Abortion clinic workers talk while they look through dead baby parts

Below is part of a transcript from an undercover video from THE CENTER FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS.

Speakers: -Savita Ginde, MD, Vice President and Medical Director, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (“Ginde”)

“J.R.” Johnstone, Clinical Research Coordinator, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

(“J.R.”) -Medical Assistant, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (“Jess”)

They are having this conversation in an abortion clinic, while poking at the dismembered remains of babies that have just been aborted.

Ginde: I know I’ve seen livers, I’ve seen stomachs, I’ve seen plenty neural tissue, usually we can see the whole brain.

9-10 weeks
9-10 weeks


Ginde: The legs. There’s an eyeball.

Buyer: Do you see an trunk or a body cavity?…

Jess: The posterior spine

Jess: So cute.

Ginde: (inaudible)

Buyer: That is cute. The kidney would be pink

Buyer: Was that crack, was that the skull?

Jess: Mhm.

Jess: I just want to see another leg, with a foot.

Savita: It’s a baby. …

7 w feet

Buyer: In the middle? Yea, liver is often similar in color to the vaginal lining. …This is placental sac. With the umbilical cord. If you want to get [Name] and let her know we have cases. J

.R.: Ok.

Ginde: (Inaudible)

Buyer: I see why they’re all concerned about Stericycle because they’re- it’s a surprising total volume there just for an eleven-six.

Ginde: Yea, let me see if I can get you some picks.

Buyer: This is the placenta. This part of

Ginde: This is part of the head.

Buyer: Oh wow. That- this is high quality.

9 weeka
9 weeka

Ginde: Yea. The nose?

Buyer: Yea, I see the mouth and everything.

Ginde: Oh look, here’s some intestines. Once we take it out of water it will be harder to identify.

Buyer: This is

Ginde: That’s the pelvis.

10 weeks
10 weeks

Buyer: This is pelvis with rib cage. …If we flip this over, maybe that’s stomach.

Ginde: This is the head, I think. This is the cervical spine, and this is the lumbar/thoracic spine.

Buyer: Got it. This is the beginnings of the- so maybe if I flip it over, we might see heart.

Ginde: Possibly, it looks like a spleen (Inaudible)

Buyer: Yea, nothing.

Ginde: There is also some more stuff in here so, it’s possible that it’s in this. So we can float this out here too. Did she say she was going to pick up (inaudible)

11 weeks
11 weeks

Buyer: This is the hand…we’ve almost got a complete cal over here, with the jaw…. the cervical spine area over here.

Ginde: Cool.

Buyer: Let me flip that over. You know what? Actually, because it’s the same white matter is coming out where the head was attached.

Ginde: Yea.

Buyer: Yea, so this is all neural matter.

Jess: Usually the organs are cleaner

Ginde: Oh, look here’s the heart. Is that right?

Buyer: Yea.

Ginde: Here’s the heart.

Jess: I’m trying to get in on it.

Ginde: My fingers will smoohs it if I try to pick it up. The heart is right there.

Buyer: You found the heart right there. I wonder if this is spleen. I’m sorry not spleen, pancreas. ..

Ginde: So you said they would want the cal?

Buyer: Yea, they want the cal because they want the brain. This is neural matter over here, because this is the lower part of the jaw and cervical spine. So this is spinal cord and

7 weeks
7 weeks

Ginde: So, that’s what you want?

Buyer: So, yea this is neural matter I believe this might be thymus and stuff…

Buyer: So, it looks to me like it’s got two lobes here, connected

Ginde: A lot of times ‘ll get a full torso, I’ll spine, kidneys, you could send the whole thing or pick that apart. …

Buyer: That’s a great heart specimen right there.

Ginde: The hearts I can say we usually get…

Buyer: These are intact kidneys. So, if somebody needed-

Ginde: Because if I looked at that, I’d say that’s good to go.

16 weeks
16 weeks

Buyer: Oh yea.

Jess: I’d say five stars….

Ginde: So, that would be it, because no one ever wants hands or legs, or anything like that.

Buyer: Sometimes.

Ginde: Really?

12 weeks
12 weeks

Buyer: Probably from larger gestations though because they want muscle or bone marrow like, from the long bones. And that would- this is very tiny. it would be difficult to extract bone marrow from this. You would want something a little bigger, it’s easier to get in there. Oh, we’ve got a whole- is this long bone Jess?

