CPC counselor recalls story of a changed mind

Debbie Gillmore, New Life Pregnancy Center in Tempe, Ariz, says that a woman wanting an abortion went to her center.

The woman declined the center’s gift of a baby hat, saying, “No. I’m not so sure I want to go through with this,” Gillmore recalled.

Later, the woman saw her baby on an ultrasound:

“The ultrasound technician displayed on the monitor her unborn child, arms and legs moving. When the beating heart appeared on the monitor, the woman blurted out, “There it is,” Gillmore reported in a written account.

The technician gave the pregnant woman a model of an unborn baby about the developmental age of hers that she had just observed. Holding the fetal model, the woman looked at the face and paused before telling the technician, “Well, I guess I’d better start thinking about a name.”

Tom Strode, “Gift of ultrasounds reaps life-saving benefitsBaptist Press December 19, 2014

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