki master and spiritual healer – I felt there was no one else to turn to for impartial advice; all my family and friends were emotionally involved.

I asked if the healer’s spirit guide could connect with the foetus. She said she had a very strong sense that the baby wasn’t 100 per cent perfect and that he was happy to go to the other side, but would be back again soon.

Immediately I felt enormously relieved because I’d been feeling so guilty. …

Twelve weeks pregnant, I returned to my GP who sent me to hospital. I couldn’t bear to look at the scan, but the nurse let slip that my baby was a boy… I didn’t have to go through any counselling. But the only way I got through the termination was knowing that the spirit of my foetus had forgiven me and that he was going to come back.”


Below: remains of baby aborted at 12 weeks. This is what her baby what it looked like after the abortion

12 weeks 3

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Author: Sarah

Sarah Terzo is a pro-life writer and blogger. She is on the board of The Consistent Life Network and PLAGAL +

One thought on “Woman says her baby was “happy” to be aborted”

  1. Another example of what Secular Pro-Life calls “the abortion religion” – it’s okay to have an abortion because the spirit of the dead fetus will come back to Earth at a different time.

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