Jess: No, I think it’s shoulder.


Ginde: But sometimes with the residents, I tell them to poke around, and sometimes embryology will come full circle. Find all the parts you know, see what you can see. Especially with the thirteen, fourteen, fifteen weekers, I think it’s pretty amazing. We find heart, we’ve see kidneys and adrenals, sometimes there’s thing I don’t know what that is but it’s a part. I don’t’ know if it’s lungs, if it’s brains, if it’s heart


Jess: This is nine. B

Buyer: Oh, this is nine….

9 to 10 weeks
9 to 10 weeks

Buyer: That’s the whole bottom half of the cadaver, right there. You’ve got two legs and

Ginde: There’s two arms missing. Here’s the head, is this spinal column?

Ginde: Because, here’s her thorax.

Buyer: Must be. Yea.

Ginde: Interesting. It’s so big. Here’s her heart.

Buyer: Oh. Wow….that’s a very intact looking heart.

Ginde: Yea, it is. Jess: Do they want the spinal column?

Buyer: There are some researchers who have used neural tissue at seven weeks actually.

Ginde: I can get one at seven weeks. (Inaudible)

7 wk dia


Buyer: Yea, that looks better than what we saw earlier- that looks even more that’s not even all split up the way it was before. Its holding together a lot better.

Jess: So fast, it’s the twelve weeks and everyone wants to know, is it twins?

Buyer: You’ve been looking for twins all day.

12 weeks
12 weeks

Nurse: This might be, (inaudible)

Jess: As a trainee my blood pressure goes up anytime I can’t find it all right away. I’m like ahh, where is it?

Nurse: I found it in there.

Jess: Oh, the other one? Ok great.

Buyer: The other leg?

Jess: Yea the other leg. That’s why I said thank you, it was stressing me out. She said she saw it- oh there it is, there’s a little foot.

Jess: There’s another heart, completely perfect.

Buyer: Is that the cal?

Jess: Yes. The cervical

7 weeks
7 weeks

Buyer: Yea, and there’s brainstem in there

Jess: Yea, I don’t see the eyeballs

Ginde: Very interesting. Do they want brain? What do they do with it?

Buyer: Yea. Well brain, with brain they-

Ginde: Can they do anything with eyeballs?

Buyer: Oh yea. Although, eyeballs they generally want more developed than this. Eyeballs, you get the retinal pigment epithelium from the back of them and you culture those out, you know, into big cell cultures and you get, you get all kinds of real interesting stuff out of that. Is that the heart?

Ginde: It’s too soft right?

Buyer: Nah, we saw the heart earlier….

Buyer: I think this big thing right here is liver.

Ginde: Yea. It’s so soft though, but I guess maybe it doesn’t

8 weeks
8 weeks

Buyer: No, it’s definitely not like an older liver. It’s not doing all the same functions. I saw a kidney in here. And the cal, at first there was brain in here but

Ginde: It got blasted out.

Buyer: It got blasted out with water

Ginde: Well you know a lot of times especially with the 2nd tris, we won’t even put water because it’s so big you can just put your hand in there and pick it up, the parts.

Buyer: Right, just pick it up.

Ginde: And so, I don’t think it would be as…war-torn.


Ginde: Here’s some stomach, a heart, kidney, and adrenal. I don’t know what else is in there. Jess: Head, arms, I don’t see any legs. Did you see the legs?

Ginde: I didn’t’ really look but

Buyer: Yea, there it goes. yup, you got all of them right there.


Jess: Another boy. Should I just put it

Ginde: Yea, just put it over here, I’ll wash it out. yea, so you guys staying the night or are you leaving?


April 2015

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3 thoughts on “Abortion clinic workers talk while they look through dead baby parts”

  1. Going out the Planned Parenthood tomorrow on abortion day. It is on a very busy street and they take the women to the back of the building, which butts up against apartments.
    I bought myself a personal voice amplifier. I thought it would be a good idea to read this conversation you posted to the women going in. Since it looks like you edited a lot from the CMP transcripts-you distilled it down quite well.
    Can you please you email me just what you posted here, without the pics, so I can have the text? Thanks for taking the time to post this.

  2. Thank you for posting this, difficult as it was to read. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the videos–I applaud the CMP’s bravery in managing to stay focused while shooting the videos and not running out of the building. Just thinking about what goes on in those places makes me physically ill. You’re performing a valuable service with this website–keep up the fine work.

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