WSYX -TV tells of baby born alive after abortion

WSYX -TV  discussed a baby born alive during a partial birth abortion. It was a segment on the news. This is the transcript:

 “A woman 5 months pregnant came to Women’s Med Center in Dayton, Ohio, to get a partial birth abortion. During the 3 days it takes to have the procedure she began to have stomach pains and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Within minutes she was giving birth.

Nurse Shelly Lowe in the emergency room at the hospital was shocked when the baby took a gasp of air. [Lowe] “I just held her and it really got to me that anybody could do that to a baby. I rocked her and talked to her because I felt that no one should die alone.” The little girl survived 3 hours.

20 weeks
5 months- age of baby in story

Mark Lally, Director of Ohio Right to Life believes this is why partial birth abortions should be banned. [Lally] ”

This shows what we’ve been trying to make clear to people. Abortion isn’t something that happens just early in pregnancy, it happens at all stages of pregnancy. It’s legal in this state any time.”

Transcript from WSYX -TV in Columbus, Ohio, 20 April 1999

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Author: Sarah

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