Pro-Choice environmentalist wishes for deadly virus

Pro-Choice writer David M Graber writes about how the planet would be better off with fewer people. He says “the right virus” should develop that would kill people.

“Human happiness and certainly human fecundity are not as important as a wild and healthy planet… [Nature has] intrinsic value, more value to me than another human body or a billion of them… Until such time as Homo sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along.”

David M Graber “Mother Nature as a Hothouse Flower” Los Angeles Times Book Review (October 29, 1989) 9

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Cost of abortions determines how many women get them, study finds

From pro-life author Mark Crutcher:

“The abortion lobby’s claim has always been that when a woman does not want to be pregnant, she will crawl through hell on broken glass to get an abortion… But for that to be true, it would have to also be true that the cost of abortions does not significantly impact the rate at which women have abortions. The abortion industry’s problem is that this was disproven years ago. In April 1988, after 15 years of legal abortion, the financial publication, Economic Inquiry, VolumeXXVI, featured a study about the relationship between the cost of abortion and the rate of abortion. The major finding of this research was that,

“The significant inverse relationship between the price of abortions and the abortion rate confirms that the fundamental law of demand is applicable to abortions.”

He goes on to give another example:

“Colorado abortionist, Warren Hern, reinforced this in May 1997 during an annual convention of the National Abortion Federation held in Boston, Massachusetts.

At a workshop held during the event, Hern complained that paying for ultrasound machines would increase the cost of abortions by $25 and that this would cause patient loads at abortion clinics to “plummet.” In effect, he was not merely confirming that price affects the abortion rate, he was stating that even small increases in price have a profound impact.…

The point is, despite the abortion lobby’s “hell on broken glass” rhetoric, the evidence is clear that the abortion decision is a highly marginal one. Because of that, desperation has far less influence on abortion rates than price or distance to a clinic or any other factor that comes between the woman considering abortion and the people who want to sell it to her. If that were not the case, a $25 price increase would not impact abortion rates much less cause the number of women having abortions to – in Hern’s words – plummet.”

Mark Crutcher Siege: Pro-Life Field Manual (Denton, Texas: Life Dynamics Inc., 2015) 16 – 17

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Pro-Choicer : results of research on aborted babies has been “exaggarated

Pro-choice author on the use of fetal tissue in medicine:

“The actual scientific accomplishments [have been] somewhat exaggerated.”

Jeff Goldberg “Fetal Attraction” Discover, July 1995

There is evidence that this is still true.

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Woman keeps her aborted baby in a jar for 25 years

A book by a pro-choice author told the story of Nurit, from Israel, who had an abortion:

“… She was a research student studying about the development of the embryo in medical school in Israel when she aborted a pregnancy in her fourth month of gestation. She discovered that she had been pregnant with twins when she expelled a second male fetus as she rose from a sofa. Uncertain about what to do with the fetus, she decided take it to her lab where they preserved it in formaldehyde. Over 35 years later, Nurit still has the fetus preserved in a jar on her dresser.

4 month living unborn child
4 month living unborn child. This is the age of the dead baby Nurit kept in a bottle

She says this about keeping her aborted baby in a jar:

“I don’t know exactly why I kept the fetus all these years. I never think of it as my offspring, but I didn’t feel that it was right to just throw it away. I don’t know why I brought it with me to America; I guess that I have some attachment to it. It never occurred to me to bury it, and I never felt the need to name the fetus. I have always referred to my son as my firstborn. The fetus wasn’t born, so it didn’t exist for me in that sense, and yet I keep it with me. I don’t know why…I believe that preserving the fetus was a celebration of life.”

She later had another abortion.

From her husband, the father of the aborted baby:

“I didn’t want my wife to have the first abortion, but when I realized her attitude, we decided that it would be the best for us. I didn’t want her to abort our child because having a child for me meant the survival of the Jewish people. I was born in Belgium and lost most of my family in the Holocaust. I felt that abortion was killing a child, but that it was better to do it before we knew him… Before he was born. My wife was more important to me than the fetus we lost. I didn’t think my wife was right to preserve the fetus. To this day I think that she was wrong to do that. But it was a part of her, and so it’s her right, even if I disagree. This fetus represents death for me, but I am not afraid to face death.”

