Transcript of CMP Video: Planned Parenthood rep Deb Vanderhei on regulations

This is a transcript of one of the videos leaked from the National Abortion Federation convention. These videos were recorded in secret by David Daleiden

The National Abortion Federation filed suit to keep all the videos taped at their conference away from the public, but an individual unaffiliated with the Center for Medical Progress leaked them.

In this video/transcript, prolifer David Daleiden is undercover at the conference pretending to be a representative from a company seeking to sell fetal tissue for research. He is speaking to Deb VanDerhei, a national director of the Consortium of Abortion Providers. She explains to him that there are no real regulations against fetal tissue sales for Planned Parenthood.

I have composed this transcript after listening to the video. It may not be accurate in every detail.


D: David Daleiden

V: Deb Vanderhei

D: I guess I was just interested based on…the ideas we had thrown out and I was just thinking in terms of, like, what would work best for everybody and maybe like the safest model to move towards in order to avoid the New York Times headline… All of that. But I don’t.. you know…

V: but the truth is, some might want to do it for, to increase their revenues. And we can’t stop them. We only have carrots and sticks.

D: really, that’s the only control mechanism?

V: well, we have medical standards and guidelines,

D;: But they’re just guidelines.

V: and if they want to maintain, the, if they want to be a PP..if they want to maintain a franchise, the PP stamp of approval, they  have to comply with to medical standards and guidelines which tissue donation is not part of and they have to comply with some other things about, you know, revenue cycles, and board diversity and how many people have to be on the board, and bylaws like that. And they get, they have a visit, an accreditation visit every 3 years and they have to comply with those things, but tissue donation… Tissue donation in particular will never be one of those indicators.

Here is the video:

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