Woman gives thanks to crisis pregnancy center

One teenager who was considering an abortion went to a crisis pregnancy center by accident when seeking an abortion clinic. She was convinced to have her baby. She was later very grateful for her misunderstanding and praised the crisis pregnancy center for its website that did not openly reveal it was pro-life. She tells her story:

“When the test came back positive, my heart dropped and my mind went straight to the thought of abortion. I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant with Jake. I was confused, scared, broken, and worried about disappointing my family…

I felt as if I had nowhere to run, until I came across a pregnancy center website while searching for abortion clinics. They tell me that these pregnancy centers often work hard in not disclosing their pro-life agenda, knowing that would deter their potential clients. I sure am glad…

I was afraid of my future and that I wouldn’t be able to raise Jake the way he should be raised. They encouraged me to have an ultrasound done to see how far along the pregnancy was. Throughout the ultrasound, the nurse was educating me on the development of the baby and how each week something different occurs. Reality set in when I saw the small, egg -like figure and that I was close to five weeks.… The baby’s heartbeat was already well developed.…

She still had a few doubts, but after the pregnancy center talked to her and gave her a gift bag. She decided to have her baby

“I returned home with enough courage to tell my parents about my pregnancy. To my surprise, they were overly supportive of me keeping little Jake. Without the support of the pregnancy center and my wonderful parents, I’m afraid to say what might have happened to my son. Jake is surrounded by people who love him, and I am truly thankful for that.

I am now blessed with my beautiful baby boy and a wonderful, supportive boyfriend who does everything to make sure we are taking care of. My life couldn’t be more complete.… Of course, it’s hard to be a young parent, and I do lose a lot of sleep. But every moment of lost sleep is made up for when Jake gets a big toothless grin!…

I am so thankful to have come across that rather intriguing pregnancy center website. They were so positive, and I never felt abandoned. They are resourceful and offer great opportunities for young moms like me, as well as classes to help dads become better dads. I am so grateful they opened my eyes and gave me the courage to continue my pregnancy.”

Mike G Williams Thank You for Saving My Life (2016) 107 – 111

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Woman chooses life after hearing baby’s heartbeat

Vicky went to Planned Parenthood for a medical abortion (by pill), but while she was in the waiting room, she had second thoughts. She thought she might come back, but she went outside and saw sidewalk counselor who encouraged her to have a free ultrasound at a pregnancy center nearby. She says:

“After hearing my baby’s heartbeat, I just kept thinking, what if I hadn’t heard it? If I had continued where I was, I most likely would not have heard it. I changed my mind when I heard that heartbeat, but my counselors made me feel like I was supposed to have this baby and that I could do it.”

Mike G Williams Thank You for Saving My Life (2016) 92

6 weeks- has a beating heart and brain waves
6 weeks- has a beating heart and brain waves
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Guidebook for pregnant teenagers says crisis pregnancy centers lie

Anna Runkle, a former Planned Parenthood abortion counselor, wrote a guidebook for teens who are pregnant. The book was intended to help teens decide whether to carry their children to term or abort. In the book, she says:

“When looking for pregnancy counseling, watch out for anti-abortion clinics that advertise free pregnancy counseling. These groups will pressure you not to have an abortion.… A number of antiabortion organizations use advertising designed to trick you into calling them for abortion services. Once they get you in the door, they will try to pressure you to have a baby. They will give you lectures, show you films of aborted fetuses and stillborn babies, and even lie to you to stop you from having an abortion. Of course, they won’t help you find an abortion provider…

Some will tell you upfront that they are against abortion and wish to support you in carrying the pregnancy to term. But unless you want this type of service, it is best to use facilities that will support you whatever you decide. Remember that abortion providers are pro-choice – they are there to help you choose the option that is best for you, whether it’s abortion, adoption, or raising the baby yourself.”

Anna Runkle In Good Conscience: A Practical, Emotional, and Spiritual Guide to Deciding Whether to Have an Abortion (San Francisco: Jossey–Bass Publishers, 1998) 64, 105 – 106

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Heartbeat of baby convinces mom to choose life

A woman who was considering abortion came to a crisis pregnancy center. She chose life when she saw and listened to her baby’s heartbeat.

“When we came to the pregnancy clinic for our ultrasound, this tiny baby appeared on the screen, and the nurse pointed out her tiny, flickering heart. All of a sudden, the room filled with the sound of my baby’s heartbeat. Have you ever heard the incredible beat of a tiny life–seeking human heart? In that moment, I had this overwhelming feeling of love. I knew she was my baby and was meant to be mine. It was in that little ultrasound room that my mind changed, my heart changed, and my future changed…

3d ultrasound in first trimester heartbeat
3d ultrasound in first trimester

Kaylee Ann was born in early summer: healthy, happy, and beautiful. The help from the pregnancy clinic didn’t just stop with my sonogram. They stayed with us all the way through the pregnancy… I can’t imagine not having Katy Lee in my life. I certainly can’t imagine the alternative we were considering. If it wasn’t for the pregnancy clinic and those who sponsor it, my daughter would not be here today. They provided me with the opportunity to meet the love of my life, and I am so grateful.”

