Teenage birth mother is grateful to CPC

From a teenager who became pregnant unexpectedly and went to a crisis pregnancy center:

Preborn baby at three months

Preborn baby at three months

“The first time I stepped through the doors of the pregnancy center, I was 15 years old… And I was pregnant. I denied it until I couldn’t deny it any longer and I was already three months along when I finally told my parents.

“We’re going to go away for the weekend. Get it taken care of and no one will ever know,” they said.

Baby at three months, sonogram

Baby at three months, sonogram

By God’s grace, we were somehow sitting in a counselor’s office the next morning. She took time to speak with me alone – without the pressure of my parents. “I know that abortion isn’t the right choice for me.… Life is life no matter how it came about,” I told her…

During my pregnancy, I felt shunned. My classmates didn’t understand and friends didn’t know how to support me. I lost friends because of my choice to carry my child to term… I wasn’t allowed to visit my parents’ public workplaces. They were too embarrassed… We also stopped attending church, as my parents were afraid of feeling shame and being looked down upon…

The pregnancy center staff gave me the emotional support I wasn’t getting anywhere else. For me, the pregnancy center was a safe place. They gave me the power to voice my concerns, questions, and emotions. They treated me with respect and gave me open and honest feedback. At the pregnancy center, I shed tears of sorrow and then tears of joy as I proudly showed off the pictures of my son.…

My heart broke on the day my son left the hospital in someone else’s arms. But while there was pain and sadness, there was never regret. I never regretted that I gave my son life – a better life, the best life I could.”

Mike G Williams “Thank You for Saving My Life” (2016) 32 – 35

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