Would be Father: Our Child Would’ve Been 10 Years Old

“Ten years ago my then-girlfriend had an abortion. We were in our mid-20s, poor and directionless, and it seemed at the time the only thing to do. My ex loves her husband more than the world. I love my wife. The ex and I are simply attempting to understand how to deal with the fact that we, two people who loved each other, created a life and then destroyed it. This past August our child would have been 10 years old. She feels so terrible about this that it is almost destroying her. I feel the same way, but of course for a woman it is much worse. Instead of getting better, the pain worsens year by year.”

Emotionally Drained in Chicago (Writing for advice) Salon.com: “We’re haunted by an abortion from 10 years ago” Oct 14,2005

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