Abortion patient punches clinic escort by mistake

Abortion clinic counselor Ida Dupont wrote:

“It was really chaotic sometimes. I felt sorry for the women who had to cross that gauntlet before having their abortions.

One woman was so frustrated by the commotion that she unwittingly punched one of the escorts that was there to help her inside the clinic. She just clocked this poor woman because she thought she was an anti-choice protester. It was pretty insane.”

MINDY BOND & RAPHIE FRANK “Ida Dupont, Professor of Criminal Justice, Women’s AdvocateGothamist December 1, 2004

Those who have participated in sidewalk counseling outside abortion clinics often tell stories of angry and violent clinic escorts. In this case, a patient mistakenly hit an escort. Other sidewalk counselors have been attacked and run over with cars.  

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