Miriam Claire The Abortion Dilemma: Personal Views on a Public Issue (New York: Insight Books, 1995) 102 – 103

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They said he’d have down syndrome, but her baby is fine

A woman commented on a prolife article:

“I also had a child who the doctor said may have DS and wanted to do a test to see, I said go ahead but I’m telling you now I won’t end his life. They said he had a high chance of having DS. Nope he’s fine. I had a friend who the doctors told her she had a 99% chance that her son was going to be DS and did 3 tests on her in all tests she was told the risk was too much and was counseled to abort the baby. I told her if you have a disabled baby and you can’t take care of him then just give him up for adoption, but don’t kill your baby. Well long story short baby is now 4 years old, and a brilliant little bi-lingual going on tri-lingual young man, who has absolutely nothing wrong with him either mentally of physically. I wonder how many of these babies that were “terminated” actually would have had downs syndrome, and why should it matter? Every person I’ve known that has Downs is a beautiful, wonderful, happy person who loves their life and their friends and family more than most. God bless your parents and all those who also choose life not based on the potiential merit of the person but rather on the merit of life itself.”

Comment on “Why Are YOU Pro-Life?” Why Pro-Life Abortion Facts Nov 10, 2009

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99% chance of Down Syndrome- but born healthy

A young woman named Brianna says:

“When my mother was pregnant with me, the doctors did tests and believed I had a 99% chance of being born with Downs Syndrome. The doctor told my mother that a child with DS would be too big of a burden and that she should just abort me. My mother and father prayed about it and decided they would love me no matter what and continued with the birth. I am 18 now and have not ever had any traces of Downs Syndrome. 99% my butt!”

Comment on “Why Are YOU Pro-Life?” Why Pro-Life Abortion Facts Nov 10, 2009

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Clinic worker tells patients they won’t do sex selection abortions

An abortion clinic worker from the biggest chain of clinics in Australia talks about when  women come in and ask for sex selection abortions:

“It’s very rare, and we have to say (to the patient) we don’t provide abortion on the basis of gender.

But there would be nothing to stop a woman from going elsewhere and giving a different reason.”

“Couples expecting girls ‘demand abortions’ because they want boys, say obstetricians” News Limited (Australia) APRIL 28, 2013

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Abortion for happier families

“And what of the children of unwanted pregnancies? Many are born to single mothers or families that are scarcely able to support them. Many others are victims of abuse or neglect. … We do not mean to callously suggest that these children would have been better off if they had never been born. What we do mean to say is that if every woman had a choice about whether to allow each embryo to develop into a child, we would have better social services and happier families.”

Colin McSwiggen, Fatima Hussain “Opinion: A fundamental right for women” The Tech Nov 5 2010

To abort because a baby may be abused is illogical, as abortion itself is child abuse.  To brutally tear apart a baby because he or she may not live in a “happy family” is wrong.

aborted at 10 weeks
aborted at 10 weeks
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Abortion as a moral, caring act

Pro-choice writer Joyce Arthur says the following in her essay “Know Your Enemy” (Pro-Choice Action Network)

“It [Abortion] means valuing quality of life over quantity of life. Access to legal, safe abortion is a blessing, because it benefits women, families, and society…. To choose not to give birth when there’s little foundation for that child’s well-being is a moral and caring act.”

In the world of many pro-choicers, abortion is an act of kindness because it spares an unborn baby suffering. There is no reference to the suffering the unborn baby may go through during an abortion.

10 weeks
10 weeks
10 weeks
10 weeks

Do these pictures show a moral, caring act?

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Legalizing abortion led to rise in women seeking them, says clinic owner

Future abortion clinic owner who used to work for a referral network that put women in touch with illegal abortionists says that things changed when abortion was legalized:

“As abortion became legalized, the demand for abortion information escalated dramatically. I was surprised at this… Legalization resulted in more women seeking abortion.… Women with unwanted pregnancies who might have been afraid of illegal abortions became less frightened when abortions were legal. Now that names of doctors who performed abortions could be given out openly, more women asked for them.”

Norma Goldberger Abortion Confidential: Secrets of an Abortion Clinic Owner (CreateSpace , November 23, 2014) Kindle Edition

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