Young mother grateful to crisis pregnancy center

The teenage daughter of a pastor found out that she was pregnant. She was afraid that if others discovered her pregnancy it would reflect badly on her parents. Therefore, she considered abortion. When she became pregnant she wondered:

“What are my parents going to do? My father might lose his job. Maybe we’ll have to move. Maybe I will have to graduate at another high school…

All these emotions ran through my head. I didn’t dare talk with anyone about it… So I did what anyone in my shoes would do. I went online.

You can find anything online… I searched “abortions” and found a website that looked like an abortion provider… offering preabortion counseling and free ultrasound testing…

Before I knew it, I was on a table and looking at an ultrasound. And it was a baby. There was no doubt. There were tiny hands and feet… And a beating heart.

12 week 3-D sonogram

12 week 3-D sonogram

“I don’t really want an abortion. I just can’t end my parents’ lives and careers because of my mistake,” I sobbed to the lady in the seafoam green scrubs.

She took me by the hand and said, “You have a dilemma. Because now you have to decide why you can choose to end the life of this innocent child because of one mistake.”

I never saw that coming. I thought they were an abortion provider. I was wrong. They were not. Through some really creative advertising, they were able to draw me in without ever saying that they did or didn’t do abortions.

The ultrasound technician was a lifesaver. My tears were quickly displaced by loving women who gathered around me to pray for me and pray with me. The nurse was right, I could not choose to end the life of an innocent child…

It wasn’t easy. There were many tears. My mother and father suffered great turmoil… Life, however, has returned to normal with the exception that there is a baby back in the household. Justin and I are still in a relationship… And we plan to get married…

I want to say thank you. It was your center that had that crazy website that brought me in, that rescued me, and that saved me from my own fears. Most of all, you helped save little Emily Joy. You are my heroes. You stood up and helped me make the right choice… thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Mike G Williams “Thank You for Saving My Life” (2016) 20 – 24

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Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.
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