Mike G Williams “Thank You for Saving My Life” (2016) 38 – 40

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Teenage birth mother is grateful to CPC

From a teenager who became pregnant unexpectedly and went to a crisis pregnancy center:

Preborn baby at three months
Preborn baby at three months

“The first time I stepped through the doors of the pregnancy center, I was 15 years old… And I was pregnant. I denied it until I couldn’t deny it any longer and I was already three months along when I finally told my parents.

“We’re going to go away for the weekend. Get it taken care of and no one will ever know,” they said.

Baby at three months, sonogram
Baby at three months, sonogram

By God’s grace, we were somehow sitting in a counselor’s office the next morning. She took time to speak with me alone – without the pressure of my parents. “I know that abortion isn’t the right choice for me.… Life is life no matter how it came about,” I told her…

During my pregnancy, I felt shunned. My classmates didn’t understand and friends didn’t know how to support me. I lost friends because of my choice to carry my child to term… I wasn’t allowed to visit my parents’ public workplaces. They were too embarrassed… We also stopped attending church, as my parents were afraid of feeling shame and being looked down upon…

The pregnancy center staff gave me the emotional support I wasn’t getting anywhere else. For me, the pregnancy center was a safe place. They gave me the power to voice my concerns, questions, and emotions. They treated me with respect and gave me open and honest feedback. At the pregnancy center, I shed tears of sorrow and then tears of joy as I proudly showed off the pictures of my son.…

My heart broke on the day my son left the hospital in someone else’s arms. But while there was pain and sadness, there was never regret. I never regretted that I gave my son life – a better life, the best life I could.”

Mike G Williams “Thank You for Saving My Life” (2016) 32 – 35

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Young mother grateful to crisis pregnancy center

The teenage daughter of a pastor found out that she was pregnant. She was afraid that if others discovered her pregnancy it would reflect badly on her parents. Therefore, she considered abortion. When she became pregnant she wondered:

“What are my parents going to do? My father might lose his job. Maybe we’ll have to move. Maybe I will have to graduate at another high school…

All these emotions ran through my head. I didn’t dare talk with anyone about it… So I did what anyone in my shoes would do. I went online.

You can find anything online… I searched “abortions” and found a website that looked like an abortion provider… offering preabortion counseling and free ultrasound testing…

Before I knew it, I was on a table and looking at an ultrasound. And it was a baby. There was no doubt. There were tiny hands and feet… And a beating heart.

12 week 3-D sonogram
12 week 3-D sonogram

“I don’t really want an abortion. I just can’t end my parents’ lives and careers because of my mistake,” I sobbed to the lady in the seafoam green scrubs.

She took me by the hand and said, “You have a dilemma. Because now you have to decide why you can choose to end the life of this innocent child because of one mistake.”

I never saw that coming. I thought they were an abortion provider. I was wrong. They were not. Through some really creative advertising, they were able to draw me in without ever saying that they did or didn’t do abortions.

The ultrasound technician was a lifesaver. My tears were quickly displaced by loving women who gathered around me to pray for me and pray with me. The nurse was right, I could not choose to end the life of an innocent child…

It wasn’t easy. There were many tears. My mother and father suffered great turmoil… Life, however, has returned to normal with the exception that there is a baby back in the household. Justin and I are still in a relationship… And we plan to get married…

I want to say thank you. It was your center that had that crazy website that brought me in, that rescued me, and that saved me from my own fears. Most of all, you helped save little Emily Joy. You are my heroes. You stood up and helped me make the right choice… thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Mike G Williams “Thank You for Saving My Life” (2016) 20 – 24

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Woman testifies about help crisis pregnancy center gave

Shelly Louis, of Durant, Oklahoma, testified before Congress about the help she received from a crisis pregnancy center run by pro-lifers:

“Unmarried, financially insecure, and six weeks pregnant with my third child…abortion was a very real option for me. Since I was receiving no assistance from the baby’s father and he was encouraging me to terminate the pregnancy, I chose to seek an abortion.

Only because of their encouragement and compassion was I able to think clearly about my options and make the right choice to protect the life of my unborn child. My arrangements to visit the abortion clinic were cancelled and Kiree’s life was saved,

The support of the Pregnancy Center did not stop there. During my entire pregnancy, I attended weekly lessons, which taught me numerous things about the prenatal process and how to care for Kiree after she was born. By attending these lessons, I earned Mommy Money, which I used to ‘purchase’ clothes, shoes, blankets, diapers, and wipes in the on-site Mommy Market,”

VIRGINIA CLINE “Moms At Risk for Abortion Tell Congress Pregnancy Centers Helped” Life News JUL 26, 2012

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“Crisis pregnancy center made my life 100% better”

This testimony is from a woman who went to a crisis pregnancy center in Mountain View, California:

“When I first went to the Crisis Pregnancy Center, I was in need of temporary housing. With their help, I am staying with a Christian family.

Since the first time I went to the Crisis Pregnancy Center, my life has had a 100% change for the better. I cannot say enough about the Center except I hope that more women go there and get the love and help that I received.”

Curt Young The Least of These: What Everyone Should Know about Abortion (Chicago, Illinois: Moody Press, 1984) 173-174

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